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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ppfttt, you didn't live up to your name, youre gonna have to try your best now since @2Timeless apparently likes you better. humph
  2. @Ashvazdanghe, you definitely need to be tagged. youre such a genuine, kind, and hopeful brother. Im observant like that, lol. May your spirits and faith always be high and may Allah bless you this world and akhira
  3. thank you hun! when I give others advice, it means im reminding myself in the process haha, dont be too crazy tatlim, youre not going to get rid of me easily.
  4. omg, I did this thread late at night,im so so so sorry I forgot to mention my GREEK @Gaius I. Caesar, live up to the name I gave you bruv! may Allah bless you! @Sirius_Bright aw sirius black, but youre the sirius noor lols, Allah bless you brother! @ali_fatheroforphans, youre pretty chill bro, may Allah give you the success you deserve. But if you tag me in any other physics questions, ill come after you and murder you, I warned you huh! @laithAlIRAQI bro, im so so so sorry for the delay, in sha Allah once I find some proper actual time, ill send you through the connections to your future wives. But wait and in sha Allah it will come!
  5. @zionismdestroyer Allah says 'wait' and will give you the best keep up your hopes brother. No matter what goes on in this world and no matter how corrupt it is, you, yourself and time will do a lot. I promise you, but you need to keep positive and look towards the light of imam mahdi aaf.
  6. Allah swt answers those who pray in three ways: he says 'yes' and grants their prayers he says 'no' and gives better he says 'wait; and gives the best ruqaya101... @3wliya_maryam, keep praying, you will get the best in sha Allah, youre always, ALWAYS, in my prayers and theres no one that can ever take your place my darling. @2Timeless (tatlim), @Khadim uz Zahra (kardesim benim) , im so glad I met you people, may Allah open your pathways to the success and happiness you deserve, and may your efforts not go to waste. I find it so funny that I placed you two on the same line. @Ibn Al-Ja'abi the poems you send are so cool, I really pray and I really do see you as the poetic historian you dream to be. @Asghar Ali Karbalai, jazakallah brother for all the advice you give and for all the sellams you send, ghani still is watching out for you. @Sumerian, in sha Allah you will wait and that libnaniye will come, a shia one too but please dont bring our family tree down (my name is in there, keep it cool) ... all jokes aside, lift your head up, and work hard, your efforts will surely not go to any waste. @Lion of Shia, no one hates you mate, maybe this what it seems like, but trust me, theres someone out there who looks up to you. stay the same way you are unless you change for the better and dont let anything or anyone put you down! tag anyone you guys think may need this. oh and one more... @RepentantServant, I really pray that I did enough for you, and I wish I could do more, but I believe that youre in the best category of all, He certainly said 'wait' and will give you the best. ameen. I will continue to pray for you.
  7. could you please clarify what youre trying to say?
  8. and you are the such a special person to my heart.
  9. la la makoo shee. insa al mowthhoo3. aslanim sen hahah
  10. ooooooo @Sumerian bro she disagreed, you guys I need some popcorn to watch what will happen!
  11. HAHA im done! what??? can you blame me? He is my Lion brother, aslanim! I can say whatever I want about him and his stupid haybeh
  12. khali waliii. 3abaalich 3inde haybeh abu Lebanese girls
  13. you forgot to be specific about the mad cute girl. #lebogirls, #lebanesegirlsaremadcutegirls, #sumsumwillgetmarriedtoamadcutelebogirl
  14. cheese, does this offend you at all? hahahaha im done!
  15. this is completely debatable. this is also completely debatable
  16. infants have a lot of dreams isn't that right @Khadim uz Zahra
  17. and this... is why my dad hates English...
  18. ahhh ablacim. is this how it is huh? tamam beh, ana 3almich
  19. Allah Allah brother. take it easy on yourself. You might as well tell me to go and die and give up on everything. Come on, I know youre more positive then this
  20. sorry, should rephrase it, it is CHEESE, then tartar then softie.
  21. but youre not a demon, I dont think there ever has been a demon called softie and cheese and tartar.
  22. wa alaikum sellam! I dont think anyone hates you! I dont think Shias could possibly hate anyone that is another fellow shia. I certainly dont hate you! haha come on the chats later on and then we will talk to you
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