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  1. this is just your misunderstanding from concept of Imamate in Shia Islam which you think it's likewise a monarchy system which has followed by cursed Umayyads so then Abbasids but on opposition to your false claim the concept of Imamate in shia islam is based on divine appointment & showing prove of having access to divine knowledge which it has no realtion to age or death of elders in simlar fashion which prophet Isa (عليه السلام) has been appointed as prophet .
  2. Hi this is totally against Islamic teaching whether by Sunnis or Shia muslims which this dirty tactics are just distortion of Islamic teachings by cursed Ummayads & Abbasids which groups likewise Daesh/ISIS al-Qaida, etc see themselves as inheritors of cursed Ummayads & Abbasids so then their distortion .
  3. Hi it has been choosing between bad & worse which Erdogan has been bad choice in comparison to opposite party of Fethullah Gülen who is most anti shia & anti Iran guy which memebers of his party are too much radical likewise him which in case of taking power by Fethullah Gülen & his party so then he would announce total war against shias & Iran by help of zionists & saudis which first step of him & his party would be genocide of shias in whole Turkey & other controlled regions by Turkey.
  4. Salam thisi is totally a batalant lie & misinformation because for twelver Shias it's not necessary that eldest son be next Imam for example Muhammad ibn Hanafiyya (رضي الله عنه) has been eldest son of Amir Al Mumunin imam Ali (عليه السلام) after martyrdom of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) anyway he has not been divinly appointed Imam which it has shown in public by testifying Haja Al Aswad in favor of Imam Sajjad (عليه السلام) in front of wjole of people which in similar fashion Imamate of Imam Musa Kadhim so then Imam Jawad (عليه السلام) has been proven by proven through showing having divine kowledge & proving it in front of whole people publicly . Badāʾ is not Imammate which it's clearly about happening minor signs before reappearance of Imam Mahdi (aj) which some of minor signs can be postponed due to behavior & Dua & supplications of people by will of Allah which you based on wrong understanding has tried to show it as not appointing Imam after martyrdom of Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) rest of your long post is just repaeting your nonsense & accusations against companions of Infallible Imams. Zurāra has died as most trustful Shia believer which your accusations in similar fashion of wahabi accusation against him doesn't change reality of his deep faith & trustworthy Shia Muslim.
  5. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235056770-what-is-ghuluw/#comment-3133082
  6. Addendum All of shia Marjas have agreement which "Alī is the walī of Allah’" is not part of Adhan & Iqamah anyway none of them have said that it's innovation or ghuluw which all of them fully aware from opinion of Sheikh tusi & rest of great shia scholars of past which they have concluded it based on whole of criteria from Hadiths & opinions of all of greatest shia scholars which they have said that saying that for receiving Thawab & nearness to Allah is recommended although it must not be recited by intention of assuming it as part of Adhan or Iqamah. only Āyatullāh Muḥammad Shīrāzī spiritual father of Shirazi grouplet has said that "Indeed ʿAlī is the walī of Allah’ - “ ُ أَشْ هَد َّأَنًعَلِيّا ُّوَليِاللّٰ ه ” is a part of the adhān " 7. Āyatullāh al-ʿUẓmā Shaykh Waḥīd Khurasānī ُ »اَشْ هَد َّاَنعَلِیاوَلِیاللّهِ«جزءاذانواقامهنیست،ولىچونولایتآن حضرتمكمّلدیناست،شهادتبهآندرهرحالوازجملهبعداز «ُاَشْ هَد َّاَنًمُحَمُّ داُرَسُ ولاللّهِ«ازأفضلقُرباتاست. Ruling 928: The phrase - ‘I bear witness that indeed ʿAlī is the walī of Allah’ - “ ُ أَشْ هَدَأ َّنًعَلِيّا ُّوَليِاللّٰ ه ” is not a part of the adhān and iqāmah, however as his wilayah (mastership and authority) forms the completion of the religion [of Islam], thus testifying to that in any state and [specifically] after: ‘I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’ - “ ُ أَشْ هَدَأ َّنًمُحَمَّ داُرَسُ ولِاللّٰ ه ” is the best of ways to attain proximity [to Allah].
  7. Salam you just jump from one issue to another issue just to prove your farfetch coclusions which ou can't provide a solid evidence about innovation of Masjid Jamkaran by safavids so therefore you try to by relating Adhan in Safavid era into it which nobody in sane mind accepts such weak logic which all of articles against Masjid Jamkaran has been made by Wahabist after Islamic revolution of Iran by justifying evrything by labeling everything from shia rituals & shia shrines likewise pilgrimage of Imam Reza (عليه السلام) shrine so then later Masjid Jamkaran & tomb of lady Masoumah (as0 in Qom just as Safavid innovation & calling any shia specially Shias inIran as Safavids by whabists & salfists which now you just follow their footsteps in name of purging religion . The founder of the innovation of taking the names of caliphs in Adhan was Mu’awiyah, the Imam of Nasibis We read in Aujaz al-Masalik Sharh Muwatta Imam Malik, volume 2, page 27: “Ibn Abi Zaib says that he had asked Zuhri who introduced the practice of conveying Salaams in Adhan he had replied that it was started by Mu’awiyah.” Note: The seed of Banu Zarqa happily accept, hearing the names of these Khaleefa’s in Adhan, those who spent their days persecuting the masses and spent their nights drinking and indulging in vulgar acts. Curiously when it comes to reciting the name of righteous Khaleefa and Leader of Believers, Ali (عليه السلام) in Adhan they deem this abhorrent and unacceptable. This hatred is a trait of the illegal offspring of Banu Umayyah. Umar bin Khattab added words in the Salah Saheeh Muslim, Book 004, Number 0788: ‘Abda reported: ‘Umar b. al-Khattab used to recite loudly these words: Subhanak Allahumma wa bi hamdika wa tabarakasmuka wa ta’ala jadduka wa la ilaha ghairuka [Glory to Thee,0 Allah, and Thine is the Praise, and Blessed is Thy Name. and Exalted is Thy Majesty. and there is no other object of worship beside Thee]. Qatada informed in writing that Anas b. Malik had narrated to him: I observed prayer behind the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) and Abu Bakr and Umar and ‘Uthman. They started (loud recitation) with: AI-hamdu lillahi Rabb al-’Alamin [All Praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds] and did not recite Bismillah ir- Rahman-ir-Rahim (loudly) at the beginning of the recitation or at the end of it. Could the Ahl’ul Sunnah kindly produce a list of those Ulema that issued Fatwas of Bidah against Umar for ADDING words to the Salat of Rasulullah (s)? As Nasibi constantly point out any addition to the Deen (no matter how pious it may seem) is a Bidah, and all Bidah’s will be rejected. This being the case what about this Bidah? If the heart of these Nasibis is content with such a Bidah, why the objection if the Shi’a recite Aliyun Waliyullah as part of the call to prayer? http://www.shiapen.com/fiqh/ali-un-wali-allah/adhan-call-to-prayers.html https://www.al-islam.org/shiism-sunnism-sayyid-muhammad-ridha-mudarrisi-yazdi/tradition-and-heresy-adhan-call-prayer Mention of Imam Ali in the Adhan https://al-mubin.org/mention-of-imam-ali-in-the-adhan/
  8. It's not just about Arabs which america has done musch worse thing about it's Japanese residents during WW2 which still now is one of greatest dark points in history of America which American official narrative & reports always have tried to hide it with heavy propganda about happy living of Japanese in camps likewise "Manzanar" One Camp, Ten Thousand Lives; One Camp, Ten Thousand Stories https://www.nps.gov/manz/index.htm https://www.nps.gov/manz/learn/historyculture/japanese-americans-at-manzanar.htm https://www.britannica.com/event/Japanese-American-internment/Life-in-the-camps Japanese-American Incarceration During World War II https://www.archives.gov/education/lessons/japanese-relocation The Return of Japanese Americans to the West Coast in 1945 https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/return-japanese-americans-west-coast-1945
  9. Salam technically this system has applied to new conquered lands which has been counted as muslim territories after conquering so therefore muslims must be rulers of that new conquered lands anyway procedure of "dhimmah system" which has applied by cursed Umayads & Abbasids & Ottomans has not in line with Islamic teachings which they just have installed a corrup system for colonization & looting resources under guise dhimmah system which it's aim has been just misusing from talents of non-muslims & stealing their properties under wrong & corrupt interpretation of the dhimmah system which only at time of caliphate of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) it has applied based on Islamic principles which in a famous story when Imam Ali (عليه السلام) see a blind beggar Christians who due to blindness & old age couldn't work for muslims so then muslims left him in worst condition so therefore he seriously criticized muslims for not helping him so then ordered that he receives life pensin from state treasury anyway after him until Safavid era his policy has not practiced which in Safavid era a weak copy of his policy applied to minorities which for examples Armenias inside Iran have better condition at Iran than Armenians in Ottoman region which thei r genocide has been done by Ottomans while Armenias in Iran always have been in safety which still now Armenians who stayed at Iran or returned to Armenia have positive ties with Iran which at Armenia ,the Armenias who returened from Iran have a title of Iranian-Armenias which they always consider Iran with good meories which one of nominant Armenians Loris Tjeknavorian who has raised at Iran which he has had great rule & influence on music in Iran which although he has been"instrumental in the 1991 campaign for Armenian independence" which he could left Iran for rest of his life after indepence of Armenia even now he prefers Iran to other places . https://www.al-islam.org/anecdotes-pious-men-murtadha-mutahhari/retirement Composer and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian shares his memories of independence https://armenpress.am/eng/news/1028357/ Iranian maestro proposed as UN peace ambassador https://en.irna.ir/news/83494445/Iranian-maestro-proposed-as-UN-peace-ambassador Composer and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian talks to Rob Barnett Rob Barnett. Where were you born? Loris Tjeknavorian. I was born in Boroujerd, a city in the ancient province of Lorestan in the Zagros Mountains of Western Iran. Though far from Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and other Persian cultural centres, Boroujerd was known throughout Iran as a very cultivated town. My grandfather was in charge of the health services there. http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2017/jan/Tjeknavorian_interview.htm
  10. Iranian people have rejected Zionist presenters from stadium جمهور ايران يطرد الصحفيين اسرائيلين من الملعب في كأس العالم https://youtu.be/cEefTy2tcck
  11. now after wahabists i must say to you that it's not obligatory part of Adhan also in our era it's not ghuluw, bid'ah or an error in opposition to era of "al Saduq, al Tusi, Shaheed al Awwal, Shaheed al Thani and Muqaddas Ardabili " which cureently no one considers it as such things.
  12. This is sign of freedom of speech & idea in shia islam which anyone can expreses his idea until it isn't against holy Quran & teaching of ahlubayt so therefore we don't have Takfiri mindset likewise Wahabists 7 Salfist also we don't need mistranslation or misinterpretation & too much lyin & slandering to defend from our belief.
  13. Salam you just repeat your nonsense again & again just with new titles just for hiding your defeat in a losing battle .
  14. Thanks a million from all of you for your support . Thanks a million from all of you for your support . Anyway although of bitter lose of Team Melli of Iran ,the outcome has been more our expectations although of all of mismanagements inside Iran & too much high political & economical war & sanctions against iran from westerner countries specially from USA & it's allies which they don't hide this fact that losing Iran in last match has caused dut due much political pressure from USA & it's allies. This article is a salad of whole of anti Iran propganda & sanctions against Iran .
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