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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam I hope everyone is having a good ramadan. Since this year it has been abit unfortunate for me. I got sick afew days before ramadan (bad coughing/choking, blocked/runny nose/ migrane etc) and I really hoped it would get better but its been like over a week and its still not going ?? It happened 1 day last ramadan I was in school and randomly felt like i was choking from a cough fit i had to run and drink water from the closest fountain. And it keeps happening now during the day time and once the fit starts it becomes unbearable until i drink water (its sometimes hard to breathe or i feel like ill throw up). Other than the choking sessions its not unbearable so im not sure whether i should fast and drink water when i get those fits (like try and keep my fast) or not fast to begin with? I heard breaking a fast midway is worse? Idk. I feel guilty both ways if im honest. not fasting just because of something so trivial as a cold or whatever this is since i never get colds only hayfever but this doesn't seem like it is that ? (yes i've taken medicine but this.. it decided it just had to come at this time of the year and not budge) What should i do?
  2. I've been waiting for this post. There is indeed double standards in terms of hijab. It annoys me so much. First of all, Men shouldn't even be allowed to comment on a sister's dressing since its not his place to talk (i.e. he doesn't wear a head scarf so he doesn't understand the difficulties some ladies face with it so he should just be quiet). Also they say it bothers the so called 'religious men' or puts them in a difficult situation. If the man cares so much about hijab his gaze should be lowered to begin so it wont bother him. plus there are non muslims walking around without hijab too and plenty of skin on display so the men need to focus on preserving their own hijab. If they feel something by seeing a sister's ankles even though everyhing else is covered maybe he is the one who should turn to god for guidance. else he will have a hard time doing every day things. On the other hand, If a sister gives advice to another woman that she herself follows there is no problem since they are on the same journey and can relate to the difficulties. However to the men who sit there half naked and gaze at non religious women shamelessly and then tells a sister 'your hair is showing.' Just sit down brother.
  3. why only 'weird' when a woman has several mutah? its okay for men to do it ? mind you a majority of men most likely do it for intercourse anyway so even if the sister did it i don't see why the reaction should differ ....
  4. Thank you ! Thats a relief to know. God bless you.
  5. 3. Very true. Thanks for this. 4. Where do you get this assumption from that wife has more right?
  6. Salam. I have afew questions regarding marriage since I'm in that age where parents start pressurising you to get married but I get so uncomfortable thinking about it. Firstly, is it obligatory for a female to get married? Is there any chance of going solo but still following all other necessary rulings and wajibats. If I'm correct it is highly recommended for men but idk anything about females. Second if marriage was to happen and I have red alot about listening to your husband, letting them take the lead in the relationship and all that but what if your husband's priority is not the pleasure and obedience of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى? I don't see anything good from this. In this case if they start to become a distraction or someone who takes you away from god (almost like a friend who encourages unlikable actions in islam) is it permissible to ignore him and carry out religious duties as you wish. Third, I think (not sure) but is it true that rights of divorce is with the husband only? what if the husband is unnecessarily abusing his wife (for example ) does she have any power to end the marriage in this circumstance?
  7. This sort of attitude is good. But some men expect virgin wives when they themselves do not meet those standards or even try to meet them. It really gets on my nerves.
  8. perhaps.....the proposal is an April fools prank?ㅡ haha just kidding sis. Congratulations !
  9. Imam Ja-far as-sadiq (as) - He continued: “Strive more to perform good deeds. However if you cannot perform a good act (at least) do not disobey (the commands of Allah). Because if one lays the foundation of a building and does not spoil it, then, even if the progress is slow, the building will definitely rise. (Conversely) The person who lays the foundation and at the same time spoils it, then it is sure that the walls of this building will never be raised.” Consequently, it is more desirable to focus on staying away from bad deeds then performing good deeds. As staying away from bad deeds and that which is prohibited is a good deed in itself. Note: not reciting salah would be counted as a 'bad deed' not as 'giving up good deeds' as salah is wajib and it is prohibited to abandon it. overall, so long as you refrain from greater sins, your effort towards good deeds shall not go to waste. I reccommend book called 'Greater sins' if you want more information regarding that. Another point to make is the Prophet and Imams are willing to intercede for the sinners among there ummah. Provided you should atleast repent for your sins and feel bad regarding them (+try not to commit the act again ) In the end, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is ar-rahman and raheem.
  10. Sigh, I agree. Pretty sure I've come across hadiths of the prophet crying about the division of his ummah. Im not entirely sure though but division of his Ummah would surely not please the Prophet (S). Even within Shi'a there is not 1 guidline. Or 1 way. Due to the Marja system there are again division and differences in ruling between even shias. And yet we wish to hasten the reappereance of Al Mahdi (as) in the state we're currently in.
  11. Selam aleykum. Does any one know the rulings regarding unknowingly wearing 'najis' clothes during salah, fasting reading quran etc etc. Or in general just being najis yourself. Recently I have started to pay more attention to the concept of Tahara and am always doubtful if the clothes I'm wearing are najis or not, or whether the floor is najis etc etc. I make sure to be very cautious and wash some clothes by hand ( ones that potentially could have najasa on it as I'm doubtful about it making other clothes in the washing machine najis. However, other members of the family could put najis clothes in without my knowledge (this is another doubt) and make my tahir clothes najis. And if i 'assumed' it was pak according to ruling and later found it was najis would my prayers, fasting etc become void? Even though im putting in extra effort to be careful I find myself getting more anxious during salah that i'm standing infront of god in a najis state or i could be potentially touching the qur'an with najasa on me (ofcourse i do wudu.) And i almost Always get doubts about my wudu too. I do it twice now adays but its making my skin really dry T_T. Even then i don't mind the extra effort as long as im ASSURED i'm all pak. But i'm still not. Pls halp T_T
  12. Rabbi zidni i'lma (My Lord, Increase me in Knowledge) ~ 

  13. Apologies for my ignorance, but we can write letters to the 12th imam? How? And what do we do with it? (Again sorry for my complete lack of knowledge regarding this matter, i am intrigued to know more now that you mention it.)
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