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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are you crazy or what? Firstly you have to communicate, if you sense the love from her end is no longer there, then its no longer there. You can’t make someone love you. Maybe the first time you were in love/relationship with her, you should not have been a naughty boy and instead worked on making it halal at that point.
  2. Apparently if its a cat hair then you can burn the cat hair and make a wish
  3. There are RED flags all over this. Burning cat hair, collecting sticks etc leads me to believe this is an attempt at some voodoo stuff. Which is a massive HARAM. The breath holding spells should only be looked at by doctors and only their recommendations should be taken. They will laugh at you if you tell them you are burning cat hairs.
  4. Salaams, Are you able to provide further details in regards to the specific issues you are facing so we can give you better advice? If you have some free time watch this video :
  5. You know your family(s) best, so it would come down to your decision as to who you should inform specifically so they can perhaps facilitate the therapy process if he does not listen. Someone who doesn't escalate things but is the most learned/religious and composed. Without an ultimatum or a method to check if what you are suggesting to your husband will work, you wont truly know. Acquiring a nude from a co-worker is still a form of cheating. It does not have to be sexual. He will be seeing this woman everyday I assume? This is up-to your tolerance. I would start marriage counselling as soon as possible. I am sure they will set some standards and rules and its perhaps here everything can be out in the open and you both can see what is solve-able and where you move forward from here. The simplest way to see if the person is capable of change or is truly willing to change and make the family work, is to set some clear cut standards. If he complies with them, you will be ok. If it he continues to break them, it should also be a clear sign for your future.
  6. Salaams sister, There are many issues at play here unfortunately . Porn addiction is something very detrimental to a relationship and with the right methodology it can be stopped and some issues can be resolved(sexual, attraction etc). There are many working threads on reddit about ending masturbation, but you have far bigger problems here. People who are addicted to porn don’t really need to be hiding somewhere or be outside at 2-3 AM, to watch porn. Its quite easy these days with the cellphone. It is very much possible that he is cheating on you because a female co-worker sending him nudes is not porn, it is cheating. When you get to an advanced stage of being able to send your nudes to someone else, you can fairly assume it has gone as far you think it has. When he goes to take out the garbage, he is probably meeting up with her nearby or she comes in her car and they spend time there. On top of the cheating and being a sexual deviant, he continues to show erratic behaviour which is not good for you or your kids. Opinion: The line is very much crossed by him. It is time for ultimatums as well as reaching out to a lawyer to see your options. Even if it comes down to therapy this requires seeing at-least 2 different therapists. One would be for the erratic behaviour/porn and the other for marriage counselling between you two. Involve trusted family, speak to lawyer prior to telling him so you can put yourself in a good position financially and with your kids, collect the evidence if you can about his co-worker sending him nudes and their chat history for proof as this will help you in the long run.
  7. If I am understanding correctly you caught her cheating 6 different times? What did you do after the first time? You need to end this marriage as soon as possible. Inform your and her family members of her filthy actions. You may struggle for a couple of months of maybe even days (Just think about her being done in by another dude) and it will make it easier to forget. You will have something better for you
  8. Bruh are you kidding. Most of us have grown up without affection or physical contact. I will be direct but you need to man-up.
  9. Its not haram but I would not recommend it, Crush has too much sugar. Which one specifically? Orange or Grape?
  10. We must judge the actions of a person. If she loves you and shows you respect and has changed you bla bla bla = Her actions show that she is willing to sleep with another man. The above 2 don’t make sense. Always equates words with actions. Her actions show absolute disgusting behaviour. I have been in your position, move on. You will find something far better. Trust me.
  11. I wish someone had given me advise before when I needed it but I will say this: Who the person really is , shows in a few months. In this case you are seeing the true colors. If you are already fed up, the person will not magically change after marriage. Should you choose to proceed further, you are accepting him in this form.
  12. You can use an ultra sound to interpret this dream
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