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  1. Ya.Ali

    Shia and Halal Food in Milan

    Thank you all for your and support. I am heading there right now. Thank you very much! Hope to catch up with some people there.
  2. Ya.Ali

    Shia and Halal Food in Milan

    Salam, I am in Milan for some reasons. I would love to attend some of Shia community activities in Milan. Is there any address of Shia Masjid or Hussainayia ? Beside, this is my first time in Europe. It is quite difficult having Halal food here as most of the Arab Muslims I found working in restaurants deal with pork meat! But they say that they have their special corner to cook the food when Muslims guests walk in to the restaurant. I am really confused here. Is there any app for Halal food restaurants ? Is there any stamp I shall recognize for this ? Appreciate your help and support.