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  1. Sellam brother! I just want to say and to remind you that Allah swt says "Indeed with hardship there is ease". Theres no pain without gain! That is Allah swt talking to YOU. He is not going to give up on you and he is the most merciful and the most omniscient! Youre 23 years old!! YOU still have time, plenty and plenty of time! Get back on track! Its never too late and it will never be too late until your last breath. You think Allah swt put you on this earth for no reason so that you just want to leave? Bro, you were chosen to deal with these trials and these hardships, Allah swt doesn't burden a soul beyond that it can bear. Youre strong and you can do this. As long as you have your faith, then youre half way through! You can still get back on track! Do whatever it takes, whatever it takes and rise up early in the morning, start giving your life a balance, start giving it a meaning. Theres a time when youre fight will be over but let me tell you something, it aint right now! it aint tomorrow! it aint next week! it aint next year! Its when Allah swt decides so! Youre still so young, and you have in sha Allah many many many more years to come. Every single time you fall, you say YA Allah and you get back up! What do you do? YOU get back UP! You need someone to push you, to motivate you? Then find somebody! And if you cant find anyone and youre all alone, well bro, you have almighty Allah swt! What could be better than that! Everything happens for a reason, Every thing, every single detail in your life has happened, is happening and will happen for a reason. If you lost your positive mindset, then fight to get it back, if you lost so many days being in despair and depression, then fight for the days that come, if you lost money and took from your parents, then fight to get that money and return it to them, fight to make the proud of you. DO whatever it takes. It is NOT over yet. It might take a while to get back on that track but the end result is that you will get back on that track and you will continue your race! Take baby steps if thats what its going to take, get up in the morning, fix up your bed, pray fajr, go for a jog, come back home and listen to Quran while you make breakfast, take a shower, get a bottle of water and go for work. If need be, go to a psychologist, there is NO shame in doing so, in fact it will also help you further. AND if you still have a passion for studying, then go get your education bro. But its not too late. Youre alive, Youre breathing, Thats such a big BIG blessing. You still have a chance to worship Allah swt! And smile! its sunnah!! I write this not just to you, but im repeating this stuff in my own mind too. If you think positive, you attract opportunities!. stay strong! @3wliya_maryam, pls sis, drill this in your head too.
  2. oh my gosh... is this some stupid joke. Come on at least tell me you opened the subject with her. you didn't do the right thing. Wanna know why? oh yeah cause you judged her. you could have simply expressed your point of view and if she disagreed then do whatever you want. whatever. qisma wa Naseeb right? No we said most, its a reality brother. listen brother, you need to know that what comes around goes around. Maybe the following woman will meet you and then say no to you cause she will judge you on an action that she saw you take. No one is perfect. In sha Allah, you take this as a lesson and never ever judge anyone. She could have more faith than you, only Allah knows for sure. But just seriously, dont judge
  3. I recommend wearing skirts, you can still look chic and modest, thats not a problem at all. If you were to wear jeans and a very long dress that comes Half way between your ankles and bottom half of your leg thats also fine. Its harram if it shows your figure very clearly.
  4. nah he was of European decent. he was in his mid 60s and the only reason I dont think it was an islamaphobic attack was because he had a heart attack when the police came. What did make me question that it was is because is he hit my mum twice (although thinking about it now with a clearer mind, he could have just got scared when he hit her the first time, that instead of pressing the brakes, he pressed on the gas again), also when he came out, he started shouting at me as to why I threw myself out and was literally stomping his feet next to my mums head, he was swearing and calling us muslim s****. but again allahu 3alam, he didn't even bother helping or calling an amblulance. it could have been the nerves or fear because I didn't call the ambulance either, I was just afraid for my mum and couldnt think straight. but if it was an islamaphobic attack, god knows his true intentions, then I would think its based not on phobia of muslims but hatred and thats why I think that its so ironic that theres women who would love to wear the hijab knowing how brave it would be and the potential rare dangers it comes with.
  5. Thats just sad... My mother and I got run over by a car last year, we were both wearing abayas, and the funny thing was when he came out of the car, I screamed at him and asked him why he did it and he said its not my fault, you threw yourselves in front. it was labeled an an islamaphobic attack by some journalists and looking back at it now, allahu 3alam, its just sad that some people would go as far as to kill someone for a belief or faith.
  6. so ironic, dont you think? The fact that theres so many women out there who just want to take their hijabs off and then theres others who wish to have it on but aren't allowed to.
  7. sellam, well it depends where she lives, if its in the west, most likely its considered normal. actually, nowadays, whether its a muslim country or not, this stuff has become the norm in many many places. I suggest that you open up the conversation with her but very politely so that she can understand where you're coming from, in sha Allah she will see your perspective and if she doesn't agree with your poit, that is okay, everyone has different opinions, dont will her to have to delete her pics, with time, understanding and trust will grow.
  8. Yes, thats such a disappointing reality that some parents forbid young girls who want to wear hijab. A good friend of mine at university is from Pakistan and she had always wanted to wear the hijab, she told me that her dad and mother would not agree with it and would never allow her to wear it cause it will get their community to talk about them in a negative way. alhamdulilah she is going to Mecca soon and I told her to pray over there and ask Allah for help and guidance. She said in sha Allah she will wear it after she come back.
  9. alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah I have not experienced this. Sleep paralysis scientifically is when REM has not completely finished its process and the mind wakes up. You will stay paralysed until the REM has completed. See I have a theory, well not really lol since it turned out other scientists also thought the same way. But when your REM is in its process, the brain does many other processes within that meantime, such as regenerating tissues, strengthening our immune system, keeping our muscles and bodies relaxed and many many more to do with hormones. See our brains and our souls have still not been discovered to their full potential, maybe theres a part of our brain that hides our biggest fears, and when something goes wrong during that REM, it brings about hallucinations that are generated from that deep dark side of the brain. Everything is linked to islam in one way or another. Everything is interconnected to the faith of islam. Thats a very clear point, especially science. But Allahu 3alam, could be anything, maybe it is jinn, maybe it is something else.
  10. this is ridiculous. this is so ridiculous this is really ridiculous. I have lost hope in humanity. no way! Unless she says YES, then no, it doesn't imply sugar honey iced tea!. These rape stories make me So mad. no, noo, nooo, noooo, nooooo
  11. your grammar and terminology is . not always true... but true
  12. damn you must be so hard to deal with, whats your story man? dont mean in offensively, lol.
  13. the heck is wrong with you? Youre socially awkward? authibbilah your bbruhhhh aint gonna do nothing, am serious, they'll jump at you if you mention the word mutah, pfft, sit down and be humble and dont strike a fire, otherwise they'll come looking for you anyways... Guess who is coming to your graduation?
  14. No one will leave empty handed from imam Ridha, no one
  15. pls dont ask, they'll blow up at you.
  16. I have been seeing this everyone lately, what the flip does it mean?
  17. ... damn thats sad an eye for an eye.
  18. shh, why you gotta expose me like that. im a role model to some people here you know. ignore him @Asghar Ali Karbalai, this brother shouldn't even be talking, haha HE couldnt even solve my latent heat questions. so boo hoo
  19. Allah 3al thalim brother. Youre in my prayers.
  20. night sis, gtg too. I have exams that need 80 and 90s. byeee
  21. hahahahaha, I wish that was the reason! at least I would know what action to take. but nope, it isn't that. its the responsibilities within a household and toxic events that make you lose hope
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