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  1. Salam Alaykom sister, I’m sorry you and your family have to go through this, it’s a very big test for you and just like any test please remember that it will eventually end. I don’t have an answer that will fix your situation but I know that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) does, so turn to him in desperation and sincerity and he will guide your actions to that which is right! I knew a girl that was in a very similar situation to yours and it didn’t end well for her and now after she left her house, she indulges in many big sins, but I couldn’t help but blame her father partly for the way she turned out as well as her younger sister.. if you would like I know some lectures on this topic that I feel could also help guide you through your trial, let me know if you want me to link them here for you!!
  2. I am a male living in the US and I did Mut'ah about 2 months ago, a girl wanted to start talking and engaging in sexual acts with me, basically “dating”. So I told her I would only do any of that if we did it through Mut’ah and she accepted. She was an Arab and Muslim. So it did happen and we enjoyed each other for the short time. She didn’t care if we did Mut’ah or not though, I did.
  3. Someone just direct messaged me on Instagram trying to get me to send him money because his family is very poor and lives in Gambia, he’s sending me pictures of malnourished children claiming they are his siblings, he first after following me started the conversation by saying we are brothers in Islam and then asked where I was from and how old I was and I told him the US and my age, then brought all this up He is following over 2000 accounts on ig and doesn’t have any actual photos, just a few Islamic quote pictures, he keeps trying to get me to wire him money even though I told him how my father also passed away and I am in debt. Is he telling the truth or just using religion as a cover?
  4. Brother, my question is about doing a temporary marriage not committing haram
  5. I asked the office of sayed sistani the following question I am a man living in America and am not able to get married now, one of my biggest problems is the sexual desire, I have tried abstaining from masturbation but it never lasts too long. The only solution I can think of is Mut’ah, and the only kind of girls I think wouldn’t mind doing that are escorts. These escorts are usually found on special sites and are not widely known to the people. So is it allowed for me to do Mut’ah with and escort? The answer was In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulBased on obligatory precaution, one should refrain from marrying a woman whose notorious for adultery, unless she has repented.Wassalamu Alaykum now I don’t understand if I can or cannot because it says obligatory precaution and he said that the woman is “notorious” for this act, these women might not be widely known for what they do, since the first connection is online through a private conversation i need guidance on this
  6. Salam, as some of you may already know from my last post, my father passed away after a tough fight with Covid. Today is the burial and we want to get as many prayers and extra good deeds and amaal to reach him. It would mean a lot if you could pray for him or do any good deeds and send the rewards to him. thank you for your prayers
  7. Thank you all for your prayers, I would like to inform you that my father passed away earlier today, all I ask is that he’s at rest with the ahlulbayt. Please continue praying for him and if you could do any good deeds for him I’m sure he would know!! what can I do now to be sure that he’s actually in a comfortable place and not suffering?
  8. Thank you brother, I am a brother by the way.
  9. Thank you for your prayers, he’s in critical condition right now... it’s not looking good, Does anyone know of a Amal that I can do to change his destiny? I can’t see him in this condition
  10. He is now doing a heart procedure and would like for you to pray for a his recovery and health, he is not doing too well especially since we can’t see or visit him because of the current policy at the hospital
  11. Salam, my dad was taken to the hospital after being bed ridden for days with a high temperature, he has COVID and because of his old age and health history he is struggling a lot especially with breathing I just want to ask you all to pray for his recovery and give me advice on what to do in this time thank you
  12. Thanks for the advice Batoul, but I feel my main issue is nervousness when wanting to approach a girl, I also think this is due to the fact that throughout high school I completely shunned everyone because I believed they would be a bad influence on my religiosity. This means that I have never had a friend that is a girl, which means I have no clue on what to talk to a girl about... I also need to work on my self esteem but I’m not sure how to go about doing so, I start getting anxious when talking to someone new, especially a girl and then start beating my self up about.
  13. I truly wish this was the way societies did this but it’s not. I would probably faint before I say this to a girl who I have never spoken to. Also I am referring to a girl who I don’t even know the name of... just seen here and there and think that she is respectful and would like to talk to without sounding creepy or like I’m lost
  14. I am talking about a girl that I have never spoken to before, also I live in the US, I can’t just go straight to her parents without talking to her first, that would probably look strange in her eyes...
  15. Salam, I want to know how you would like a man that is interested in talking and getting to know you, to approach you. What should he say? what should he not? Say, I have seen a girl in my city here and there but we never spoke, how should I go about talking to her? Normally guy’s here try to impress her or compliment her and expect her to smile and open a conversation from there to try and get her number... so please help us in understanding the proper way of doing this
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