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  1. Ruqaya101

    Older and younger sisters

    Let’s be honest. For some reason, conservative ideas get thrown around in society way more often then we would appreciate. And for whatever it’s worth, the older sisters and aunties seem to like the “authority” they have being the elder. I hope for my sake and others that when I become a mother and aunty, I won’t abuse my authority to make assumptions neither make senseless judgement that spreads toxicity through a clean and pure environment such as Islam. We should learn and discipline, teach to judge ourselves before we judge others. We should learn and teach ourselves to place ourselves in others shoes and see through their struggles. We should bear each other’s struggles and pain as if it’s our own. Not to judge and not to comment when it’s not going to be of any use or help or support to ourselves or others. Mae should always learn to speak good and spread good. That kindness should be instilled within our hearts. I think it’s time that we should come forward with love and appreciation and apologise to whoever we have wronged, been judgemental to, been harsh to and to let bygones be bygones. Life is so so so short... let us leave a positive message and rememberance in the hearts of one another... let us remember each other for the kindness and passion of our religion. Let us remember each other for the respect we give and take. Let us remember each other for the prayers we give. Thank you brother @Sumerian.
  2. Ruqaya101

    Freedom of opinion

    You’re very true in what you say @2Timeless, it’s very unfortunate that hurtful and rude comments and statements are said so freely and openly. May Allah guide us all. To the sisters and brothers and they know themselves, I advise that next time you make comments... ask yourself if it’s necessary and whether it will be of any help to you or to others. Is it beneficial in the smallest way? Our words hold power, much more stronger than the pen and the sword. Be wise in what you say.
  3. Ruqaya101

    Nahjul Balagha

    Sermon 11 The first sentence is this: “Mountains May move from their position, but you should not move from yours” ( this is talking about that mountains move by continental drift of continents and natural disasters) I heard this somewhere. that the sentences of the sermons all represent a scientific aspect of the Earth and the skies and what is in between. another one is sermon 72 “ My God, the spreader of the surfaces and keeper of the skies...” He is talking about the tectonic plates and how it seperates on the surface. And generally, apparently the skies refers to the seven layers of the Earth. I may be wrong because I remember this only from what I heard and understood. Btw it is hidden knowledge yet many scholars still try to find the scientific knowledge within them and make estimates of what it could mean.
  4. Ruqaya101

    Sexist adverts

    At the end of the day, no matter what commercial is made and no matter what progress there is in the feminist aspect of the world, a patriarchal society will always exist in terms of this day and age. Women will be continued to be objectified and portrayed as inferior as seen in magazines, tv shows, commercials, etc. and men, regardless of how they’re “attacked” in these feministic views, will always be conveyed as more superior and the objectifior and it is displayed almost everywhere around us. Gilletes pointless aim to create and construct her idea or opinion of men and masculinity really makes me ponder that she may really believe something will change... strange. I mean, do not misunderstand me, maybe one or two or even a hundred people could agree with her, but all in all, mysogyny exists, patriarchy takes over, and women are “created to be objectified”. That’s the way it’s been and that’s the way it will stay. That is speaking generally from the point of view of the west.
  5. Ruqaya101

    Necessity of hijab

    I was being completely honest and I’m curious to know as to why you think otherwise. Why should I be bothered to advise. It doesn’t benefit me as much as it should to you. I hadn’t said anything wrong. Just be careful when you say certain statements, as I’ve said before, make sure it provides a benefit to yourself and to others otherwise it’s best not to say anything. I wasn’t saying it to mock you at all, but you seem to think I’m silencing you. Anyhow, Allah guide us all.
  6. Ruqaya101

    Necessity of hijab

    Btw, there’s something called tagging on here. You just click on the @ sign and then enter a name. It helps notify the other person.... unless you don’t want them to reply back that is?
  7. Ruqaya101

    Necessity of hijab

    I’m seeking for you to figuring it out to what I’m seeking. Come on, it’s not that hard sister. Put a little initiative. I’ve clearly told you to stop commenting useless statements that provide no benefit not to yourself and most certainly not to others. Take it or leave it
  8. Ruqaya101

    Necessity of hijab

    I have all the background information I need. That in itself does not contradict any of what I have said. I am not telling you to stay silent... why is it that you are so adamant that I am silencing you? Hmm anyhow, I am merely advising you as a sister that you shouldn’t say anything that provides no benefit. You either take my advice or you leave it, that of course is up to you. But as long as I am here, I will do my role as your beloved sister and with the most utmost respect to help out in any way. have a blessed day.
  9. Ruqaya101

    Necessity of hijab

    Sellam. I’m not exactly sure who you are referring to, neither does it concern me to know but I’m curious to know what the point or benefit of your bringing up the change of demeanour of another person besides yourself. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) taught us to “judge ourselves before we can judge others” and you need to understand that this does not just centre around one judgement, so you might respond to me and say “well sister I have observed and judged myself in the case of “change of demeanor” and I have not changed. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) is not subjecting this statement to just one specific judgement but to all. If the sister yet was “once upon a time” a respected one then I’m sure she still is. And this goes out to all who have “changed their demeanor”. of course, depending on their words and their actions, we cannot alone trust the “written and saved”. That’s is wrong and if it were right then I’m sure many miscarriage of justice would have taken place in the court and the law system would have failed completely. Even when actions are considered and observed and portrays a “change of demeanor”, sometimes a miscarriage of justice also takes place. My point is, that we cannot ever judge someone, especially in just “writing” and online. You as a human yourself could never come to the concept of judgement when you alone know that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is the all hearing and all seeing and He knows what is hidden in our hearts. Let us assume that you’re right and the sister did change in whatever way you mean, that does not lessen her respect And if it did we cannot judge nonetheless. We are humans and we make mistakes intentional and unintentional. Just like the respected sister “changed her demeanor” then I’m sure it’s only for her best. And I’m sure her respect and dignity is still within its place regardless of what was written and saved. Your words too can be used against you, I do remember you telling me and I quote “ that you may not always like what others will say” and that everyone has their own opinions. That sister, whoever she may be, had or has her own respected views. Even if you are right in what you say and whatever the sister said was considered wrong or is disliked then it’s best for us to advice as the Prophet saws taught us to rather than comment. We should always and I’m not subjecting this to “you should always” because I’m sure a lot of us here need to remind ourselves. We should always remember to say good rather than say something that provides no benefit to yourself or to others. even if you’re going to respond back and say “ I was just trying to prove or make a point”. Still doesn’t matter. You always aim to say something that benefits yourself and others and if not then best not to say anything at all. @2timeless tatlim benim in terms of your thread, the western society doesn’t demand a safe place for us to dress the way the women of Ahlul Bayt did however it is best for us to dress modestly the best way we can. Either a simple abaya or long skirt and cardigans etc. simplicity at its best.
  10. Ruqaya101


    Habibti inti. Galbi. Allah guide our parents and guide us all.
  11. Ruqaya101

    Your personality type

    Personality type: “The Campaigner” (ENFP-T)Individual traits: Extraverted – 67%, Intuitive – 66%, Feeling – 53%, Prospecting – 53%, Turbulent – 51%Role: DiplomatStrategy: Social Engagement
  12. Ruqaya101

    Apple juice vs orange juice

  13. Ruqaya101

    Types of Shiachat Users Part 2

    nah @Sumerian, he is The Instigator of the Transition Cycle
  14. Ruqaya101

    Types of Shiachat Users Part 2

    thats me!!!
  15. Ruqaya101

    Hey Everyone

    I should get paid lol