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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi , It has not happened in any Shia majority country likewise Iran even majority of Christians in muslim countries have condemned the idiotic cartoons which story of cutting throat of Christian nuns due to the cartoons is just has been a propaganda by so called missionary evangelist media which they have fabricated this fake story based on cutting throats of christian woman tourists by ISIS/Daesh fans in Moroco in previous years which these Wahabi/Salafi terrorists have stormed "the cartoonists' offices" as usual pattern of Zio-Wahabi procedure for demonizing Muslims in any Zionist controlled Media either easterner or westerner media.
  2. Salam Happy Eid Al Zahra for honoring of start of Imamate of last savior of humanity , the Imam Mahdi (aj) which recitation of Ziyarat Aal Yaseen recommended for remembring & making allegiance with him but in contrast to it Sanam-e-Quraish text has no basis & relation except innovation of hateful grouplets for decreasing joy & value of the Eid Al Zahra.
  3. Iran formally protests Azerbaijan, Armenia on border incidents Wednesday, 07 October 2020 15:49 [ Last Update: Wednesday, 07 October 2020 16:29 ] https://iranpress.com/content/28299/iran-formally-protests-azerbaijan-armenia-border-incidents For Armenians, they're not occupied territories – they're the homeland As Armenian settlement in the sensitive territories grows, it becomes more difficult to imagine peace with Azerbaijan. Some say that's the point. https://eurasianet.org/for-armenians-theyre-not-occupied-territories-theyre-the-homeland
  4. Secret behind success of Azeri youth in liberating Karabakh https://en.mehrnews.com/news/165992/Secret-behind-success-of-Azeri-youth-in-liberating-Karabakh https://english.iswnews.com/tag/karabakh-map/
  5. Religious leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia & Russia meet in Moscow https://en.shafaqna.com/234534/religious-leaders-of-azerbaijan-armenia-russia-meet-in-moscow/ Azerbaijan’s top cleric under fire for pro-Iran remarks The remarks earned the country’s senior Islamic official a rebuke from a senior adviser to Turkey’s president and a smear campaign in Azerbaijani pro-government media. https://eurasianet.org/azerbaijans-top-cleric-under-fire-for-pro-iran-remarks https://www.azerbaycan24.com/en/allahshukur-pashazade-to-visit-iran/ https://theiranproject.com/blog/tag/sheikh-ul-islam-haji-allahshukur-pashazadeh/ Chairman of the Caucasus Muslims Office urges removal of sanctions on Iran https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/447589/Chairman-of-the-Caucasus-Muslims-Office-urges-removal-of-sanctions Allahshukur Pashazadeh responds to Imam of Ardabil Mosque Ameli https://apa.az/en/xeber/azerbaijan_religion_news/allahshukur-pashazadeh-responds-to-imam-of-ardabil-mosque-ameli-358383
  6. Salam , saying of Nyiat is not compulsory nevertheless you must know what you are doing when you are praying .
  7. G20 leaders agree to work together to avoid Afghanistan humanitarian crisis https://en.shafaqna.com/234428/g20-leaders-agree-to-work-together-to-avoid-afghanistan-humanitarian-crisis/
  8. Afghanistan: At Least 32 Killed In Bombing At Shia Mosque During Friday Prayers October 15, 2021/in All News, Featured 3, Other News / https://en.shafaqna.com/234613/afghanistan-at-least-32-killed-in-bombing-at-a-shia-mosque/
  9. Hi , This is exactly defending from Christian doctrine which until now you have done it in similar fashion of typical Christian missioners which I have not seen anything new in your common formulated procedure likewise rest of Christian preachers .
  10. Hello @tek91 , Herod Antipas has been king of Jews which Rabbis have been supporting him which it's even confirmed in story of crucifixion which rabbis have requested from him for killing of prophet Isa (as)/Jesus which when he has refused to do it then they have requested it from Pontius Pilates which he also refused to do it but under pressure of Rabbis due to their treating causing unrest in Jerusalem & their request from representative of Roman emperor he had to put his soldiers in service of Rabbis & gave them freedom for execution which it has mentioned in your books & sources about story of crucifixion which by calling Herod Antipas as Roman puppet you have dodged from a fact about martyring prophets by Jew rabbis even before conquering Palestine by Romans which Romans have made a pact with Herod Antipas to recognize him as king of Jews in order of continuing his dynasty which he has inherited from his forefathers .
  11. Hi , It has happened about all prophets even prophet Muhammad (pbu) which his enemies have called him sorcerer , liar , crazy & etc. The Jews have killed & beheaded prophet John the baptist (عليه السلام) also they have killed many messengers & prophets (عليه السلام) which their justification about not killing prophet Isa/Jesus (عليه السلام) has based on avoiding consequences in contrast to case of martyring of prophet John the baptist (عليه السلام) which has caused great misfortune for Jews. https://en.wikishia.net/view/Yahya_(a) worshiping of Jesus is a man made tradition under influence of cursed Satan.
  12. Hi @tek91 all prophets (عليه السلام) likewise prophet Moses(عليه السلام) have spoken about prophet Muhammad (pbu) as final messenger & savior of everyone likewise Jews which they have settled in town of Yathrib which has been called Medina which they have taught all signs & predictions about final savior to idol worshipers of two tribes of Aws & Khazraj which they have recognized final prophet (pbu) according to information which they have received from Jews nevertheless Jews denied him because of their false idea which final prophet will appear between Jew community of Mecca or Medina . If Prophet Musa (عليه السلام) through divine commandment found it necessary to appoint a successor during his absence of merely 40 days during his lifetime, isn’t more worthy that the Seal of Prophets also have a divinely appointed successor to act as guardian after his departure from this life to safeguard a religion which is the seal of religions sent to all of mankind?! If the people of Musa (عليه السلام) easily became misguided as they worshiped a golden calf when their Prophet has only been absent for few days, shouldn’t the concern and protection be greater when Prophet Muhammad (sa) departs this world and a newly born religion has emerged? Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) mentions in the Quran that Prophet Haroon was “blamed” for the failure of his people and not being able to assume his role of temporary successorship. Yet after further knowledge and explanation, Prophet Musa (عليه السلام) understands that Haroon is excused since the people oppressed him and neglected his role of authority. This reminds us of the common argument that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) should have claimed his right for successorship by force, yet through the story of Musa and Haroon (عليه السلام), we find the divine answer given to us! The appointment of Prophet Haroon was indeed a test to the people of Bani Israel and they failed that test when they did not follow Haroon and instead they worshipped the golden calf. As cited in the Quran, Haroon said to them, “O my people! You are being tried in this, and verily, your Lord is (Allah) the Most Beneficent, so follow me and obey my order.” [20:87] https://en.shafaqna.com/48785/imam-ali-like-the-position-of-haroon-to-musa/ https://www.shiavault.com/books/the-prophets-of-islam/chapters/5-prophet-musa/ https://www.al-islam.org/islam-in-the-bible-thomas-mcelwain  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/5536015-islam-in-the-bible
  13. https://www.news18.com/videos/ivideos/kunduz-mosque-attack-isis-k-claims-uighur-suicide-bomber-targeted-shias-taliban-in-afghanistan-4305020.html Taliban say they won’t work with US to contain Islamic State https://fox8.com/news/taliban-say-they-wont-work-with-us-to-contain-islamic-state/
  14. The Islamic State in Khorasan Province, ISKP (ISIS-K) claimed responsibility for the attack through its Telegram channels on Friday. In its claim of responsibility, the region’s ISIL affiliate identified the bomber as a Uighur Muslim, saying the attack targeted both Shias and the Taliban for their purported willingness to expel Uighurs to meet demands from China. The statement was carried by the ISIL-linked Aamaq news agency. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/10/8/blast-hits-a-mosque-in-afghanistans-kunduz-during-friday-prayers https://www.garda.com/crisis24/news-alerts/532761/afghanistan-islamic-state-khorasan-province-is-k-suicide-bombing-attack-kills-at-least-46-people-wounds-143-others-in-kunduz-kunduz-province-oct-8-update-1 https://www.news18.com/videos/ivideos/2021-ducati-monster-first-ride-review-a-friendly-beast-on-a-short-leash-4312094.html
  15. The Grand Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani reacts to Shia Muslims massacre in Kunduz October 9, 2021/in All News, Asia-Pacific, Featured 3, Other News, Shia Human Rights, Shia islam / The full text of the Supreme Religious Authority’s message is as follows: This news is originally published by Shafaqna Persian and translated by Shafaqna English https://en.shafaqna.com/233980/ayatollah-safi-golpayegani-reacts-to-massacre-of-shia-muslims-in-kunduz/ Muslim scholars condemn Kunduz Shia Mosque massacre October 11, 2021/in All News, Featured 2, Human rights, Other News / SHAFAQNA- ABNA: International Union of Muslim Scholars has issued a statement to condemn the bomb blast at Kunduz Shia mosque on Friday which has led over 150 worshipers dead. The global union in its statement slammed the suicide attack inside Gozar-e-Sayed Abad Mosque which has left dozens of worshippers dead or injured calling that a criminal act. The local affiliate of Daesh terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Iran dispatches humanitarian aid to family of the victims of Kunduz Mosque massacre October 12, 2021/in All News, Featured 2, Other News / https://en.shafaqna.com/234231/iran-dispatches-humanitarian-aid-to-kunduz-attack-victims/
  16. USA: Bronx Islamic Cultural Center reopens after 12 years https://en.shafaqna.com/234093/us-islamic-cultural-center-of-the-bronx-reopens-after-12-years/
  17. Salam https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235072404-how-about-we-all-plan-a-shiachat-reunion-in-usa-as-many-people-on-here/?tab=comments#comment-3363219
  18. https://portal.anhar.ir/node/5031#gsc.tab=0 https://portal.anhar.ir/node/17268#gsc.tab=0
  19. https://english.khamenei.ir/news/3905/Ayatollah-Khamenei-s-fatwa-Insulting-the-Mother-of-the-Faithful
  20. Salam You can find it through examples which if you break it then you wouldn't face punishment & you have not done a sin but if it forbidden or prohibited then by doing it you would have commited sin too . https://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/fa4170 https://www.sistani.org/english/book/46/2071/ https://en.wikishia.net/view/Obligatory_Caution https://en.wikishia.net/view/Haram_(fiqh)
  21. Salam you must wash it until there wouldn't be smell & color of Najasa on it.
  22. Salam if you have been unaware about presence of cat hair on your cloth then your prayer is valid .
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