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  1. sorry, should rephrase it, it is CHEESE, then tartar then softie.
  2. but youre not a demon, I dont think there ever has been a demon called softie and cheese and tartar.
  3. wa alaikum sellam! I dont think anyone hates you! I dont think Shias could possibly hate anyone that is another fellow shia. I certainly dont hate you! haha come on the chats later on and then we will talk to you
  4. I agree with you, I am grateful for growing here because its opened my heart and mind
  5. obviously saying this, I am grateful fo the system that provided my family and I a home, an education and support financially. No doubt about it, but no matter what, we dont fit in with this society.
  6. haha bro thats not what I mean, I mean Australia isn't our place, its not where muslims fit in. Its the truth. yes trust me I know that there are good people, there is good people in every place but the point is we just cannot fit in with a society that a leader of a democracy does not support us. Thats the thing, were not Aussies, I have been here since I was 1 or 2 and grown up here my whole life, but we just cannot fit in to this society. Its a reality. go outside and look around. Is this where muslims belong, in a society of drunkards, drug addicts, immodest clothing and pornography wherever you go. Obviously not all Australians, but the majority. I went to high school where girls got pregnant and had abortions, took drugs etc. Its just not the place for us.
  7. in sha Allah khair brother, keep up your hopes, and trust me theres a lot of good modest women out there! just look harder
  8. whats there to think anymore?! This is just great, now the Prime Minister has something against us. To be honest, we do not belong here and this isn't our home whether we like it or not! Whether we were born here or not, we dont fit in with these types of societies. You might agree to disagree but y'all its the truth! Whether you like it or not, you are not Australian! This is is not your country! Us muslims in general do not belong with these types of societies. With these types of people, we are continuously being targeted and marginalised! Therefore this is not our home! Were only living here because of a piece of paper that says that we are citizens. I always teach my siblings which were all born here that they're not Australians, whether they agree or not, they are not Australians, it will always go back to your genetics. We only came here to be safe from the wars of our own countries, now nowhere seems to be safe anymore for muslims. This is just disheartening and frustrating to no end!
  9. I actually read this whole thing . mashallah, I completely agree with you! Thats why I say I am so ready for the imam to come, because its a new horizon, a difficult one, but its one that we were born to do as Shias, followers of mohamad saws and his ahlul bayt. I strive for this! jazakallah for the write up, it was amazinggg!
  10. haha thats not true brother, I admire your efforts in finding that one perfect modest woman of your dreams, and you can still do that but maybe try to open your mind and your horizons, if you find a woman with all good qualities, you should maybe try and teach her more the bigger aspect and concept of modesty, that way you can gain good deeds and you made a your potential wife a better person, really theres no loss. there is still khair in this world, although its sometimes hard to find, but there is. In sha Allah you can find someone who will bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in her. Its qismah wa naseeb at the end of the day!
  11. Tamam brother, you can still do that! but always be hopeful and happy, In sha Allah time will pass by like a click of the finger and before you realise it, youre all fine and youre working by the will of Allah, and we will all congratulate you. I actually like the fact that you want to hold responsibility, that shows respect. Maybe until that time that you commence with the marriage, you could remain engaged and build your relationship with each other, see if there is understanding and trust and mutuality. But all in all, khair in sha Allah will come to you.
  12. Brother, always always have hope! Allah is with you. Trust me, If she is genuine which I pray she is and if she has good faith, then she will be confident with living in happiness with you, living through the thick and thin!
  13. wallsallam brother. Ask Allah swt for guidance in this situation. And always have hope. If you have spoken to the girl about your disorder and she I willing to be there by your side though thick and thin then go for it, it may even help you with dealing with you illness. A Girl I met no too long ago is married to a man with over compulsive and severe anger disorders, where sometimes he has panic atacks as symptoms and depression, and mashallah she has learnt to deal with that situation because she "knew deep inside with Allahs will and guidance that she can live with this" her words not mine. They fit each other, because she's a calm and collected person and doesn't get angry and is really positive, she took out the better in him and over time, his symptoms became less and less. Thing is, they were both attracted to each other in their faith and personality wise. And she had accepted and consented to living with him and being his wife. So speak to her about it and continue to ask Allah for guidance. REMEMBER, if its naseeb, it will happen regardless. I will pray for you!
  14. Allahu 3alam! but ya Asghar we can only assume. Who is 'they'? and do they even have the knowledge to make such assumptions. Only Allah knows, but Imam as would come to save this world right now! wallahi, I cannot give a statement that I lack knowledge in but in sha Allah, I will do my own research when I get the time needed and look further into this of the hadiths of Ahlul bayt.
  15. it was a silly child dream to fight with imam mahdi and it wasn't karate haha it was fencing. when I used to watch the battles of karbala in the movie of hussein, I used to dream about fighting with a sword like that. maybe not battles, but we can fight using our knowledge and we can fight using our faith, with our duas, and with our education, we can fight like sayedda Zainab did when she spoke against yazeed. that is a battle in itself too! Hazrat Zainab’s role is a wake-up call for those who feel that women are fit only for domestic chores and nothing beyond the confines of a house. She always used her voice to fight for what was right and to expose yazeed.
  16. We will have no chance of victory with swords. Saudi Arabia, America, lols even Iran use missiles and nuclear bombs, you think we can fight that with swords?
  17. we can do a lot if we have education. for example, nurses will take care of the injured. Teachers will teach kids on what is happening in that time. Doctors will give medical knowledge. Quite a lot actually, they will have a lot of responsibilities. and actually, theres a Hadith that said 50 women will be of the highest presence by the imam AS side. ill find it and post it here. some will uh no thats not true, what swords? Like you said its 2018! And this generation is all about technology! Every time is to its time. Imam Ali as said that every generation will continue to move forward, nothing will go back to the way it was, ill find that hadeeth too and post it.
  18. I pray to Allah set that he blesses me with the strength and honour to be alive until imam zamanana AS comes and I can be of good, whether it is to use my education or to help guide others to the path of the rightful. god forbid I be in that position but if I was, then there is no dead end but to be among his people in sha Allah. I will fight and pray day and night that I would never leave imam AS side.
  19. yeah bro, shows you are genuine and thoughtful aye? I puked on my exam today, and now you make me do physics
  20. Not to be so naive, and be a little harsh, im way too kind, and people used it to their advantage. But, I wouldn't change anything else, not even the negatives because it makes us who we are and no one is perfect and no one is meant to be.
  21. uhm uhm. I got this. This a piece of cake! But brother, please, why you do the to me? I thought I got rid of physics, it still haunts me, and now you tag me in this... this... outrageous nightmare. anyways, Allah guide you brother and forgive you for your shortcomings damn, when I read that though, I was like hallah hallah, im still a role model! Sellam brother, okay listen yeah, after too many mistakes and finally a right answer ill explain it to you in the simplest form possible. its asking you to find an estimate of the photons emitted by a light bulb with a voltage of 65W in one minute, ONE minute. now the side note is that its telling us the light bulb converts a percentage of 2.2 electric wise. therefore, just multiply the voltage by the percentage to get the 2.2/100 * 65 to get 1.43 w now you need to find the energy of a single photon which is just hc/lambda of the visible colour which is yellow didn't know what the lambda was so had to do a little research... I still cant believe youre making me do this! my research says that the lambda for yellow light is 550! Wavelengths of the visible region of the spectrum range from 700 nm for red light to 400 nm for violet light. red 700 nm orange 630 yellow 550 green 500 blue 450 violet 400 Photons - bundles of electromagnetic energy In his research on the radiation from a hot (black) body, Max. Planck made a simple proposal. He suggested that light consists of photons. The energy, E, of each individual photon of a monochromatic light wave, is proportional to the frequency, n, of the light: where h (= 6.626*10-34 J s) 29,979,245,800 cm/sec (3 x 1010 approx) = C which is speed of light.
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