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  1. I wish someone had given me advise before when I needed it but I will say this: Who the person really is , shows in a few months. In this case you are seeing the true colors. If you are already fed up, the person will not magically change after marriage. Should you choose to proceed further, you are accepting him in this form.
  2. You can use an ultra sound to interpret this dream
  3. Aleykum Salaam sister, Here is one dua that you can recite: Du’a for Pregnancy Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) has taught the following dua: Transliteration: Allaahumma laa tadharni fardanw wa anta khairul waaretheen wah’eedanw wah’sheeyan fayaqs’uroo a’n tafakkori bal habli a’afiyata s’idqin dhokooranw wa onaathan aanaso behim minal wah’shate wa askuno ilaihim minal wah’date wa ashkoroka I’nda tamaame ne’matin yaa wahhaabo yaa a’zeemo yaa mo-a’z’z’amo thumma a’at’eni fee kulle a’aqibatin shukran h’atta tabloghani minha riz’waanoka fee s’idqil h’adeethe wa adaaail amaanate wa wafaain bil ‘ahde Translation: O Allah! Do not keep me solitary though You are the best of Inheritors. I am alone and terrified of loneliness. This worry has reduced my thankfulness to You. So bestow on me true forgiveness and give me female and male children so that by their company I can cure my terror of loneliness. By which my loneliness is cured. So that on the completion of this bounty I can thank You. O the greatest Giver, O the Greatest, O the Bestower of greatness, after this bestow me with tawfeeqthat I thank You for every kindness. Till I can achieve Your kindness by thankfulness, by speaking the truth, by returning trusts and by fulfilling oaths.1
  4. Another reason is that the older generation actually went out to do activities together. Be it sports or to even socialize. These days a like or a direct message on instagram/Whatsapp/Snapchat/Facebook suffices them for that social experience. When they meet in real life or other people, they act awkward naturally.
  5. Brother I can tell you that you need to cut out this habit from your life as soon as possible. It will be difficult at first but think of it this way. The longer you get occupied with Porn and Zina, the harder your test will become and your prayers of a real genuine woman may get delayed. Struggle now and be happy later.
  6. Salaams, Keeping your Khala in my prayers inshA. Please do keep me in your prayers as well.
  7. Although the current standard of this award is in shambles, It would be amazing for Agha to get that recognition
  8. InshA, make dua for me as well akhi
  9. SisterFatima1 you have a good ability to have topics that create commotion
  10. Killing such a great Syed ....Gaddafi died in a very humiliating way..videos are still out there.
  11. you need to have 25 posts akhi. Hang in there. i am in the same boat
  12. I have never heard of this Dua? do we make this Dua to attain beauty?
  13. I think its OK to have an overall calm demeanor and it matters who your audience is. In front of non-Muslims you always have to be at your best and attract them with your Akhlaq. But if you look at Nahjul Balagha and the way Our Imam responds to people when he is right or in the Haq. He does not really hold back. Balance is needed.I assume this audience is muslim here. Sermon 19: Amir al-mu’minin was delivering a lecture from the pulpit of (the mosque of) Kufah when al-Ash’ath ibn Qays objected and said, “O’ Amir al-mu’minin this thing is not in your favour but against you.”Amir al-mu’minin looked at him with anger and said: How do you know what is for me and what is against me?! Curse of Allah and others be on you. You are a weaver and son of a weaver. You are the son of an unbeliever and yourself a hypocrite. You were arrested once by the Unbelievers and once by the Muslims, but your wealth and birth could not save you from either. The man who contrives for his own people to be put to sword and invites death and destruction for them does deserve that the near ones should hate him and the remote ones should not trust him.
  14. This with actual medical advice and you will be set! powerful dua.
  15. Aleykum Salaam Akhi, i am not iraqi so not really familiar but I want to wish you the best in your future journey. Keeping you in my prayers.
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