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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Ruqaya101 reacted to 3wliya_maryam for a blog entry, Don't give up just yet.   
    Why am I always agitated
    To the point where I'm just irritated
    At every small thing that comes my way
    I throw a tantrum not realising what I say
    Sometimes I reassure myself
    It's okay, your human, you can control yourself
    But everytime I try, its only temporary
    And I try to push away the guilt that I carry
    No matter how many times you fall
    Keep breaking through that strong immense wall
    Even if you still haven't been able to and you just wanna stop
    Be proud that you still didn't drop
    That you still haven't given up.
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    Ruqaya101 reacted to Qa'im for a blog entry, The Four Elements   
    The idea that the world is composed of four or five elements (fire, water, earth, wind, and aether) was almost universal in the ancient world. The science and mythology of many ancient civilizations, from Greece to Japan, operated on this understanding.

    While Islam is not really married to the idea of four elements (it is not supported in an explicit way in the Quran or hadiths), it is interesting to note that Islamic metaphysics and cosmology use this system.

    This is especially the case in the spiritual world. The jinn are made from a smokeless Fire, the humans are made from Earth (Teen), and the soul (ruH) comes from the word for Wind (reeH). The Throne of Allah was settled upon Water (11:7), until that water was separated into the heavens and earth. The angels are from light (Noor, a word related to Nar).

    Allah does not raise a prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. He may have used these literary devices to explain a realm that is ultimately beyond our understanding (ghayb). The Quran is a book that needs to be intelligible to people, especially when speaking on the unseen and unknown.

    While the universe is simply not made up of H2O, the image of Water as a fluid, clear, shapeless structure is befitting to understanding the world. In physics, the concept of fields (gravitational, spatial) operate largely on fluid mechanics. “Water” is a chaotic substance that was then categorized, compartmentalized and distinguished into the world we know today.

    Similarly, a simple sample of the water (saliva) in your body can create an entire profile of who you are: your DNA, and therefore, your family lineage, your appearance, your susceptibility to diseases, and even parts of your personality.

    There are some things that are beyond literal and metaphorical. The dichotomy of literal and metaphorical is sometimes not just inaccurate, but harmful to our readings of scripture.
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    Ruqaya101 reacted to 3wliya_maryam for a blog entry, if you're going through a hard time, read this   
    When you go through a rough patch in your life
    And you feel that your heart is being stabbed with a knife
    Remember Hussein (as) and the tragedies he went through
    Would you ever endure that kind of pain too?
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