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  1. Christians, Atheists and Mormans are all in my friend circle. When we discuss our religions we actually enjoy learning of someone else's perspective and view of life including those of my friends who doubt the existence of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى
  2. These people are idiots and now bigots will use this to showcase Islam as a backward religion. The woman in question didn't even say anything negative about the prophet but only stood up for what she believed in after being insulted by people who I will refrain from calling Muslim. I'm glad Pakistan's supreme court didn't bend the knee to Wahhabi pressure but instead focused on evidence and resolving the matter.
  3. I don't know man...I played as Poland on HOI 4 and gave everything to the German Reich and they still decided to invade me.
  4. Wasalam. Con artist who take advantage of good people wanting to have stronger faith.
  5. It was most of the haram things that occur in the west that motivated me to be Muslim in the first place. I like to think that being a Muslim living in the west Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى gives you more opportunity to test your faith. You can't blame the environment you're in that caused you to sin, ultimately you still have choice in the matter. It is up to you whether or not you wish to drink, gaze upon a woman or gamble. Having an Islamic lifestyle in the west maybe sometimes difficult or akward but given the turmoil and instability in many Islamic nations I'd much prefer to live in Australia...or Iran.
  6. I sometimes wish I could forgive easily but when people have hurt me I just from then on always associate particular people with that negative experience. I don't seem to ever allow myself to forgive or even to remember happier moments with people who've wronged me.
  7. Salam. I know exactly how you feel mate. I am also a convert and I face the difficulty of living in a rural area in Australia with very little contact with other Muslims who are all Afghan and aren't very good at speaking English. We don't even have a mosque or place to gather and might not see eachother in months. This sometimes makes me feel alone and distant from not just the small Muslim community I have in my area but also friends and family, I just do my best to remind myself why I chose to convert in the first place and remain hopeful that once I get the opportunity to move to a larger metropolitan area after I graduate. This will give me the opportunity to meet more Muslims and build a stronger community bond and not feel so lonely anymore. Inshallah.
  8. Salam. The difference is that traditional Sunni Muslims are kind brothers doing their best to be good Muslims and follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through the Sunnah. For many years we haved lived peacefully with one another and fought together against extremists wanting to separate us. Wahhabis are a fundamentalist Arabian culturally selfcentred group with it's core belief essentially saying we're right you're wrong and if you think otherwise we'll kill you and contradict everything in the Quran and the Prophet's (pbuh) example while at the same time claiming to fight for the Quran and the Prophet's example. Wahhabi--> Muslims and other believers-->
  9. From what I saw before I converted It was always seems like the Shia militant groups were always defending Christians, Shi'a and even sunnis and only went on the the offensive if they felt threatened in close proximity with groups like Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS. I'm sure a lot of Sunnis would find it offensive that you would even class Wahhabis as Sunnis. Wahhabis ain't Sunnis they're a pestilence corrupting Islam and certainly hurting how the western world views our amazing religion. Ya Nasrallah.
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