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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wahhabis mConfusimg Comtext and Symbolism since 1740 :Sacrifices of everyday citizens Warning contains graphical footage of Illuminati sacrifices قربانی کردن انسان Warning contains graphic footage جنون جنسی یزیدیان زمان (Sexual madness of Yazids of our time ) Satanic human sacrifice fbi raid 1998 -Reaction (warning graphical footage)
  2. Salam as Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said “ be cause of our glory not our discomfort’ , the gang is using Shia Islamic symbols but it doesn’t prove anything about their connection to Sadr movement & Iran but the biased article is trying to stick them to Sadr movement & Iran just because they used Shia Islamic symbols , most of DW reports are against Iran & Shias & Muslims although it’s trying to shows itself as a neutral news agency but it’s a biased site against Muslims specially Iran & Shia Muslims.
  3. Salam as you don’t see that black color during Ghusl & as you said it was very tiny your Ghusl is completely true because it may comes from a towel or a piece of cloth that you wore or sticker to you body after Ghusl in your room & You don’t need tho repeat it again.
  4. Sunnis & Shi’ism :press TV interview Dr.. Yasir Qadhi In defense of Abu Taleb - Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
  5. Salam , if Hadith comes through infallible source(s) so we don’t see corruption in Hadith ,problem of Sunnis is that they generally think that their hadiths books are infallible althought it narrated by fallible people & in recent years in facin g with Christians & Shias a new generation of them start to think again about truth in their sources that were thinking that their books specially Sahih books are in parallel with Qur'an & are uncorrupted but they understand that it was just a saga but they still can’t accept Shia hadiths that come from infallible persons that we can find errors in our books & sources but we examine it with Qur'an to distinguish right from wrong in Shia Hadith s.
  6. John Bolton’s Quest for a new Pearl Harbor |Iran Sanctions 4
  7. Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwa: Insulting the Mother of the Faithful Aisha is prohibited Jun 11, 2016 Print Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree wherein he prohibited insult towards Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)), and any of the figures and symbols celebrated by Sunni brethren. http://english.Khamenei.ir/news/3905/Ayatollah-Khamenei-s-fatwa-Insulting-the-Mother-of-the-Faithful “Shiites should defend Sunnis’ social and political rights before defending their own rights, and we call [everyone] for unity,” Ayatollah Sinstani adds. “As I have said before, Shiites should not call Sunnis their brethren, but their ‘souls.’ “We should attend Sunnis’ Friday prayers more than Shiite’s. We do not discriminate between Arabs and Kurds, and Islam has collected all of us [under common umbrella],” he asserts. http://www.sunnishiaunity.org/en/ayatullah-sistanis-statement/
  8. in comparison with Shias in countries like as Nigeria , people like me can call ourselves just lovers of Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام)
  9. Iranian FM, top Pakistani lawmaker meet in Islamabad May 24, 2019 - 4:23 PM News Code : 943818 Source : mfaLink: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has held talks with Speaker of Pakistan"s National Assembly Asad Qaiser in Islamabad. Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA):. During the Friday meeting, the Pakistani official underlined his nation"s affection for the Iranian people and expressed his own support as well as that of Pakistan"s National Assembly for the Iranian nation amid the current situation. He then referred to the upcoming visit of a parliamentary delegation from Iran to Islamabad and stressed the significance of strengthening cooperation between the two sides" parliaments. For his part, the Iranian foreign minister referred to the close relations between Iranian and Pakistan nations, and said there are good grounds for cooperation between Iran and Pakistan particularly in Chabahar and Gwadar ports. Zarif then described Iran-Pakistan parliamentarian ties as good and called for further cooperation in the fields of border security and fight against terrorism. The two sides also exchanged views on regional issues and stressed their countries" support for the nation of Palestine amid the current critical situation of the region http://en.abna24.com/news//iranian-fm-top-Pakistani-lawmaker-meet-in-islamabad_943818.html
  10. deal of century http://fa.abna24.com/news/کاریکاتور/کاریکاتور-معامله-قرن_752103.html Tehran's Friday Prayer Leader; Senior cleric urges for large turnout for Quds Day rallies http://en.abna24.com/news//senior-cleric-urges-for-large-turnout-for-quds-day-rallies_943812.html May 24, 2019 - 3:47 PM News Code : 943812 Source : MehrLink: Tehran Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammed Ali Movahhedi Kermani has called on the people to turn out for Quds Day rallies.
  11. war on Huawei http://fa.abna24.com/news/کاریکاتور/کاریکاتور-جنگ-ترامپ-با-هواوی_752164.html
  12. آیت الله شهید سید عبد حسین دستغیب شیرازی به گزارش رهیافتگان: By: Ayatullah Shaheed Syed Abdul Husayn Dastaghaib Shirazi There were two persons formerly Christians but later on they became Muslim. They lived in a city called Taleetah, perhaps in Morocco. I asked them the cause of their conversion. I asked them how you, former Christians, are now in deep search of Islamic truths. They replied: A few years ago, we were imprisoned in a jail. An Iraqi Muslim was also with us in our cell. Everyday he used to read Qur’an. As we did not know Arabic language, by and by we learned some words from that gentleman and began to understand a little from what he recited. One day he recited the verse: ﴿ وَاسْأَلُوا اللَّهَ مِنْ فَضْلِهِ ﴾ “…and ask Allah of His grace… Then he also recited the verse: ﴿ ادْعُونِی أَسْتَجِبْ لَکُمْ ﴾ “Call upon Me, I will answer you…” And he said that it was God’s Word. God also says: ﴿ وَإِذَا سَأَلَکَ عِبَادِی عَنِّی فَإِنِّی قَرِیبٌ أُجِیبُ دَعْوَهَ الدَّاعِی إِذَا دَعَانِ ﴾ “And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me…” If you want anything, say: O Allah, yourself. You don’t have to come to the Mosque. He does not order to come and to give hand in the hand of a scholar, but He says: “Anyone from My servants who wants Me, I am near him.” God is not far. He even does not want you to complain. He only asks to seek from Him whatever you want. You can even remember Him from your heart. He knows what is there in your heart. He says it is better if you recite supplication, as it is more effective. When I heard these two or three verses of the Holy Qur’an, I told my companion, “See what the Prophet of Islam says; ........ https://rahyafteha.ir/7853/Christian-youths-become-rightly-guided-through-holy-Qur'an/
  13. Tajikistan: Authorities pin fresh deadly prison riot on Islamic State Officials say there were more than 30 fatalities. https://eurasianet.org/tajikistan-authorities-pin-fresh-deadly-prison-riot-on-Islamic-state May 20, 2019 The body of Abduusattor Karimov being brought to his home, as seen in footage provided to Prague-based news website Akhbor. (Photo: Akhbor) http://fa.abna24.com/news/اخبار-مراسم-ديني-و-مذهبي/مراسم-گرامیداشت-شهید-«سید-قیام-الدین-غازی»-و-شهدای-حادثه-ز_752210.html# (ceremony in remembrance of martyrdom of Said Kiemitdin Gozi held in Qom in Friday) A riot broke out at a high-security penitentiary outside Tajikistan’s capital over the weekend, claiming more than 30 fatalities among guards and prisoners. Among those said to have been executed by other prisoners was Said Kiemitdin Gozi, a founding IRPT member who was abducted in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2017 and then spirited to Tajikistan by security services. President Emomali Rahmon alluded to Gozi in a speech last May during which he took a swipe at both the IRPT and Iran, with which Dushanbe has been engaged in a long-running spat. “His pockets were filled with dollars from that country, which called itself our so-called friend,” Rahmon reportedly said. “He himself admitted that he accepted the Shiite faith and carried out the orders of the security services of that country against the Tajik nation.” Gozi was later sentenced to 25 years in prison by the Supreme Court. That penalty was subsequently reduced to eight years. The Justice Ministry also confirmed that another fatality was Abduusattor Karimov, a member of the IRPT’s supreme political council. In 2016, months after the party was banned, Karimov was sentenced to 26 years in prison for alleged involvement in a coup attempt. Payom, the IRPT’s website, had reported since that Karimov had been seized by heart failure and needed urgent hospitalization but that relatives were barred from visiting him. The body of another IRPT member killed at Kirpichniy — party founder Said Kiemitdin Gozi — was buried without ceremony by the government. Gozi’s family were denied the opportunity to view the body and perform Islamic burial rituals. https://eurasianet.org/tajikistan-authorities-pin-fresh-deadly-prison-riot-on-Islamic-state https://eurasianet.org/tajikistan-opposition-party-accuses-government-of-prison-bloodshed-coverup http://nose4news.net/tag/kiemitdin-gozi/ Among those killed in Sunday’s riot was Kiemitdin Gozi, a founding member of IRPT, who was serving eight years jail term for carrying out anti-national activities for Iran’s security services. Tajikistan’s security officials had abducted Gozi in St Petersburg, Russia, in 2017 and brought him back to the country. http://nose4news.net/is-behind-deadly-prison-riot-say-tajikistan/ http://en.abna24.com/news//32-killed-as-daesh-militants-riot-at-tajik-prison_942891.html https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/may/20/tajikistan-prison-riot-guards-inmates-killed-isis-militants https://www.france24.com/en/20190520-prison-riot-tajikistan-leaves-32-dead https://www.dw.com/cda/en/Islamic-state-militants-riot-in-tajik-prison-dozens-dead/a-48800033 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tajikistan-prison-riot/Islamic-state-militants-riot-in-tajik-prison-32-killed-idUSKCN1SQ0AW https://www.yjc.ir/en/news/31235/at-least-13-killed-in-tajik-prison-riot-sources The IRPT has been an influential party with representatives in the government and parliament, but it was deemed a terrorist group and forbidden since 2015. Officials said they also identified three high-ranking IRPT officials among the dead in the prion riot: Fakhriddin Gulov, Said Kiemitdin Gozi, and Abduusattor Karimov. https://www.ntd.com/32-killed-after-isis-prisoners-allegedly-instigate-riot-in-tajikistan_332119.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Renaissance_Party_of_Tajikistan https://fa.wikipedia.org/wiki/سید_قیام‌الدین_غازی https://tg.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сайид_Қиёмиддини_Ғозӣ http://rasanews.ir/fa/news/607673/گزارشی-رسا-از-شهادت-حجت-الاسلام-سید-قیام-الدین-غازی-عکس-و-فیلم https://rahyafteha.ir/68324/سید-قیام‌الدین-غازی-از-علمای-شیعه-تاج/ <div id="video-display-embed-code_79995" ><script type="text/JavaScript" src="http://rasanews.ir/fa/news/play/embed/607673/79995?width=800&height=600"></script></div> Саид Қиёмиддини Ғозӣ дар СИЗО-и Душанбе нигаҳдорӣ мешавад (Said Kiemitdin Gozi is detained in Dushanbe city) Наздикони Саид Қиёмиддини Ғозӣ аз вазъи саломатии ӯ нигаронанд (Said Kiemitdin Gozi health deterioration) [video of his blind mother before his martyrdom] Said Kiemitdin Gozi was sentenced to 25 years in prison Саид Қиёмиддини Ғозӣ ба 25 соли зиндон маҳкум шуд
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