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  1. All these Slavic beliefs and mythology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koledari https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koliada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukeri https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Marta
  2. I don't believe we should support someone just because he is Shia by name. Azerbaijani president Aliev is a tyrant and oppressor, that seeks worldly riches, power and rule. It is not just Azerbaijani relations with Israel but also Shia scholars who speak against the regime and want Shia Islam to play bigger role in society are oppressed, force used against them and jailed. Ashura is forbidden in public in Azerbaijan. About Nagorno-Karabkh conflict: "In 1823 the five districts corresponding roughly to modern-day Nagorno-Karabakh, was 90.8% Armenian. " "The earliest concrete numbers about the population of the whole of Karabakh is from the census of 1823 concerning the abolition of the Karabakh Khanate. In the territory of the former Armenian principalities, 90.8% of villages were recorded as being Armenian, while 9.2% were recorded as Tatar or Kurd." Source: Bournoutian, George A. A History of Qarabagh: An Annotated Translation of Mirza Jamal Javanshir Qarabaghi's Tarikh-E Qarabagh. Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 1994, page 18 "The Soviet Union also had far-reaching plans concerning Turkey, hoping that it would, with a little help from them, develop along Communist lines. Needing to placate Turkey, the Soviet Union agreed to a division under which Zangezur would fall under the control of Armenia, while Karabakh and Nakhchivan would be under the control of Azerbaijan. Had Turkey not been an issue, Stalin would likely have left Karabakh under Armenian control. As a result, the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast was established within the Azerbaijan SSR on 7 July 1923." Source: Service, Robert. Stalin: A Biography. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2006 p. 204 In late 80s and early 90s with the beginning of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh started revolt and demands to be united with Armenia. Actually the first direct confrontation of Azeri-Armenian conflict was started by Azeris. "On 22 February 1988, the first direct confrontation of the conflict occurred as a large group of Azeris marched from Agdam against the Armenian populated town of Askeran, "wreaking destruction en route". The confrontation between the Azeris and the police near Askeran degenerated into the Askeran clash, which left two Azeris dead, one of them reportedly killed by an Azeri police officer, as well as 50 Armenian villagers, and an unknown number of Azeris and police injured." Sources: Elizabeth Fuller, Nagorno-Karabakh: The Death and Casualty Toll to Date, RL 531/88, 14 December 1988, pp. 1–2 and de Waal, Thomas (2003). Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War. New York: New York University Press. I don't see how Armenia is the bad guy here.
  3. Salam Alaykom. Allah uses "we" in Quran because he has workers which are from his creation whether they were from the angels or human beings and they work by his might, power and command. Imam Ali (a.s) (as) says, · “I have raised the seven skies with the powers and commandments, entrusted to me by my Lord. · I am the one who when looked at the skies, and did not find any one who can challenge me. · I am the one who counts his creatures, even though they are numerous, and make sure they return back to their Lord. · I am the trustee who protects divine commands. · I do not treat anyone with unkindness, as I am the divine sustainer ‘Wali –Allah’. · His commands have been entrusted upon me and I have been made ruler over the masses by my Lord. · I am the one who called the moon and the sun and they moved forward in my obedience. · I am the one who called upon ‘seven skies’ and they bow down on my instruction and stabilized in perfect posture. · I am the one who nominated all the Prophets, created all the worlds and laid the earth down. · I am aware of all those affairs which have been made compulsory. · I am the Amr (command) of Allah and the ‘Soul’ of Allah, as Allah says: They ask you (O’Prophet) about the soul, you tell them that soul is from Allah’s Amr (command). · I am the one about whom Allah has said to his Prophet, ‘Two of you will send each and every malicious non-believer to the hell fire.’ · I am the one who brought into existence everything, with the blessing of my Lord, after they were composed. Nahjul-Asrar:Page,119
  4. In my opinion it is better than the last World Cup. These are some of the Iranian players, specifically those who play abroad in strong European leagues. Reza Ghoochannejhad. He plays for Herenveen in Netherlands league, it is a good strong league. Last season he scored 19 goals for Herenveen and finished 3rd goalscorer overall in whole league of Netherlands. Karim Ansarifard. He plays for Olympiakos in Greek league. Greek league is not on level on Western European leagues but still a good competition and Olympiakos is a team which qualifies often for Champions League. This season they managed 0-0 draw against Barcelona. Karim is top scorer of both Olympiakos and Greek league overall at the moment having scored 12 goals. Kaveh Rezaei. He plays for Charleroi in Belgium, another strong European league. Charleroi currently are 2nd in Belgium league and Kaveh Rezaei is the top goalscorer of the team this season with 10 goals, 3rd overall in Belgium. Sardar Azmoun. He plays for Rubin Kazan in Russia. He is often called the Iranian Messi but this season his form is worrying just before the World Cup, as he only has 1 goal scored for his club. But still a great player having scored 22 goals in 30 matches for Iran national team. Ashkan Dejagah. Great player and veteran. Captain of Iran, champion of Germany with his club Wolfsburg in 2009. Now joined Nottingham Forest in Championship yesterday, second tier of English football, most likely to regain form just before World Cup. Alireza Jahanbakhsh. Plays for AZ in Netherlands league. AZ are currently 3rd in Netherlands behind great teams such as PSV and Ajax. Alireza has 8 goals this season so far, he is top goalscorer of the team for now. Last season scored 10 goals and was second goalscorer for AZ. Saman Ghoddos. Plays for Ostersunds in Sweden. They finished 5th last season and Saman scored 20 goals from 40 matches for them. Ostersunds are having great time playing in Europa League where they will now face Arsenal in round of 32. They eliminated big Turkish team Galatasaray winning 2-0 at home (Saman scored 1 goal in this match), then they eliminated big Greek team PAOK to qualify for group stage. They lost 3-1 first game in Greece, then they needed 2-0 victory at home to qualify and they managed to win with 2-0 (Both goals scored by Saman) . Saman Ghoddos one of their main players. Was top goalscorer for Ostersunds last season in Sweden. Great player. Saeid Ezatolahi. Only 21 years old but big talent. He was youth player of Atletico Madrid, one of biggest Spanish teams. Now plays for Rostov in Russia, last season scored 2 goals in 17 matches but he is not really a goalscorer, his position is central midfielder. Ehsan Hajsafi. Another good and experienced player. Second most experienced player in Iran national team with 89 matches for his country. Before he went abroad he played for Iranian Sepahan having scored 31 goals in 260 appearences. He signed for Greek Olympiakos (Biggest Greek team) at end of December and reunited with Karim Ansarifard. Milad Mohammadi. He is a defender. Plays fro Akhmat Grozny in Russia. He was named as one of the top 50 Under 23 year old Asian talents to watch for.
  5. Also it could be that they were under Taqiya, having such names and expressing polytheism so that pagans didn't harm them. Imam Al-Sadiq a.s. said: "The example of Abu Talib is like that of the Sleepers of the Cave - they hid their faith and expressed polytheism, so Allah gave them their reward twice." Al-Kafi, Volume 1, Hadith 1209.
  6. One more thing, Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.a.s. didn't say to follow Hakim ibn Hizam, he s.a.w.a.s. said follow Ali a.s.
  7. Sunni references that Imam Ali was born in the Kaaba Shah wali ullah writes: Those glories which appeared at the time of birth of Imam Ali (AS), one of them is that he was born in Kaaba, Hakim said that it is proven with mutawatir narration and there is no doubt that his mother gave him birth inside Kaaba. Ref: Izala Tul Khulafa, volume 4, page 299, printed Beirut. Similarly he writes in another book: His glories are numerous, he is the first Hashmi whose mother was also Hashmi; and he was born in Kaaba, and this is a glory which none shared before him. Ref: Qura tul a'neen ba tafdel sheikhain, page 138, printed Delhi. Shah Abdul Haq Mohadith Dehlvi says: Mohadatheen and historians have said that Ali (AS) was born inside Kaaba. Ref: Madarij un Nabuwat, Abdul Haq Dehlvi, volume 2, page 531, printed Pakistan. Masoodi writes in his book: Ali was born inside kaaba. Ref: Marooj ud Dhahab; Masoodi, volume 2, page 311, printed Beirut. Mus'ab made a presumption in the last saying because it is proven with mutawatir narrations that Fatima bint Asad gave birth to Imam Ali (AS) in Kaaba" Ref: Mustadarak, Imam Hakim, volume 4, page 197, printed Pakistan. Note: Dhabi mentioned this saying in his book, and so it is correct as per him as well that it is mutawatir fact Ref: Talkless Mustadarak, Dhabi, volume 4, page 197, foot note 5, printed Pakistan Mullah Ali Qari writes in his book: It is written in Mustadarak Imam Hakim that Imam Ali (AS) was born in Kaaba. Ref: Sharh-ush-shifa, volume 1, page 327, printed Beirut. Allam Hasan bin Momin Shablanji writes: Ali (AS) is cousin of Holy Prophet (PBUH), and he is unleashed sword; he was born in the year 30 of aam-ul-feel, on day of friday; 13 rajab; inside kaaba, and none was born there before him. Ref: Noor ul Absar, Shablanji, page 183, Beirut. Abdur Rehman Safoori Shafai says: Imam Ali (AS) was born in mecca and this glory was kept specifically for him by Allah. Ref: Nuzha tul Majalis, volume 2, page 404, printed Pakistan. Mulla Jami said: "Imam Ali (AS) was born in Mecca, and according to some, he was born in Kaaba" Ref: Shawahid un Nabuwa, Jami, page 280, printed Pakistan. Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan Bhopali says: Discussion of Syed Ali (AS), cousin of prophet PBUH, sword of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, the one who showed strange things; powerful, he was born inside mecca in bait-ullah; none was born before him inside baitullah. Ref: Takreem ul Momineen Bataween Manaqib Khulafa Rashideen; Nawab Siddiq, page 99, printed Lahore. Sibt ibn Joozi writes in his book: It is narrated that Fatima bint Asad was dong tawaf of kaaba when Ali (AS) was in her womb; she got labor pains; so the wall opened up, and she entered; and Ali (AS) was born there. Ref: Tazkira tul Khawas; Sibt ibn Joozi; page 30; printed Najaf, Iraq.
  8. Prophet Jacob pbuh was given the name Isra'el by God. The name of Prophet Dani'el means God is my judge. So we know El corresponds to the One and true God, but pagans took the name El and called and worshipped their deities by the name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_(deity) So by this logic someone could say Daniel and Jacob were pagans because the pagans had deity by the name of El. Like brother Ashvazdanghe wrote just the names don't prove anything, when you don't know the meaning of these names and how the pagans took them and named their deities with them.
  9. 1787 Sunni narrations mentioning Ali a.s. in Quran http://kingoflinks.net/ImamAli/1AlAyat/Main44.htm
  10. The Messenger of God Muhammad (pbuhap) said in his supplication for Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh), ﴾“O God! Grant him the patience of Moses, and make among his descendants the look-alike of Jesus (pbuh). O God! Indeed, You are my vicegerent upon him and upon his progeny and his kind and purified lineage from whom You have removed uncleanliness and impurity.”﴿* Al-Ghayba (The occultation) by al-Numani page 144.
  11. @S.M.H.A., if you think it is only theoretical then you don't know the science. Denying Evolution is like denying that the Earth revolves around the sun. Wahhabi clerics Ibn Uthaimeen for example said the sun revolves around the earth and day and night is caused by the sun revolving around the earth. Ibn Baz said the same, whoever disbelieves in evolution is no better than Wahhabi clerics. Evolution is a certain matter that happened in the past and still happens, it is enough that all universities and research centres consider evolution to be the only explanation for diversity of life forms on earth. The problem is that there are people who still reject Theory of Evolution for religious reasons only and the Atheists who accept it but claim that it has no purpose and that nature is the blind watchmaker, while Evolution has a purpose and it is law abiding, it follows the laws of Allah swt. In regards to Natural Selection, this is from the book I am reading, the author, a Sayeed explains: "EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION THE COMBINATION OF DIFFERENTIATION, NATURAL SELECTION AND HEREDITY ABSOLUTELY RESULTS IN EVOLUTION This can be simplified with the following examples: Example: Europeans have dark-skinned (black) origins, yet today we find that they have white skin with gradations of skin tone. For example, southern Europeans are less white than Northern Europeans. This is because nature selected the favored races, but the reason for nature’s selection of white skin may simply be due to Vitamin D, which requires sunlight to penetrate the skin for it to form, whereas dark skin prevents or reduces the penetration of sunlight. In Europe, where there is less sunlight, people with dark skin are more exposed to the high risks of Vitamin D deficiency, which threatens life and reproduction. In this manner, the fittest one survives. Since differentiation in skin color (or pigment) inevitably exists, light skin is selected since it enables the one who has it to survive in an environment with little sunlight. So an inevitable sifting process continues one generation after another until the skin reaches a color suitable for the environment. The same applies to the size of the nose, height, and other traits. Example: The changing of the moth color from white to black as a result of the industrial revolution. Moths benefitted from the white color, as the bark of the white trees would conceal them and they wouldn’t be seen by birds. When the industrial revolution happened in Europe, the tree bark became black in some industrial areas as a result of pollution by coal, and white moths were exposed to birds, while the moths that carry the mutation giving them a dark color were concealed and they survived. So the moth color changed within a short period because their life cycle is short and they don’t require millions of years for biological evolution to occur. Rather, a relatively short period is enough for hundreds and thousands of generations to pass and for biological evolution to occur. Example: Ancestors of giraffes have different neck lengths, some of them being relatively longer than others. If we assumed they existed in an environment with food at a height more suitable for the ones with long necks than for those with short necks, nature would select giraffes better suited for life in that environment. So the short-necked giraffes would either starve to death or be incapable of reproduction and mating due to food shortage, or incapable of feeding their young. Thus the number of short-necked giraffes would decrease in this environment and might become extinct, whereas the long-necked giraffes would survive and reproduce well. So the giraffes with the long-neck trait would grow in number and they would pass down these genetic traits to their offspring, and the genetic maps of giraffes would become purified from the short-neck trait, one generation after another. These matters are almost self-evident and to now prove their validity through genetics is exactly like proving Earth’s orbit of the Sun through images. Nevertheless, a great number of people deny it simply because they think it contradicts the religious texts." The Sayeed also adds: "Summary The evidence verifying the theory of evolution is plentiful, and sound arguments against the claim of single-burst creation are many. This includes the previously mentioned recurrent laryngeal nerve argument, as well as other similar comparative anatomy and historical geology arguments, which all prove conclusively that animals and plants are increasingly developed in successive time periods. The earliest organisms to exist were bacteria, and after a long period of time, single-celled eukaryotes followed. Multicellular organisms came later on. In this manner, life gradually evolved. Now if the process of creation occurred in a single burst, and God intended to create the human being, the environment, and the organisms that surround the human being, and if humans have only existed in recent times relative to the geological history of the earth, then why would God create the first groups of organisms in an order such that each newer group is similar to but more developed and evolved than the older group? Did God create them with this gradual development over time in order to mislead human beings, so that they would believe in evolution when seeing creation arranged like this in the geological layers? Of course not. God wants man to know the truth as it is, and to believe in God and the creation as He made it. The only convincing, logical, and acceptable answer to what we see in historical geology is that life had a simple beginning, and then gradually evolved and developed."
  12. Abrahamic religions agree that Adam and Eve were the first creations on Earth, but Science today has proven with highest precision that Evolution is truth and a fact, so it is very easy for scientific atheists to disprove the theory, that Adam was the first man on Earth. So we have the very important question which is did religious scholars misinterpret the religious scriptures? Evolution disproves the belief of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Scholars and their followers that man suddenly appears. (Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir pbuh said: Since the creation of the earth, God Almighty has created seven peoples who are not descendants of Adam. He created them from the soil of the earth and caused them to inhabit it, one after the other, each with his own people. Then, God Almighty created the father of this mankind, and He created his offspring from him." Al Sadooq 1982, 359. Arabic source, translated. Also Al-Ayashi 1991, vol. 2, 238.)(The Prince of the Believers, Ali pbuh said: "God Almighty wanted to create a creation with His own hands after 7,000 years of Jinn and Nisnas existing on earth. He wanted to create Adam... I want to create a creature with My hands, and I want to make from his offspring prophets, messengers, righteous servants, and guided Imams, and make them vicegerents among My creation on My earth, who command them against disobeying Me, warn them of My torment, guide them to My obedience, and guide them to the path toward Me. I shall make them Proofs of Mine upon the others, and I will exterminate the Nisnas on My earth and cleanse it of them." Al-Qumi 1983, vol 1, 36. Arabic source, translated.) We understand from the narrations of the household of The Prophet pbuhap about these beings called Nisnas, meaning human like in Arabic. Nowadays we know from Science about Neanderthals and Homo Erectus, and other human like beigns which have been confirmed by the fossil records, which preceded Homo Sapines. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir pbuh and Imam Ali pbuh knew and talked about it over 1000 years ago.
  13. Top part is the writing of Imam AlMahdi a.s., bottom part is the supervisor of the mosque. Supervisor of the mosque of Narjes pbuh:I am Abdulsalam Muhammad AlHasan Muhammad AlHur the supervisor for installing and servicing the mosque of Sayeda Narjes pbuh, the mother of our Imam AlMahdi the Awaited A.j. And I also supervise on building a house for this mosque[hard to translate...].I testify to Allah and all his angels and Messengers and Prophets and successors the guiders and guides. Peace be upon them all, that what I'm writing is by my knowledge. (Until he says) Usually every year in the date of 12 of Muharram 1404 A.H[Wednesday 19 October 1983 C.E. ] I open the box of donations and Nuthers of the great commander Abi AlFathel AlAbbas a.s. in the days of Ashura and religious occasions only and this is also during the time of the mentioned mosque. So I saw with the money a writing and it's picture is above.((????????hard to translate)) Knowingly, that no matter how small it is, its not possible to enter inside the space of the box. An expensive gift, dear one, blessed. Prayers and Salam upon the Muslims and Mumins in general and the mercy of Allah and Blessings. -Abdulsalam Imam AlMahdi pbuh: I am the Awaited Mahdi I performed Salat in your mosque And ate what you ate And prayed for you So pray for me, for the relief(Faraj)
  14. Salam. These scholars sound like people who say that you can't be sure that Jesus pbuh and Muhammad pbuhap were real. It sounds like conspiracy with no proof when there is proof that he existed. Genghis Khan lived in 12th and 13th century and there are historical information and facts for people that lived 13 centuries before him or even longer. There is enough information on his life and historians from different parts of the world and universities agree that Genghis Khan is not fictional person. p.s. just searched Nasser Purpirar and see that he is a revisionist historian.. he questions a lot of other historic events not just Genghis Khan.
  15. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/why-did-vikings-have-Allah-on-clothes/ar-AAtk0Sj?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp What makes Larsson's discovery so interesting is that it is the first time historic items mentioning Ali have ever been unearthed in Scandinavia. "The name Ali is repeated again and again beside Allah," she says. "I know Ali is highly revered by the largest Muslim minority group, the Shia, and have wondered if there is a connection."
  16. salam alaykom brother. South Iraq was an elevated place for Noah pbuh and his people living in the low fertile valley before it was flooded with water. Author of the book writes: (If we want to now combine the above characteristics of the flood into one region that is in or around Iraq, the only region we would find is the fertile valley before water covered it, turning it into present day Gulf. Certainly, this is taking into consideration the fact that the region is low and contains elevated regions such as mountains. These regions represent its surroundings and islands, some of which are protruding from the gulf today, such as Bahrain...) (The amount of water that would have entered the valley from the sea due to the collapse of the natural dam of the Strait of Hormuz would be extremely vast. We can say that it formed waves like mountains as the Quran mentions. In addition, the present-day islands in the modern Gulf are nothing but the peaks of mountains that stood tall in this fertile valley before the collapse of the dam and the valley being filled with salt water. Therefore, the religious text that says that Noah's son wanted to take refuge on a mountain to protect himself from the water is corroborated, because he believed that it was an ordinary floods that was approaching, resulting from a rise in the level of the rivers that poured into the valley, such as the Tigris and the Euphrates...)
  17. @M.IB (It is possible that the flood occurred in South of Iraq due to rain and torrents. This hypothesis concurs completely with the position of the region. The region falls between two rivers, below mountainous regions to its North. Nevertheless, a flood such as this remains limited, as it is difficult to imagine the floods of rivers or rain causing the eradication of all life forms in a particular region. There is a chance that some of them would have escaped, at least the ones that live on its edges. Such floods occur gradually rather than in one fell swoop, such as in the case of a breaking dam or a tsunami. In addition, the Quranic text's description that they are waves like mountains does not apply. It is also possible that the flood occurred in the valley located in Southern Iraq, which represents the modern Gulf before it was filled with water. This would have been the result of the rise in seawater level at the end of the last ice age and the collapse of the natural dam of the Strait of Hormuz. If we want to apply the Quranic text to flood that occurred in this valley a few thousand years ago, we find it to concur completely. The amount of water that would have entered the valley from the sea due to the collapse of the natural dam of the Strait of Hormuz would be extremely vast. We can say that it formed waves like mountains as the Quran mentions. In addition, the present-day islands in the modern Gulf are nothing but the peaks of mountains that stood tall in this fertile valley before the collapse of the dam and the valley being filled with salt water. Therefore, the religious text that says that Noah's son wanted to take refuge on a mountain to protect himself from the water is corroborated, because he believed that it was an ordinary floods that was approaching, resulting from a rise in the level of the rivers that poured into the valley, such as the Tigris and the Euphrates. The damage from such floods could be avoided by taking refuge in highlands, such as the mountains of the fertile valley. However, it did not cross their minds that it was different this time, and that the flood Noah-Utnapishtim-Ziusudra warned them about would be devastating, covering the mountains and filling the valley, whose area is equal to that of a country such as Iraq. ...The flood of Noah occurred nearly four thousand years before Christ, according to Biblical date. This view has even been adopted by interpreters of the Quran. The fertile valley was filled with salt water at the time, and the modern Gulf had already formed. This would mean that the location of the flood is Mesopotamia. Since the region was flat, the amount of water that could form a flood the size of the flood of Noah must have come from a large reservoir of water. This is why the Torah portrayed it as a flood that encompassed the entire planet Earth at a tremendous height. It has been explained that this hypothesis mentioned in present-day Torah conflicts with scientific, historica and geological facts. The other remaining possibility is that Noah and his people, whom we can call the ancestors of the Sumerians or the early Sumerians, used to live in the fertile valley, and that the flood occurred in the fertile valley (the modern Gulf). If this was the case, what determines the time of the flood would be the date when the valley was filled with water and the hydraulic jump of salt water occurred that perhaps swept vast areas of modern Southern Iraq. The valley was completely filled with water sometime between 15,000-8,000 B.C. Thus, what happened was the flooding of the valley, caused by the large amounts of water, which was made available by the melting of ice at the end of the ice age. This formed water springs pouring into the seas that, together with the water springs that also used to pour into the sea, led to a rise in seawater level until the natural dam collapsed and seawater entered the valley. It was possibly accompanied by rainwater and a rise of the river levels that used to pour into the valley from the other side. Therefore, the waters met in the valley and the flood and the hydraulic jump of water occurred until they covered regions of Southern Iraq. Subsequently, the water receded toward the valley or the modern Gulf again, and the ark anchored in order for the first journey of mankind to begin, which we learned about as it was recorded and written in Southern Iraq. (Then we opened the doors of Heaven with rain pouring down * and caused the earth to burst with springs, and the waters met for a matter already ordained.) Quran Chapter The Moon, 54:11-12 ) ) Also scientists have said some years ago that "lost civilization may have existed under the Gulf" - https://www.livescience.com/10340-lost-civilization-existed-beneath-persian-gulf.html
  18. Salam brother @M.IB, it happened in where is present day Gulf (this is where Noah and his nation lived), it covered areas of Southern Iraq and the water receded toward the valley or the modern Gulf again. It is explained in the book I am reading, I will post some from it inshaAllah. (...The story of the flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh is no different than the previously mentioned Sumerian text. Here, as well, the flood is caused by divine wrath, while an ark is built to save Utnapishtim (Noah) and the believers. However, there are other important aspects to this text: There are clear indicators of the region in which Noah lived. It is a region close to the water or, more specifically, a reigon of reeds, as Utnapishtim's house is clearly built from reeds. In fact, in a clear text that will be mentioned later, Noah's ark was built from reeds. "O fence of reed! O wall of brick! Hear this, O fence! Pay heed, O wall! "Demolish the house, and build a boat!" In addition, the Epic of Gilgamesh mentions that the flood was caused by the collapse of a dam or dams: "Ninutra passing by, made the weirs [dams] overflow..." Moreover, the Epic of Gilgamesh mentions that the direction of the flood, or that of the flood's waves, wind and gusts, was from the south to the north. It also mentions that water covered the mountains, meaning that the region was surrounded by areas of elevation such that the water could cover these mountains. "All day long the South Wind blew..., blowing fast, submerging the mountain in water" (Kovacs 1989, 100) If we want to now combine the above characteristics of the flood into one region that is in or around Iraq, the only region we would find is the fertile valley before water covered it, turning it into present day Gulf. Certainly, this is taking into consideration the fact that the region is low and contains elevated regions such as mountains. These regions represent its surroundings and islands, some of which are protruding from the gulf today, such as Bahrain. Since the region before the flood was a valley filled with sweet water lakes, and the sweet water coming from the north used to pour into it, it is natural for it to have reeds. It is also natural for both the house of Noah and for his ark to be made from reeds, as it is clearly mentioned in the text that will follow. (Here author shows text from Epic of Gilgamesh showing that they were made from reeds) Before being covered by water, the environment of the fertile valley (present day Gulf) was suitable for the growth of different types of reed and trees, as the fertile valley was a large region with rivers and lakes. "Build a large ark, yet built it enteirely from reeds, And make the ark a safe heaven in the name of preserving life." Furthermore, the region where the flood occurred is Mesopotamia and its surroundings. It was entirely covered with vast amounts of water, such that no one survived except those who were abroad the ark with Noah. The ark was flowing, moving with the sea. In addition, from the texts, we find the ark was made from reeds, as well as that it was made over a short period of time, perhaps days, Further, it was large in size, at least in relation to the time period in which it was made. The region had contained and was surrounded by areas of elevation. The flood itself was caused by the collapse of a dam, with the water coming from south to the north. If we want to combine all the above with the scientific and historical data, the region of the flood can be narrowed down to the present day Gulf, before water covered it when the last ice age ended, the snow melted and the sea level rose. The Quranic story specifies an important issue that was mentioned previously, namely that the flood occurred in a region with mountains: (He said, "I will take refuge on a mountain to protect me from the water." [Noah] said, There is no protector today from the matter of God, except for whom He gives mercy." And the waves came between them, and he was among the drowned.) This raises an important question: How did the flood occur in the region of Southern Iraq, as confirmed through its historical mention by the Sumerians and Babylonians, given that that region is an alluvial plain? Where did the mountains in this flat region come from?! Therefore, we must search for a region with mountains that is contiguous with the valley of the two rivers or, actually, that represents its extension. The only suitable place with this combination of characteristics is the fertile valley we mentioned earlier, before it was covered by water and became present day Gulf. It is correct to consider this region southwards of Iraq. In addition, another issue in the Quranic story is that it describes its waves to be like mountains. (And it sailed with them through waves like mountains) This description does not seem suitable for a flood that occurs due to rain, because a flood like this one, in an open plain region, will not create waves like mountains. However, the Quranic statement is suitable for a flood that occurs as a result of a massive tsunami, or the collapse of a natural dam separating a depression from an ocean with tremendous amounts of water that can fill the depression with great speed, causing the creation of a major hydraulic jump and, consequently, creating waves like mountains. This is perfectly suitable for the collapse of the dam of the present day Strait of Hormuz and the filling of the valley with water, forming the modern Gulf. ) continues in next post inshaAllah
  19. Salam @alidu78, Prophet Nuh pbuh and his nation lived where The Gulf is present today, which was a valley with flowing rivers. Experts say that The Gulf is geologically very young, having been formed around 15,000 years ago. There are animals like the marsupials for example which are unique for Australia and which were not on Nuh's pbuh ark and also fossas of Madagascar which are not found anywhere else in the world, so these animals from isolated areas couldn't reach Nuh and after being saved from the Ark to return to Australia and Madagascar as there is no recorded traces. Also all water in world is not enough to cover all land present. So it was not a worldwide flood, it was a flood which happened in the land where The Gulf is today, as sea levels rose at the end of last Ice age, water rushed in throught the Strait of Hormuz and filled the valley with water. Al-Judi can't be anywhere different than South Iraq, where Nuh pbuh and his ark landed and where he and his descendants started the Sumerian civilization which was a leap in human history as it was through the divine knowledge of the messengers sent by Allah.
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