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  1. sellam hun! many of what you mentioned are false or maybe its just that from your experiences, you have led to believe these misconceptions. treating a child harshly in all forms or types whether be it physical or emotional, is wrong! and that is only what the arab culture has brought in to the muslim society. listen hun, the best thing to do and in which I did myself (sure did help me a lot!) is read narrations of the prophets and the imams and find your answers from there. Dont base it on your personal experiences or what this marja says or what you see and feel. you can't understand it because there is no logic behind it when you explained it the way you did, which is understandable coming from the point of view you have, however once again, they're purely misconceptions. Good luck hun! if you need any help, you can message me.
  2. I actually had a very similar dream very early this year and I was very afraid. I refused to talk about it and knew that it meant something. but I gave in sadaqa and alhamdulilah nothing as bad as I imagined or felt had happened. so don't worry too much and just have trust and faith in Allah that everything will happen the way it should.
  3. hmm you never know? Maybe the girl would like to live with her potential in laws? or at least in a nearby house...
  4. uhhhhh???????????????????? bro, you can't just ask something like that without any valid interpretation. explain...?
  5. thats so bad for your health man, take it easy.
  6. Why is this even a topic
  7. Sellam sister, if you're able to, can you pls message me privately! would be great thnx!

    1. Miss Wonderful

      Miss Wonderful

       Wa Salam wr wb , I have sent you a private mail  sister. :)

  8. Someone that you love deeply, care for intensely, show compassion, listen carefully to them, etc. I get what notme means.
  9. Unfortunately that is true. However I don’t agree when you say that there’s a few good people out there. Trust me, a lot of people are good out there, but they’re just weak spirited and don’t have enough self confidence. Its hard to find people that have those qualities of steadfast faith and self confidence. And for the external appearances, I disagree with that as well. When you love someone, the brain automatically erases all their flaws and you can only see the beauty of their inner self. Those that go for external appearances will find it hard to trust and love again.
  10. Ameen. Allah bless you and your family. Keep me in your dua too. I want to succeed in university for my exams coming up. Also will be taking the GAMSAT in March and I want to pass it first time round!
  11. Well, I don’t think it makes much difference unless you got distracted from your prayer that you forgot which sajdah you’re on. But if your intention is still in its place and you just wanted the object to stop distracting you then that’s fine.
  12. please please make due for me. I am an 18 year old woman and I want Allah to bless me with a spouse that will love me and care for me truly and is intelligent and a marriage that my parents will agree to . also please make due that I succeed in becoming a successful doctor for the love of saving others life.
  13. what is meant I think is that mental illness should be spoken about as many users would consider themselves depressed, etc.
  14. Wallah you are right. Jazakallah khair. And ameeeeeeen
  15. Jazakallah khair. Thank you so much for telling me to read the Quran. I read the Quran to sleep and made dua to be in the right way and alhamdulilah I was blessed with a dream of the prophet telling me I am on the right path of shia. Jazak Allah khair!
  16. Thank You so much. Alhamdulilah. I have been guided. Jazak Allah khair. I am shia and proud
  17. Sallam! You must read nahjul balagha! It will give you such wonderment
  18. Wahhabis come under the sect of Sunnism so pls me at your own historical references. Shias are very very very different from wahhabis and alhamdulilah we are on the right path. I wonder why Sunnis are ignorant to the evidence by their own Sunni books and hadiths that specify that shiasm is the correct path. I am saying this with sincerity. Pls don't take offense to my comment.
  19. Assalamu alaikum. I am overcome with stress and confusion. I am a shia woman born to shia parents. Lately, there has been a lot of stress on my shoulders and we have flags of imam Hussain around our house. I sat on the sofa and stared at one of the flags and I thought, 'why do we mourn your death when you knew you were going to jannah?' And 'I wish I was in your place, I would see all my family die in front of my own eyes and know that they are going back to their lord, Allah swt and that Allah is satisfied with me.' I believe that we have the biggest test in this century. It' such a burden to not know if what sins we commit unintentionally. Please do not judge me for my thoughts. But I want to be guided and I ask Allah for this guidance to the right path and to get clear answers. But please give me an answer. Aren't what I am thinking correct? I am very confused.
  20. Sallam. No offense but you could be a bit polite about your response. This brother is new and doesn't know much. So instead of your sarcastic remarks, pls advice the brother and help him. Obviously you don't have much understanding of mental illness. It is hard to pull yourself back up so easily, So pls just be careful of what you say. Wa alsallam
  21. Ameen brother. Pls pray for my dreams to become true.
  22. Thank you. Does it not mean anything at all. It was quite a strange dream. As I never thought about it or anything. And in the dream it felt strange. All I could hear was the waves and chirps of bird? And subhanallah this morning after I woke up at 7. 15 I went back to sleep. And I dreamt of my family and I going on a trip. This trips destination was karbala. It didn't look the same. And as the car was driving through, there was a boy I have never seen before. And he looked my age and we stared at each other. He called to his mum who was sitting next to him and said she is the one. I lowered my gaze. My dad was helping out with the cooking for the majlis and I was taking care of my siblings. Then we gather around in a room which was in karbala or in Iraq and I would ask them questions and he answered yes to both questions. I get quite religious or meaningful dreams alhamdulilah. But I never know what they mean.
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