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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. All these Slavic beliefs and mythology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koledari https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koliada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kukeri https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Marta
  2. I don't believe we should support someone just because he is Shia by name. Azerbaijani president Aliev is a tyrant and oppressor, that seeks worldly riches, power and rule. It is not just Azerbaijani relations with Israel but also Shia scholars who speak against the regime and want Shia Islam to play bigger role in society are oppressed, force used against them and jailed. Ashura is forbidden in public in Azerbaijan. About Nagorno-Karabkh conflict: "In 1823 the five districts corresponding roughly to modern-day Nagorno-Karabakh, was 90.8% Armenian. " "The earliest concrete numbers about t
  3. Salam Alaykom. Allah uses "we" in Quran because he has workers which are from his creation whether they were from the angels or human beings and they work by his might, power and command. Imam Ali (a.s) (as) says, · “I have raised the seven skies with the powers and commandments, entrusted to me by my Lord. · I am the one who when looked at the skies, and did not find any one who can challenge me. · I am the one who counts his creatures, even though they are numerous, and make sure they return back to their Lord. · I am the trustee who protects divine commands. · I do not treat an
  4. In my opinion it is better than the last World Cup. These are some of the Iranian players, specifically those who play abroad in strong European leagues. Reza Ghoochannejhad. He plays for Herenveen in Netherlands league, it is a good strong league. Last season he scored 19 goals for Herenveen and finished 3rd goalscorer overall in whole league of Netherlands. Karim Ansarifard. He plays for Olympiakos in Greek league. Greek league is not on level on Western European leagues but still a good competition and Olympiakos is a team which qualifies often for Champions League.
  5. Also it could be that they were under Taqiya, having such names and expressing polytheism so that pagans didn't harm them. Imam Al-Sadiq a.s. said: "The example of Abu Talib is like that of the Sleepers of the Cave - they hid their faith and expressed polytheism, so Allah gave them their reward twice." Al-Kafi, Volume 1, Hadith 1209.
  6. One more thing, Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.a.s. didn't say to follow Hakim ibn Hizam, he s.a.w.a.s. said follow Ali a.s.
  7. Sunni references that Imam Ali was born in the Kaaba Shah wali ullah writes: Those glories which appeared at the time of birth of Imam Ali (AS), one of them is that he was born in Kaaba, Hakim said that it is proven with mutawatir narration and there is no doubt that his mother gave him birth inside Kaaba. Ref: Izala Tul Khulafa, volume 4, page 299, printed Beirut. Similarly he writes in another book: His glories are numerous, he is the first Hashmi whose mother was also Hashmi; and he was born in Kaaba, and this is a glory which none shared before him. Ref: Qura tul a'neen ba tafd
  8. Prophet Jacob pbuh was given the name Isra'el by God. The name of Prophet Dani'el means God is my judge. So we know El corresponds to the One and true God, but pagans took the name El and called and worshipped their deities by the name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_(deity) So by this logic someone could say Daniel and Jacob were pagans because the pagans had deity by the name of El. Like brother Ashvazdanghe wrote just the names don't prove anything, when you don't know the meaning of these names and how the pagans took them and named their deities with them.
  9. 1787 Sunni narrations mentioning Ali a.s. in Quran http://kingoflinks.net/ImamAli/1AlAyat/Main44.htm
  10. The Messenger of God Muhammad (pbuhap) said in his supplication for Ali bin Abi Talib (pbuh), ﴾“O God! Grant him the patience of Moses, and make among his descendants the look-alike of Jesus (pbuh). O God! Indeed, You are my vicegerent upon him and upon his progeny and his kind and purified lineage from whom You have removed uncleanliness and impurity.”﴿* Al-Ghayba (The occultation) by al-Numani page 144.
  11. @S.M.H.A., if you think it is only theoretical then you don't know the science. Denying Evolution is like denying that the Earth revolves around the sun. Wahhabi clerics Ibn Uthaimeen for example said the sun revolves around the earth and day and night is caused by the sun revolving around the earth. Ibn Baz said the same, whoever disbelieves in evolution is no better than Wahhabi clerics. Evolution is a certain matter that happened in the past and still happens, it is enough that all universities and research centres consider evolution to be the only explanation for diversity of life f
  12. Abrahamic religions agree that Adam and Eve were the first creations on Earth, but Science today has proven with highest precision that Evolution is truth and a fact, so it is very easy for scientific atheists to disprove the theory, that Adam was the first man on Earth. So we have the very important question which is did religious scholars misinterpret the religious scriptures? Evolution disproves the belief of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Scholars and their followers that man suddenly appears. (Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir pbuh said: Since the creation of the earth, God Almighty has creat
  13. Top part is the writing of Imam AlMahdi a.s., bottom part is the supervisor of the mosque. Supervisor of the mosque of Narjes pbuh:I am Abdulsalam Muhammad AlHasan Muhammad AlHur the supervisor for installing and servicing the mosque of Sayeda Narjes pbuh, the mother of our Imam AlMahdi the Awaited A.j. And I also supervise on building a house for this mosque[hard to translate...].I testify to Allah and all his angels and Messengers and Prophets and successors the guiders and guides. Peace be upon them all, that what I'm writing is by my knowledge. (Until he says) Usually every year in
  14. Salam. These scholars sound like people who say that you can't be sure that Jesus pbuh and Muhammad pbuhap were real. It sounds like conspiracy with no proof when there is proof that he existed. Genghis Khan lived in 12th and 13th century and there are historical information and facts for people that lived 13 centuries before him or even longer. There is enough information on his life and historians from different parts of the world and universities agree that Genghis Khan is not fictional person. p.s. just searched Nasser Purpirar and see that he is a revisionist historian.. he questions a
  15. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/why-did-vikings-have-Allah-on-clothes/ar-AAtk0Sj?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp What makes Larsson's discovery so interesting is that it is the first time historic items mentioning Ali have ever been unearthed in Scandinavia. "The name Ali is repeated again and again beside Allah," she says. "I know Ali is highly revered by the largest Muslim minority group, the Shia, and have wondered if there is a connection."
  16. salam alaykom brother. South Iraq was an elevated place for Noah pbuh and his people living in the low fertile valley before it was flooded with water. Author of the book writes: (If we want to now combine the above characteristics of the flood into one region that is in or around Iraq, the only region we would find is the fertile valley before water covered it, turning it into present day Gulf. Certainly, this is taking into consideration the fact that the region is low and contains elevated regions such as mountains. These regions represent its surroundings and islands, some of whi
  17. @M.IB (It is possible that the flood occurred in South of Iraq due to rain and torrents. This hypothesis concurs completely with the position of the region. The region falls between two rivers, below mountainous regions to its North. Nevertheless, a flood such as this remains limited, as it is difficult to imagine the floods of rivers or rain causing the eradication of all life forms in a particular region. There is a chance that some of them would have escaped, at least the ones that live on its edges. Such floods occur gradually rather than in one fell swoop, such as in the case of a br
  18. Salam brother @M.IB, it happened in where is present day Gulf (this is where Noah and his nation lived), it covered areas of Southern Iraq and the water receded toward the valley or the modern Gulf again. It is explained in the book I am reading, I will post some from it inshaAllah. (...The story of the flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh is no different than the previously mentioned Sumerian text. Here, as well, the flood is caused by divine wrath, while an ark is built to save Utnapishtim (Noah) and the believers. However, there are other important aspects to this text: There are clear indi
  19. Salam @alidu78, Prophet Nuh pbuh and his nation lived where The Gulf is present today, which was a valley with flowing rivers. Experts say that The Gulf is geologically very young, having been formed around 15,000 years ago. There are animals like the marsupials for example which are unique for Australia and which were not on Nuh's pbuh ark and also fossas of Madagascar which are not found anywhere else in the world, so these animals from isolated areas couldn't reach Nuh and after being saved from the Ark to return to Australia and Madagascar as there is no recorded traces. Also all water in
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