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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is so disheartening and heartbreaking. Allah be with her parents.
  2. Ruqaya101

    Iraqi gang

    who's Iraqi on this site?
  3. Takes a very very long time, but yeh with time, it heals. Still hurts when you remember it, but not as much as when it’s still fresh.
  4. brother, get outta here, im the funniest person on ShiaChat. Admit.
  5. اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ
  6. Sellam, I am as ignorant as you perhaps, however, it is dependant on what happened and how it occurred. But yes, theres actually many stories told by sheikhs from what ive heard and know. And I don't know if "imraad" means necessarily, given an "answer" to, its in Arabic, and I don't know how to exactly translate it. There is many Hadiths, where the Imams mention that, Maybe im wrong, if you visited their shrines, then of course, your hajjahs will be heard, also, I believe sincerity of the Dua is taken into consideration. You could refer to it as a coincidence, But for some, I guess, depending on what occurred, some see it as an answer, even if it was a coincedence, its still a blessing, and should be regarded as one, BUT, going to the shrines itself, is a blessing at its entirety. sorry, I couldn't be much of a help, I am as ignorant as you are perhaps when it comes to this, if anyone knows more, let me know.
  7. Something very similar happened with me at the shrines of Imam Hussein AS except I was handed a white candle. Usually what it means is that you’ve been given “your answer” or as they would call it in Arabic “imraad”. I would, in your case, take some of the roses and keep them and some I’d make rose water out of.
  8. According to hadith, there are about 800 (if im not mistaken by the number) of ayahs from the holy Qur'an referred to ayaat al maal, in which it refers to maal or money being allahs amaanah (as hadith says, don't know which hadith) Can someone tell me a little more abut this? Also, can you refer me to any ayahs of the sort?
  9. what hadiths do you know of ahlul bayts perspective on life? I would really like to know what the majority of the Ahlul Bayt thought about life in general, any advice they gave, any quotations, the difference between right and wrong. Or any stories in general.
  10. In a recent thread, the derailment of one topic brought up a light to do with the discrepancies men and women, in both roles and responsibilities as well as character traits of men and women. My opinion, is why make a big deal and debate, why not recognise and accept, why not follow the roles of women of Ahlul Bayt, both with husbands and independently. They are our role models. Men (not all) seem to portray a disliking to the fact that women aren't always submissive. Why make everything so complicated? Just follow the examples of the Imams in the way they treated women. The sayedas recognised their self worth as women. Why don't you?
  11. I remember we had this discussion in high school. Neediness is a character flaw that in my opinion, has positive aspects to it. Neediness is related to being an emotionally attached person. Negatively, a person with the character flaw of neediness feels suffocated, lacks dependence and doesn’t have much personal space in terms of finding their true identity. However, they could use that and channel it to a positive level by being more open, paying attention to even detail, and showing empathy and desire for another.
  12. damn... exaggeration is mainly a womans forte, but I think its really polluted the brains of men. the worlds going to end?!!!!!!
  13. whats your style of clothing an everyday outing such as university, family friends.... or anywhere! post a picture of what resembles your style
  14. Copy and paste the document onto here. Because when I click on it, it doesn’t show
  15. What are the most general information that all to most Muslims should know? Including , when prayer becomes ghadhaa’. Most sharia laws in fiqh. Or anything else that comes to mind.
  16. Let’s be honest. For some reason, conservative ideas get thrown around in society way more often then we would appreciate. And for whatever it’s worth, the older sisters and aunties seem to like the “authority” they have being the elder. I hope for my sake and others that when I become a mother and aunty, I won’t abuse my authority to make assumptions neither make senseless judgement that spreads toxicity through a clean and pure environment such as Islam. We should learn and discipline, teach to judge ourselves before we judge others. We should learn and teach ourselves to place ourselves in others shoes and see through their struggles. We should bear each other’s struggles and pain as if it’s our own. Not to judge and not to comment when it’s not going to be of any use or help or support to ourselves or others. Mae should always learn to speak good and spread good. That kindness should be instilled within our hearts. I think it’s time that we should come forward with love and appreciation and apologise to whoever we have wronged, been judgemental to, been harsh to and to let bygones be bygones. Life is so so so short... let us leave a positive message and rememberance in the hearts of one another... let us remember each other for the kindness and passion of our religion. Let us remember each other for the respect we give and take. Let us remember each other for the prayers we give. Thank you brother @Sumerian.
  17. You’re very true in what you say @2Timeless, it’s very unfortunate that hurtful and rude comments and statements are said so freely and openly. May Allah guide us all. To the sisters and brothers and they know themselves, I advise that next time you make comments... ask yourself if it’s necessary and whether it will be of any help to you or to others. Is it beneficial in the smallest way? Our words hold power, much more stronger than the pen and the sword. Be wise in what you say.
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