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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have a girlfriend,and when we started getting into a relationship we used to touch and hold each other,until one day I felt really weird and like I knew it was a sin but my heart was not at ease,we repented from it months ago and we stopped touching or holding each other,the most we do is shake hands when we meet,Now we plan to marry in’shaa’Allah in the future and until then we want to keep everything halal between both of us,when we hang out we don’t hang out by ourselves cause we know it will lead to a sin so we always go out with friends andd we read Qur'an together and try to get more knowledge and help each other,she helps me when im doing something wrong and she even reminds me to pray when I forget and stuff,anyways if I could I would marry her right now but unfortunately its not possible in this modern age cause I should finish my studies and get a job first,Now until then we will do everything we can to keep our relationship halal,our parents know about us as well that we hangout and stuff but what other things do you we shoukd avoid to not make this relationship haram?its been bothering me for a while.
  2. Are there any people there right now?(humans),I don't know about other beings but can someone enter heaven or hell before the judgement day?
  3. I hurt my knees a few days ago,I can stand I can walk I can kinda run but for some reason I cannot sit ON my knees,how can I pray if I can’t sit on my knees?my dad told me to pray normally except for the sujood,he told me to sit down on a chair instead of the floor and then continue my prayer,should I continue doing that?(I really can’t sit on my knees,it hurts alot and I can’t sit on them for more than 2 seconds)
  4. Thats nothing compared to what I read last night,I was so tired and sleepy but couldnt sleep cuz I was too afraid lol
  5. Do jinns show themselves to children?it happened to my brother and friend,my friend saw a creature when she was a kid and she fell off a table because of it and got a scar,as for my brother he said he once saw a creature with yellow eyes or something in our parents room and there was another time where he saw the tv moving?lol that was kinda hilarious,anyways I saw alot of people talking about seeing some creatures or jins when they were kids,which makes me wonder,is this part of their imagination or do jins reall show themselves to children
  6. Hmmm interesting,I did find a couple of things that are more interesting but never thought they would replace it
  7. I don't know when it happened but for a few weeks now I don’t find music interesting AT ALL, like I used to listen to it alot and always wanted to listen to it but rn I don't know why but I don’t even want to listen to it anymore,it happened so suddenly,I don’t understand why I lost interest in it all of a sudden,and this kinda scares me cuz that makes me think I will lose interest in other things I have interest in as well.Any idea what might have caused this?
  8. So the first year I didn’t fast because I had some medical problems and had to take 3 pills a day everyday so I couldn’t fast,but the second year I was alhamdullilah fine and stopped taking pills and fasted for about a week then my grandparents saw my condition and they told me to not fast anymore because my bp was getting too high(it runs in the family),As for this year I REALLY WANT TO FAST but the thing is I have examsssss and umm like 2 exams a day and after each other and I don’t think I can fast,Like I really want to fast and I feel really bad and guilty for skipping Ramadan for 2 years and I also wonder if I should pay kafarra,What should I do???
  9. She’s not the one for you,ive been thro this like twice and I have been patient and look at me boy,I survived and am here happy living my life,found myself an amazing girl instead Ye its hard ik but u just have to be patient and trust God and just stop thinking about her(again its hard)but you can do this,if I could you can too Also looking back I thank God because I cannot imagine even being friends with them rn,So God was aware of that and kept me waiting,if God is making you wait,he definitely 10000% has someone better for you,Just be patient man
  10. Nah not while praying,I only wear it when I go outside or something
  11. My mom got me a buddha bracelet a while back and I just found out about it,can I wear it?I was just wondering if there are any rules about this
  12. This is a test brother,a test for patience I myself had this problem for like 2 years now but you shouldn’t give up just because u know that u’ll go back to it,Everytime u feel depressed just remember and be grateful to Allah that you’re not addicted towards drugs or alcohol cuz they are much harder to quit,if you cannot completely stop it then try to reduce it,do it like once a week then try to do it once in two weeks then once in three weeks,until u marry or quit masterbation.
  13. يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الْقِصَاصُ فِي الْقَتْلَى ۖ الْحُرُّ بِالْحُرِّ وَالْعَبْدُ بِالْعَبْدِ وَالْأُنثَىٰ بِالْأُنثَىٰ ۚ فَمَنْ عُفِيَ لَهُ مِنْ أَخِيهِ شَيْءٌ فَاتِّبَاعٌ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَأَدَاءٌ إِلَيْهِ بِإِحْسَانٍ ۗ ذَٰلِكَ تَخْفِيفٌ مِّن رَّبِّكُمْ وَرَحْمَةٌ ۗ فَمَنِ اعْتَدَىٰ بَعْدَ ذَٰلِكَ فَلَهُ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ - 2:178 O you who have believed, prescribed for you is legal retribution for those murdered - the free for the free, the slave for the slave, and the female for the female. But whoever overlooks from his brother anything, then there should be a suitable follow-up and payment to him with good conduct. This is an alleviation from your Lord and a mercy. But whoever transgresses after that will have a painful punishment.
  14. So recently I started watching a korean drama called “memories of alhambra”,in the drama there is an episode where it talks about The hand of Fatima and the key to the heavens,I thought that alhambra was supposed to be a spanish word,turns out it was an Arabic word(lol how dumb am I),It was said that Fatima will open the gate of heavens with the key,that confuses me, shouldn’t Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) be the first one to open the gates of heaven in the resurrection day,I did do some research about this but couldn’t understand as to who specifically will open the gate of the heavens
  15. Definitely,I always try to look at the personality first as the looks will fade away over time
  16. Remembered in school and decided to have a discussion with my friend,couldn’t ask the teachers now could I?
  17. I’ve had this question on my mind for a while.had this discussion with my friend today and he said that the initial stage is fun but he feels like the rest will eventually get boring,Well we’re teenagers so we don’t anything about marriage and the real life out there.
  18. Natsu

    I feel so bad :(

    So I ordered pizza online today and the delivery guy accidentally gave me more change than he should have,I called the restaurant back and told them about the situation and they said that they will call the delivery guy back,But he never did come(when he came to my home there was like 2 more pizzas in the bag so I figured that he went to his next customer quickly)I feel so bad for keeping the money
  19. If things like smartphones exist in the next decade,something might replace smartphones Who knows?
  20. Ummm i don’t think you have to repeat your prayers if you didn’t know that your wudoo and salam was wrong,as per my knowledge you just have to stop doing them wrong once you know
  21. The sun literally burns you out here,in summer the temperature go as high as 60 degree celcius
  22. Whatever it was,it might have entirely changed my life
  23. Well,i was heading back from a trip with my aunt’s husband,And throughout my life i dont think ive ever had a decent conversation with him(keep in mind that the trip back was a long way)so the first quarter hour or so i was just silent and too afraid(shy) to speak,but after a while i decided not to think anymore and just start the conversation(I always think alot before starting a conversation)And it actually worked,after starting the conversation,i kept extending the conversation which I normally don’t do and I wasn’t feeling afraid while talking anymore,usually when my parents or sometimes friends ask me why I’m not speaking,I usually say that I don’t know what to say but this time i just said the first thing that came to my mind and i was surprised it worked so i will keep doing that from now on and now when i think about talking to people i dont feel uncomfortable but i have to practice a bit more especially the eye contact
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