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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Everyone, Is smoking shisha haraam? Im a muqalid of agha Seestani...does anyone know if he allows to smoke shisha. Im talking about the shisha pipes not pens. Jazakallah Khair
  2. @AmirAlmuminin Lover thanks for your response, mutaah is seen as a very bad thing in my culture even though were shias, half of my family is sunni and im sure i wont be allowed to do mutaah. The other things you recommend i think will be useful to leave this habit. Wasalam
  3. @Hasani Samnani thanks a lot i will try the natural ways first, is there a way i could private message you because i was trying to text u before but couldnt please send me a private message.
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering if theres any proof from Quran or hadiths or any arguement that i could against a sunni brother to prove that (as) is not only for prophets.
  5. I really appreciate your reponses but one of my concern is that im getting away from siratal mustaqeem, i know i cant go masjid in the state of janabah so i dont masjid as much, i know my namaz wont be accepted in that state so i stopped reading namaz. I feel so bad but when I try to stop it will work for 6-7 days and then start doing it on daily basis: is theyre any way thatbi could get closer to Allah?
  6. Salam alaikum, I know masturbation is haraam but im very addicited to it and i dont know how to stop, I always try to stop but the maximum is that i wont do it for a week or two but will start again. This stops me from praying as you cant perfom salah in the state janabah. Is there anyone who could help me, Im really disappointed with myself ? Can i pray even in the state of janabah (as im not able to perfom ghusl all time ) please please help mee im really worried please help me break this habit.
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