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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Careful observance of prayer does not necessitate immunity from being exhausted. In any case, what is the relevance?
  2. One difference among people is that some want a very simple answer and some want a detailed explanation. Regarding many issues: how many people boasting that they read a ruling of a particular scholar--which they repeat like parrots, without any reasoning--are able to get an explanation that allows a thoughtful person to think through the issues? And what kind of standard is it to be pleased that a particular action is "only" questionable instead of being conclusively forbidden? In this instance--getting tattoos--the action is characteristic of all kinds of deviant people and it is not at all characteristic of people of purity. It probably makes sense for the fake "shiah" to emphasize their phony identity by getting a "religious" themed tattoo instead of doing actions that are actually difficult to accomplish, like focusing on the needs of the poor and oppressed.
  3. Speak for yourself. Some people live adult, responsible lives without being taken care of by their parents. It seems there is a cultural idea that marrying without love is a good thing. Fortunately, Islam is not averse to love (even if many Muslims are). Love can be experienced as a feeling. Feelings do not occur always occur by choice. Interestingly, most people do not decide ahead of time whom they will love. ^Very good summary. Thanks.
  4. This is a standard reply that is non-specific and unhelpful. It is meant to sidestep the difficulty of such situations. Kindness to parents and the importance of patience are not in dispute and never will be. The original post even included "I am fasting so I especially cannot lose my temper and this is my mom so no talking back." Kindness to parents does not mean giving up one's dignity or becoming willing to accept constant suspicion. It is a difficult situation to deal with. There is nothing wrong with standing up for oneself (in a reasonable way). Depending on your own personality and how you manage your interpersonal relationships, you may want to be more or less firm about how you stand up for yourself. For example: "I am not going to break fast now, because it is not good to do so without reason. You know what else is not good? Making false accusations against Muslims."
  5. Alhamdulillah Thank you (wa Jazakallah) for a nice, reasoned essay. Allah gave us the reason (aql) to distinguish Truth from falsehood. We must always make an effort to us our reason properly, Inshaallah. Islam, which values reason and logic and sincere questioning so highly, is opposed to blind faith and blind following. Blind following is well known to both Sunni and "Shia." Remember that if someone does not have Ismaa, he can be questioned. Without Ismaa, a person is only an advisor, not leader in the sense that the Imams (a.s.) were leaders. Each individual will be raised on the Day of Judgment as an INDIVIDUAL. We must accept and follow what leads us to the best home in the Hereafter, Inshaallah. Let us use our reason and always seek guidance from the Source of perfect Guidance, Inshaallah. I hope to see more contributions from you, brother. <<Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful>> (al-Naml #64) Salatu wa salamu ala al-Husayn wa ashab al-Husayn Allahuma sali ala Muhammadn wa Aaali Muhammad
  6. Another false accusation of this liar can be found in Volume I, page 11, where he says that the Shias call their dogs by the name of Abu Bakr and Umar and always curse them (Abu Bakr and Umar). (Laughter among the Shias .) This is ridiculous. According to the Shia belief, the dog is utterly polluted. A Muslim house with a dog is deprived of Allah's blessings. Therefore, Shia Muslims are strictly forbidden to domesticate dogs except under certain conditions (hunting, protecting the house, or herding sheep). One of the many reasons for discord between Yazid and the grandson of the Prophet, Imam Husain, was that Yazid was fond of dogs and domesticated them without good reason. SOURCE: http://www.al-islam.org/peshawar/5.3.html
  7. Well said. Muslims must strive to be the best of humankind, and any who wish to be Shia of Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) must strive to be the best of the Muslims. Remember that the distinguishing feature of the Shia of Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) is the amazing love he/she has for Sayidina Muhammad (S) and his blessed Ahlul-bayt (a.s.). Of course, there is no dawah in hatred. The appeal to this pure way is the love for those loved by Allah. Allahuma sali ala Muhammadn wa Aaali Muhammad
  8. (salam) More in common ... Sunni stand next to me as we face the same qiblah to worship the one true God, Allah, Subhanahu wa t'ala... I am disturbed by these arrogant people who call themselves as "Shia" --- being Shia of Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) is a goal, not something you have now (if you did you would be making the utmost effort in every way to think well, speak well, and act well to everyone, preparing for the time to come; soon, Inshaallah)... Jafari is a madhhab not a sect and those who delcare the Oneness of Allah and pray facing the same qiblah are our brothers... Our brothers are not going to be interested in following Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) if the only thing they see from the self-declared "Shia" is cursing and bad manners. Lead by example. Rather than speaking about lanat, speak about Hadith al-Thaqalayn. The strength of this madhhab is based on the strength of its source, the authority of its source, as Sayidina Muhammad (S) said Quran and Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) will never separate. Review your thoughts, speech, and actions and become that person who speaks only good and whose actions show others the way. ALLAHu akbar Salatu wa salamu ala al-Husayn wa ashab al-Husayn Allahuma sali ala Muhammadn wa Aaali Muhammad
  9. I recommend: high carb vegetarian diet rice, vegetables, cereal And a lot of walking :) Somehow, Alhamdulillah, I never have any weight issues and I do not even walk as much as I should ALLAHu akbar
  10. It is also reprehensible, without any exceptions, to contract a temporary marriage with a virgin, by reason of the words of the Imam Ja'far: 'It is reprehensible, because it is a stain upon her family.' [29] If a contract should nevertheless be concluded, it is not permissible for the man to consummate the marriage, unless the marriage took place with the permission of her father-a condition almost impossible to imagine in Muslim society. 'A virgin may not be married temporarily without her father's permission' (the Imam al-Rida). [30] Source: http://www.al-islam.org/al-serat/muta/
  11. If this quote is correct: then we can see the enmity to Islam of this person. What "genuine feelings" ? Genuine feelings are based on the love for Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) and obeying Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). Notice the command for proper dress in Surat al-Azhab, #59, which means, <that they should be known> Thus, proper dress for a woman allows the world to know of her Islam and gives her, especially her honor, a kind of protection and esteem. Since this is the case, what is to be said about those who do not observe proper dress? Those who have an opporunity to lead must in fact be leaders. This person's message is not good. How many young ladies may be impressed by this person's speech and come to admire her, then use her example as a means to disobey Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), saying that this person is educated and speaks about Islam but does not wear hijab... It is due to this evil example under the guise of "honesty and genuine feelings" that I am reminded of the ayah, which means, <There is the type of man whose speech about this world's life may dazzle you, and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart, yet is he the most contentious of enemies> (Surat al-Baqara, #204) Allahu alim
  12. Audhubillah. I only looked at the cover of that book and felt ashamed. How is the photo on that book different from the vain, sinful "women's" magazines? A person who openly does wrong is called a Fasiq. A fasiq is never an example of Islam to the people. Subhanaallah. This person is no example. Sayida Maryam (s.a.) and Sayida Fatima (s.a.) and others provide the example for Muslim women. Do you not know how unusually cautious they were with their modesty? There are people who wish to destroy Islam from within, as has been the case since the 7th century. Audhubillah. ALLAHu akbar.
  13. (salam) Making love for the three khalifs as wajib cannot be proven as far as I know. However, I am concerned with the "shia" (a term used by most only as a name not as a description according to ahadith) who are more interested in abusing sahaba than living the life of Ahlul-bayt (a.s.). Any foolish person can curse at others, but it takes sincere striving to make salah the priority that Imam Ali (a.s.) made it or make sadaqa the priority that he made it. Imam Baqir (a.s.) and others gave lovely references to what Shia of Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) really are. The model of the true Shia engaged in the struggle that led to the shahadat of Karbala rather than the struggle to curse and call names. Let us respect the khalifs for their companionship with Rasulillah (S) and let us respect his wives as the mothers of the Believers. We are not to judge them like Allah judges. Our judgment is only to look at their character and decide if they are our leaders, if we wish to take our religion from them. I do not consider them the leaders of religion, because Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) provides the leaders for our religion. Rather than use the ill-mannered approach of calling people as kuffar, munafiqeen, etc., simply use the well-mannered approach of saying, "I disagree." Is it really that difficult? Of course, it is far easier to call names and feel hate than develop true Iman and the true Islam practiced by Ahlul-bayt (a.s.). If you were really Shia of Ahlul-bayt (a.s.) your salah, your sadaqa, your total Islam practice would be beyond that of the three khalifs and the mothers of the Believers and you would find you spent so much time trying to purify your heart that you had no time left to curse anyone. Salatu wa salamu ala al-Husayn wa ashab al-Husayn Allahuma sali ala Muhammadn wa Aaali Muhammad
  14. Alhamdulillah. Very good article. The proof is clear for those who see. The woman with Iman in her heart loves hijab and its beauty due to the fact that it is loved by Allah, Subhanahu wa t'ala. The women in hijab belong to the men with beards, as both are willing to display their love for Islam. ALLAHu akbar.
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