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  1. it's not just for defending but also for finishing Hujjah on them that in judgment day they don't have excuse to say that they didn't know about true path also it's a policy from our Imams that they were debating with people or were educating students for this task , it's a famous story that in Sffin battle Imam Ali (عليه السلام) was fighting beside Malik Ashtar (رضي الله عنه) & malik killed more enemies than Imam Ali (عليه السلام) in end of day but Imam Ali (عليه السلام) was paralyzing some Muawiah (la) soldier & was letting them to be remain alive & Malik aske from Imam why you didn't kill them Imam responded that during of battle with them I was seeing 6th or 7th generation of then will become Shia so I was just paralyzing them to preserves the future generation of Shias , maybe current people be very anti Shia but there is still hope that some people from these debates find the truth but it's not necessary that all of us to engage ourselves in discussion although we have enough debaters & we can do other activities based on our abilities to help Imam Mahdi (aj) & Shia Islam.
  2. Salam , Majority Of Media are hating true politicians & good people like as Imam Khomeini (رضي الله عنه) & Imam Khamenei but until Imam Khamenei supports Bashar Al Asad I support him althought he made many mistakes but in conclusion survived Syria & it's people from hands of Radicals & Israel also most of hate from him is because of his father actions in past that he was a brutal dictator & did many crimes to take power but in opposition of other Arab Dictators helped Iran when other Arab dicators were helping Saddam (la) & syrian army inherited it's brutal policy from him that Bashar Asad just could control a little the violence of Syrian Army but sometimes he couldn't control it during war because it wasn't suppose to that he be the next leader but after mysterious dying of his elder brother that was a Twelver Shia he had to accept this position so always he has hole in his power but tries to show himslef stronger than his reality that sometimes leads to harsh actions in war anyway in Allama Kurani that is an expert in Mahdawiat said based on prohecies by hadiths that Iran & Shias will lost Syria but we will take back Yemen few years before Imam Mahdi (aj) reappearance that sufyaini (la) will conquer Damascus & most of land of Syria that in process current syrian regime will fall but we still support it that in time of Sufyani (la) raid to Syria ,Shias will have a better condition but he will bring again greater disaster to Iraqi Shias than ISIS & Daesh that it said in narrations that Shia men in Iraq must hide themselves but women & children won't face problem until coalition army of Iranians & Yemenis reach to Iraq but in narrations about Syria just talked about great war of Qirqisia that Shias most avoid to participate in this war.
  3. if you read the article you will find out new generation belief heavily infected by people like as Fatullah Gulen that is very anti Iranian & Anti Shia & is supporting by United States & Isreal but some people between Alawites are trying to strengthen their ties with Twelver Shiism & Iran but its still a very week group that need support & time also people like them were amongst Shias from time of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) but all Imams were tolerating them & just was dissociating from their leaders but in other hand they highly stand against Ismaili sect & were against their leaders & their followers althought they weren't from Qulat but they dissociated from Imamate way but Alawits are just suffer from lack of proper teachings & they can back better than Ismailis to true way. in time of ummayids & Abbasids they were calling Shias that were accepting three caliph as legitimate rulers & after that were believing to Imamate of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) & his sons as Alawits or Alevi that it's just a misconception in accent in different region & they were considering Shias that were rejecting three caliphs as rejectors (Rawafids) that currently is mainstream Shia branch as Twelvers but in time of ummayid & Abbasids Alawits or Alevis were mainstream
  4. anyway they are turniong back to twelver shiism & ruling of shaykh Tusi (رضي الله عنه) was about their condition at his time but in our time they are slowly are backing to their true roots also if a dominant group of them them like as Turk branch can fix their problem with new group that doesn't pray & have weird belief with their connection to other Alawit communities in Syria & Lebanon they can back them to true Shia teaching inshaAllah but we must have patience & don't reject them by an old Fatwa like as Wahabist that do Takfir on Shias by fatwas of Ibn Taymiah (la)
  5. beside Iran , Afghanistan & Iraq affected by flood but as always people like you are complaining about Iran althought both Iraq & Afghanistan don't suffer from economical sanctions but people like you are accusing Iran instead of solving your shortcoming in doing your responsibility toward Iraq anyway we don't need any support from anyone & presence of Iraqi forces in Iran is just as sign of gratitude but we can handle our problems as we did it in other disasters like as Bam & Kurdistan Earthquake Date :Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 | Time : 00:13 |ID: 91942 https://en.shafaqna.com/91942/video-ayatollah-Sistani-representative-follows-up-with-wasit-flood-victims/ Video: Ayatollah Sistani Representative follows up with Wasit flood victims April 17, 2019/in All News, Featured 1, Middle East, NEWS BRIEFS, Other News, Shia Islam, Videos / SHAFAQNA- Imam Hussain: Following a directive from the representative of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sistani, Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalaey, a delegation from Imam Hussain Holy Shrine arrived at Wasit Province to aid the flood victims. Al-Karbalaey called a number of officials from the local government to find an immediate effective solution. 03:0Tags: flood victims, Imam Hussain Holy Shrine, Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi al-Karbalaey, the representative of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sistani,Wasit Province https://en.shafaqna.com/91942/video-ayatollah-Sistani-representative-follows-up-with-wasit-flood-victims/ Code: 83284684 (6985425) Date: 2019/04/20 Time: 02:08 http://www.irna.ir/en/News/83284684 Veep urges preventive measures in face of floods from Afghanistan In a telephone conversation with governor general of Sistan-Baluchestan province late on Friday, he referred to flash floods in the neighboring country and flowing water from it to the province, and called for undertaking preventive measures to deal with probable overflow of Hirmand River. For his part, the governor general voiced readiness of the provincial Headquarters of Crisis Management and presented a report on the situation as well as plans in the face of likely floods. 8072**2050 Follow us on Twitter @IrnaEnglish
  6. Salam it something from past but now they are turning back to Shia Islam teaching more than before it's just a matter of time that they will fix their distorted beliefs Date :Saturday, March 30th, 2019 | Time : 07:41 |ID: 87243 | https://en.shafaqna.com/87243/sayyed-sinan-buztepe-all-alevis-are-Shias-and-all-Shias-are-alevis-interview/ original link in Turkish : https://tr.shafaqna.com/archives/75900 Sayyed Sinan Buztepe: All Alevis are Shias and all Shias are Alevis/ “Alevism without Imam Ali ((عليه السلام))” is a plot -Interview March 30, 2019/in All News, Featured, Featured 2, Featured 3, Interviews, Middle East, NEWS BRIEFS, Other News, Shia Islam / SHAFAQNA- Alawites or Alevis are one of the religious groups in Turkey known to be followers of the Twelver Shia branch of Islam. Alevi communities spread across Turkey but they mostly live in the east and central-west of the country. Sayyed Sinan Buztepe is the religious leader of the Alevis in Cerkezkoy district, northeast ofTurkey. Shafaqna has had an exclusive interview with him about his community, their traditions and problems. Shafaqna: What is the Alevism and who is an Alevi? Buztepe: Alevism means following Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)), our definition of Alevism surrounds the personality and character of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)). He was born in Ka’aba and martyred in Mihrab (alter) while praying and he spent his life between Ka’aba and Mihrab. Alevism is between Ka’aba and Mihrab, too. Shafaqna: How about the religious studies of your community leaders (dedes), is their religious studies at acceptable levels? Buztepe: In our history, the 1514 Battle of Chaldiran between Iranian Safavid dynasty and Ottoman Turks is seen as a turning point. Before that battle, Alevi leaders used to visit and study at Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili’s school in Ardebil, Iran. After that battle, Ottoman Turks prevented Alevis from visiting Iran or attending madresas there. They foreclosed schools and anything related to Alevis in central Turkey and sent many religious leaders into exile. Although Ottoman Turks failed to remove the love of Ahl al-Bayt from the hearts of Alevis, they managed to create a distance between Alevis and religious studies particularly the school of Ahl al-Bayt. Shafaqna: What do you think of Shia Islam? Is Shiism equal to Alevism or they are different from each other? Buztepe: These claims come from the advocates of “Alevism without Imam Ali”; they want to create a rift between Alevism and Shia, they have tried vastly to reach their end. Alevism means Shia; it supports Shia Islam, Shia also means Alevi or an advocate of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)). Those who try to separate between Alevis and supporters of Ahl al-Bayt claim “Alevis are different from Shias” or “We are Alevis of Anatolia”. (I ask you) is there a difference between Alevi in Iran, Syria or Iraq? (No), there isn’t any difference. An Alevi is always an Alevi regardless of where he or she lives. Supporters of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) are always the same. Based on old documents, about 350 years ago Alevis in Anatolia region were called “Shias”. Ottoman Turks even described Shias as Alevis. At the same time, the word “Alevi” is given to someone who is a descendant of Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)). Trying to part away Alevism from Shiism is a “plot” and a “trick”. Alevi youth who visited holy shrines in Iraq met with lovers of Ahl al-Bayt coming from across the world and they noticed that fact (that there is no difference between Alevism and Shia religion). To me, all Alevis are Shias and all Shias are Alevis. Alevi community leaders who met with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Najaf cite him as describing Alevis as “The doves of Imam Ali’s Shrine”. The grand Ayatollah told them “They flew you away from this holy shrine, isn’t it the time for you to return?” It’s getting late…. Real and old traditions of Alevism believed in God, the Prophet Mohammed and Ahl al-Bayt ((عليه السلام)). We have to continue this path otherwise; our next generation will not inherit anything from us. All our religious traditions would be lost and we would leave this world empty-handed. https://en.shafaqna.com/87243/sayyed-sinan-buztepe-all-alevis-are-Shias-and-all-Shias-are-alevis-interview/ original link in Turkish : https://tr.shafaqna.com/archives/75900
  7. In recent flood, people’s enthusiasm to help, spirit to mobilize were astounding Apr 2, 2019 The leader of the Islamic Revolution— Ayatollah Khamenei— held a special meeting to examine measures and relief operations carried out for the flood-stricken provinces. In this meeting, the Supreme Leader stressed that: Paying services to the people, collaboration and harmony among different sectors, and enthusiasm to offer relief and the spirit of mobilization among people were really significant in the recent flood that has stricken some provinces. http://english.Khamenei.ir/news/6586/In-recent-flood-people-s-enthusiasm-to-help-spirit-to-mobilize Ayatollah Sobhani sold his house and donated the money to flood victims Rasa – The head of the Centre for Services of the Islamic Seminary and a group of officials ‎from this organization met with Ayatollah Sobhani in Qom. ‎ RNA – Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Hasan Rabbani, the head of the Centre for Services of the ‎Islamic Seminary, and a group of officials from this organization ‎met with Grand Ayatollah ‎Ja’far Sobhani for a discussion. ‎ Ayatollah Sobhani said, “If I was able, I would go to the flood-stricken areas to assist the ‎people.”‎ But the most interesting part of the visit was that Ayatollah Sobhani donated the money he ‎received from the sale of his own personal house to the flood victims, giving the funds to ‎Hujjat al-Islam Rabbani to distribute. ‎ http://en.rasanews.ir/en/news/444388/ayatollah-sobhani-sold-his-house-and-donated-the-money-to-flood-victims http://en.rasanews.ir/en/news/444385/members-of-Iraqi-popular-mobilization-forces-from-harakat-hezbollah-al-nujaba-movement-entered-in-flood-hit-province-of-khuzistan-Iran-to-help-people#images-27 http://en.rasanews.ir/en/news/444385/members-of-Iraqi-popular-mobilization-forces-from-harakat-hezbollah-al-nujaba-movement-entered-in-flood-hit-province-of-khuzistan-Iran-to-help-people
  8. Salam we don't have more expection from a Sadr fan more than these type of complainingsbut who cares ? also there is some people in Iran that are compalining about entering Hashd Al Sha'bi group to Iran for helping Iranians & see it as new Iraqi occupation Members of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces from "Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba" movement entered in flood-hit province of Khuzistan, Iran to help people http://en.rasanews.ir/en/news/444385/members-of-Iraqi-popular-mobilization-forces-from-harakat-hezbollah-al-nujaba-movement-entered-in-flood-hit-province-of-khuzistan-Iran-to-help-people MEMBERS OF Iraqi POPULAR MOBILIZATION FORCES FROM HARAKAT HEZBOLLAH AL-NUJABA MOVEMENT ENTERED IN FLOOD-HIT PROVINCE OF KHUZISTAN, Iran TO HELP PEOPLE https://en.shafaqna.com/fn/192635/ Ayatollah Kabi met with members of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces from "Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba" movement who came in flood-hit province of Khuzistan, Iran, to help people
  9. Salam the following link also introduced in Abna News but AlhamduliAllah a group of Hashd Al Sha'bi (PMU) from Iraq came to flooded city to help IRGC & Iranian Army & Red crescent & other volunteers and General Soleimani activated Arbaeen Mawkabs & asked from people to come to help and described it as fighting in front lines of war that more than money we need your Duas as KSA in recent days doesn't control locust raid from his country in order to by Bio terrorism destroys remaining of saved farms & food supplies from flood that already locusts came 100 kilometers into Iranian borders https://fa.shafaqna.com/news/735173/ National Australia Bank (Nab)‎ Account Holder: Tohid Foundation Inc BSB: 083175 Account No: 395242177 Reference: Flood donatıon https://www.tohidfoundation.com/donations/ Tohid Foundation in Australia announced that will receive donations for help of flood victims in Iran instead of donations for celebrations of Sha'ban month & will exchange donations to rial currency of Iran for sending to Iran http://fa.abna24.com/news/اقیانوسیه/عدم-برگزاری-جشن-اعیاد-شعبانیه-در-بنیاد-توحید-استرالیا-اطل_749887.html Nearly 1 million children affected by massive floods in Iran Over 1,000 health facilities and 1,000 schools have been destroyed or severely damaged forcing 100,000 children out of school and depriving thousands of essential healthcare, UNICEF official website reported on Friday. http://www.irna.ir/en/News/83284666 http://en.rasanews.ir/en/news/444385/members-of-Iraqi-popular-mobilization-forces-from-harakat-hezbollah-al-nujaba-movement-entered-in-flood-hit-province-of-khuzistan-Iran-to-help-people#images-27
  10. 22-compilation of Qur'an the life of Imam Ali Sayed Moustafa Qazwini Translation of the Holy Qur'an | Full documentary
  11. It’s a little better than MSM propagates about Islam & Muslims but rest of world by propaganda of Hollywood movies still are seeing Sunni Muslims as Arabs & Shias as representatives of Iran
  12. All scholars in Iran know Alawites specially as Shias but they say they need to return to real teaching of Shia Islam but scholars don’t try to force their ideas & teachings to them also if you travel to Najaf & Karbala you will see many Ismaili bohras in these two cities that they come for pilgrimage & everyone knows them as Shia Muslims how we can say Alawites are not Shias !!
  13. Salam self flagging in Catholics started in a gap between dark ages & renaissance & transfers by missionary’s after renaissance to new discovered countries like as Latino countries by Spanish colonizers that Safavid kings like as King Abbas the great have sympathy toward these missionaries although he kicked Spanish & Portuguese army from persian gulf but was kind with missionaries that they inserted self flagging & Tatbir between Qizilbash army of Safavid that in process it inserted to rituals of Muharram
  14. Freedom of expression The enforcement of LGBT on society | Makinations 8
  15. For seeing a jin you don’t need to be a pious person but Jins can’t hurt pious people & some of them like Ayt .Behjat can have a level of authority over them.
  16. It maybe happened because of error in writing or some differences between Arabic words between multiple regions for example when a Iraqi talks Arabic with his accent it’s very different from Arabic speaking someone from Egypt or a Lebanese that they created “ Fasih Arabic” clear Arabic for academic & news without slangs & accent that is soulless & robotic like as English that news anchor are talking that is just good for learning English but you can’t learn idioms & slangs from it.
  17. Currently they see any Sunni Muslim as Arab representative that they don’t have problem with them like as KSA but they comsider that that every Shia has a connection with Iran in politics even he/she denies it but they will see him/her as a lobbyist for Iran & maybe Iraq .
  18. Anyway a Shia won’t have a chance because of being a minority inside the minority also Sunni groups won’t support him & rest of Americans will relate him/her to Iran so it’s better that candidate comes as independent person & only accepts support from groups that are in coherence with Shia Islamic value either republican or Democrat
  19. Islam and political Activism-Dr..Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani Islam and importanceof intention -Dr..Sayed Ammar Nakhshawani a
  20. فتل :be curled ; be entwined ; be twined ; be twisted - bend ; contort ; curl ; curve ; entwine ; flex ; ... https://www.almaany.com/en/dict/ar-en/فتل/ قتل :annihilate ; assault ; attack with violence ; butcher ; claim ; crush ; destroy ; devastate ; eradic. https://www.almaany.com/en/dict/ar-en/قتل/ battle against ; brawl with ; clash with ; contend with ; counter ; encounter ; engage in conflict w... https://www.almaany.com/en/dict/ar-en/قاتل/ How many a Prophet there has been with whom a multitude of godly men fought. They did not falter for what befell them in the way of Allah, neither did they weaken, nor did they abase themselves; and Allah loves the steadfast. (146) http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.qarai/3:146 وَكَأَيِّن مِّن نَّبِيٍّ قَاتَلَ مَعَهُ رِبِّيُّونَ كَثِيرٌ فَمَا وَهَنُوا لِمَا أَصَابَهُمْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّـهِ وَمَا ضَعُفُوا وَمَا اسْتَكَانُوا ۗ وَاللَّـهُ يُحِبُّ الصَّابِرِينَ ﴿١٤٦﴾ this is only applicable to people like as Imam Ali (عليه السلام) & Hamza (رضي الله عنه) uncle of Prophet Muhammad (pbu) the master of martyrs before martyrdom of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام)
  21. Wasila vs worship ; Tawassul used by the Imams No , I said about 72 martyrs some of them like as Zubairis Ibn Qain (رضي الله عنه) & Hurr (رضي الله عنه) were in opposition of Imam (عليه السلام) & few of martyrs joined to Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) from army of enemy in last day but Hz Abbas (رضي الله عنه) life was clear like as cristal & you don’t read carefully I said Hz Hamza (رضي الله عنه) & Hz jafar didn’t test with Imamate but if they were alive ,they would accept Imamate of Imam Ali(عليه السلام) & rest of Imams (عليه السلام) but Hz Abbas (رضي الله عنه) story has another point that Imam Ali(عليه السلام) chose a wife that her child would defend Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) & story of his life before birth was for protection Imamate specially Imam Hussain (عليه السلام)
  22. It’s not just about closeness but also about insight Hz Hamza (رضي الله عنه) & Jafar Tatar (رضي الله عنه) didn’t has Hz Abbas insight and didn’t test with acceptance of Imamate & majority of 72 Martyrs of Karbala joined Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) from start of his journey till last day & they have some errors in their life but Hz Abbas was in peak of insight & obeying his Imam of time that although he was a normal person but never had doubt about obeying his Imam & never made a mistake from childhood but rest of martyrs faced sometimes doubts & misunderstanding about Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) .
  23. Imam Mahdi (aj) has full control over them it’s possible that he will use them as Prophet Suleiman (عليه السلام) but this time in whole world scale not a in particular land
  24. Video: Sayyed Nasrallah invites Lebanese to aid Iran’s flood-affected people http://en.abna24.com/news//video-sayyed-nasrallah-invites-lebanese-to-aid-Iran’s-flood-affected-people_937157.html April 16, 2019 - 5:46 PM News Code : 937157 Source : MehrLink: Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA): Leader of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah invited Lebanese people to help victims in flood-hit areas in Iran.
  25. Salam he himself threatened to death by. Amun if he didn’t accept Mamuniya successorship that he said if it wasn’t for not putting my life in danger of death I wouldn’t accept successorship of Mamun.
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