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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is Urdu and google Kaho ya Ali madad, this is the repeated part of the song and you can google singer and album name easily As for translation - sorry I don't know a word of Urdu, maybe someone else can help you here.
  2. Hope the current Iranian regime gets overthrown and new Iran teams up with Israel and USA to stop Nasibi menace. P.S. And no this is no joke and I do not love Israel I just realize all those nawasib Arabs are worse and I cannot stand Shias signing up for their problems. The best opinion I heard from a casual Sunni about Shiites (those who have no clue about the whole term Shia aside) was like this: Shia believes are repugnant but I still admit they do a good job for Palestine. Now I urge anyone to explain why these people are better/closer than jews and why Iranians should take care of those who literally hate them? Well, apart from they are called Mohammad/Ali/Hassan etc. If I were an Iranian I would protest against this as well.
  3. Some people who have internet access develop an addiction, for example, to browse social media which is not productive nor healthy. Basically anything can be harmful if there is exaggeration about it. Any evidence its amount is anyhow different than the one produced during usual sexual intercurse? I always thought masturbation is rather human habit, as well as porne adiction. If you don't want to be "like animals" you must avoid sex as well. I am not advocating or vouching for (male) masturbation, it is haram which is the main reason to avoid it.
  4. I don't have a proof either of them is an agent and that's why I added "most likely". But both of them do their best to create disunity amongst Shias and their followers post vile insults about many respected scholars and Ayatollahs including Ayatollah Khomaini. Many anti-shia groups use speeches and videos of Yasser habib to create very negative view of Shiism and provoke hatred against Shias. I can easily imagine some sunni wishing to go for """jihad""" against Shias after watching this "Sheikh" and that is what this guy does in reality - he creates fitnah and disunity within Shia community and makes sunnies hate us. When someone is adding RA after abu bakr's name it is another story and, unless done within Taqea, it is not acceptable for a Shia (in my opinion of course).
  5. Solely because of social stereotypes which are in no way connected with Islam, at least with Jafari Madhhab
  6. From what I know, this guy is (most likely) an agent, just like Yasser Habib. Both spread fitnah and curse ayatollahs. Their followers also do takfir against most Shias. They are exposed since many years now, so it is weird you got to know about his activities only recently
  7. This is deeply wrong. No and you'd better consult your Marja` if you have any doubt. All of them do not deem this as haram or Makruh, but again you can refer to any respected Marja` or Ayatollah rather than to a forum post. And if someone says this is Haram or hateful please challenge to back up their statement with any respected Marja` ruling.
  8. This is because being one of 12 Imams automatically means to be a Sayyed hence it is simply irrelevant to add this title.
  9. Being sufi doesn't automatically mean to be sunni. Yes most of them are, but there exist some Shia tarikah and at least one of them is based in Iran. I am not implying Ayatullah Bahjat was its part though, just being suffi doesn't mean something bad.
  10. No, only that some people think so and if the situation in question was for real the syed-non-syed problem would indeed be brought up.
  11. Isn't it the same person who pretended to be a pakistani man whose elder syster refused to attend Imamburgah few days ago? Sorry if I am wrong but the story looks almost same. Sadly that's what matters in reality.
  12. Haha that's not a problem because for every girl (Shia or not) there is a big competition.
  13. With more than 90% voting for independence? No I haven't. Which shows only that currently Iraqi army with their allies is more capable than Peshmerga. The reality is that during last 50 years Kurds in Iraq were slaughtered by arabs (Saddam, ISIS and now the government) so I cannot think of a single reason why would they want to stay under their rule. Same goes for Sunni and Shia, they won't stand each other since everyone has a family member or close friend who was killed either by Saddam or during ISIS war which is not even over Yea that's a great idea but what to due with all those sunnis (like 35% of the population). Of course Iran is vouching for united Iraq since we've already seen what its Sunni part will become after the split (e.g. ISIS).
  14. Wa alaikum as-salam Why not? I am sure there are descendants of Imam Hussain (as) who are not even Muslims and don't know about it. Allah knows best, but most of the time such claims are pure speculations. And one can see Imam Ali (as) in their dream because they just thought about him so it is not necessary caused by a divine Intervention Just for the same reasons anyone else is not Shia.
  15. I am not Iraqi, but from my point of view the only way is to divide it which is already happening. there is no way to make kurds ditch their dream of independence neither for shia-sunni unity.
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