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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why you disliked your merriage so much?
  2. in bible jesus himself said son of man has come to find the lost and has come to free them, until son of man doesnot get up from dead, people will see son of man on clouds, you dont know the time when son of man will come, son of man will be betread will be crucified and, on arriving jeroselum those with jesus said this is jesus the prohet from nazarath and galalee @Mishael
  3. It doesn't say bats are the only creatures, sermon 154 says Praise be to Allah who is such that it is not possible to describe the reality of knowledge about Him, since His greatness has restrained the intellects, and therefore they cannot find the way to approach the extremity of His realm. He is Allah, the True, the Manifester of Truth. He is more True and more Manifest than eyes can see. Intellects cannot comprehend Him by fixing limits for Him since in that case to Him would be attributed shape. Imagination cannot catch Him by fixing quantities for Him for in that case to Him would be attributed body. He created creatures without any example, and without the advice of a counsel, or the assistance of a helper. His creation was completed by His command, and bowed to His obedience. It responded (to Him) and did not defy (Him). It obeyed and did not resist. An example of His delicate production, wonderful creation and deep sagacity which He has shown us is found in these bats which keep hidden in the daylight although daylight reveals everything else, and are mobile in the night although the night shuts up every other living being; and how their eyes get dazzled and cannot make use of the light of the sun so as to be guided in their movements and so as to reach their known places through the direction provided by the sun. Allah has prevented them from moving in the brightness of the sun and confined them to their places of hiding instead of going out at the time of its shining. Consequently they keep their eyelids down in the day and treat night as a lamp and go with its help in search of their livelihood. The darkness of night does not obstruct their sight nor does the gloom of darkness prevent them from movement. As soon as the sun removes its veil and the light of morning appears, and the rays of its light enter upon the lizards in their holes, the bats pull down their eyelids on their eyes and live on what they had collected in the darkness of the night. Glorified is He who has made the night as day for them to seek livelihood and made the day for rest and stay. He has given them wings of flesh with which, at the time of need they rise upwards for flying. They look like the ends of ears without feathers or bones. Of course, you can see the veins quite distinctly. They have two wings which are neither too thin so that they get turned in flying, nor too thick so that they prove heavy. When they fly, their young ones hold on to them and seek refuge with them, getting down when they get down and rising up when they rise. The young does not leave them till its limbs become strong, its wings can support it for rising up, and it begins to recognise its places of living and its interest. Glorified is He who creates everything without any previous sample by someone else.
  4. I don't know much about science, seeing the changes now we should have evolved into something else
  5. How could the writers of Genesis know? Evolution was totally unknown to them. Only a few years ago human existence was known to be 200.000 years old. Findings this very year, changed the figure to 300.000. But god knows he has revealed genesis
  6. Jew asked questions from Imam Ali as Imam Ali (a.s.) was always available when the three kholafa sought his advice on religious matters. His position as the jurist was on the top of the list among the companions of the Holy Prophet (saw). Umar Ibne Khattab the 2nd Caliph had given clear instructions that when Ali was present in the mosque of the Prophet no one should take precedence over him in answering questions on religious matters. In one such encounter during the time of the 2nd Caliph, a group of Jewish scholars approached the caliph and said, “We have a few questions. If we get the answers to these questions correctly, we will accept the Islamic faith. “Ask whatever you want to ask,” said the caliph. They asked the following questions: Who was the messenger who was neither of the human nor of the Jinn and who warned his people? Which are the 5 beings who were created without ! the aid of ovaries? What are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve? The caliph thought over these questions for a time, then said, “I do not know the answers to these questions. I will take you to a man who is most knowledgeable in the commandments of Allah and the Holy Prophet and the greatest among us. The caliph then brought the Jewish scholars to Ali (a.s.). They asked the same questions to him. Ali (a.s.) answered thus: The messenger who warned his people is the ant who, when Solomon’s army was passing by, said to his people, ” Enter your houses so that the army may not stamp you out (without intention)”. So Allah states in the Holy Qur’an, ” Until they came to the valley of the Ants, said an ant (addressing the other ants of the valley) O” you ants’ enter into! your dwellings, so that Solomon and his hosts may not crush you while they know it not”. (Sura An-Naml. V 18) The five beings who were not born of ovaries are: Adam, Eve, the staff of Moses which used to change into a python, the camel of Saleh, and the sheep of Ibrahim (which was sent by Allah to become a ransom of the life of Ibrahim’s son Ismael). One is Allah who has no partners, two are Adam and Eve, three are the substances ( i.e. non-living matter, plants and animals), four are the Heavenly books: Torah of Moses, Bible of Jesus, Zubur of Dawood and the Qur’an of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw). Five are the daily prayers. Six are the days of creation of the heavens and earth, as per the verse of the Qur’an: ” And indeed We created the heavens and the earth and what is between them two, in six periods and touched us not any fatigue.” (Sura Qaf V. 38). Seven are the seven heavens, in the light of the Qur’anic Verse: ” And we have erected above you the seven strong ones.” (Sura An-Naba V12) Eight are those angels who bear the heavens, as per the Qur’anic Verse: ” And the angels shall be on the side of it; and above them shall bear that day `Arsh’ (the throne of authority). of your Lord, eight of them (Sura Al-Haaqqah. V.17) Nine are the nine signs given to Moses as stated by God: “And indeed we gave Moses nine clear signs (miracles); so ask the children of Israel when he came to them, Pharaoh said to him; “Verily I deem you O’ Moses one bewitched. “(Sura Bani Israel, V 101). Ten are the ten days, i.e. God had promised Moses that he would stay on the mountain of Toor for thirty days, and later added ten more days to this duration, as it is stated in the Qur’an.” And we made an appointment with Moses for thirty nights and completed it with ten more;” Thus was completed the term of his Lord, forty nights, and (before he went up) Moses said to his brother Aaron: You take my place among my people, act rightly and follow not the path of the mischief-makers.” (Sura Al-A’araf. V.142). Eleven are the brothers of Joseph, son of Jacob, as the Qur’an states, “When said Joseph to his father, O’ my father; Verily I did see (dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon,, I saw them all prostrating to me.” (Sura Yousuf. V.4). Twelve are the Twelve water-springs manifested by the staff of Moses, as God states, ” And (remember) when Moses sought water for his people; said We, `Strike the rock with your staff’ Then gushed out therefrom twelve springs; each people knew their drinking place; “Eat and drink from God’s provision, and commit not evil in the earth acting mischievously. “(Sura Al Baqarah V60). When the Jewish scholars heard the replies of Hadhrat Ali (a.s.) they said, “We bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad (saw) is His Messenger and Ali (a.s.) is the “Wasi” and successor of the Messenger of Allah as Aaron was the Wasi of Moses. They all embraced Islam, went back to their tribe and converted all of them to Islam.
  7. Imam Ali as said Hadrat Masih (`a) laid his head on a stone, put on dress made of coarse material, took tough food. His main diet was hunger, at night the moon provided him only light; during winter he slept under the sun at times when it shone or set down; his fruit and vegetable was none other than what the earth grows for animals. He neither had wife that could instigate him to do follies nor did have a child that could make him sorrowful with concern; nor had any property which might have taken away from him; nor had he any kind of greed (for worldly things) that could cause him humiliation. He had no means of moving except his own feet, his servants were his own hands.” On another occasion, addressing one of his companions, Nuf Bukali, Hadrat `Ali (`a), says: “Blessing be on those pious persons who have turned away from the worldly attachments like Christ.”
  8. Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Ya'qub has narrated from Ali ibn Ibrahim ibn Hashim from his father, from al-Hassan ibn Ibrahim from Yunus ibn 'Abd al-Rahman from Ali ibn Mansur who narrated the following. "Hisham ibn al-Hakam has reported that in Egypt there lived a heretic who had heard about Imam abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) a great deal. He traveled to Madina to debate the Imam but he missed to find the Imam therein. He was told that the Imam has traveled to the city of Makkah. He then left for Makkah and we were with the Imam (a.s.) when we came across him during our performing Tawaf (the seven times walking around the Ka'bah). The man's name was 'Abdul Malik also called abu 'Abdallah as his Kunyah in Arabic. He touched Imam abu 'Abdallah' s shoulder with his shoulder as he walked along. The Imam asked him, "What is your name?" It is 'Abdul Malik (meaning slave of the King)." The man replied. "What is your Kunyah?" The Imam (a.s.) asked. "It is abu 'Abdallah (meaning father of slave of Allah)." He replied. The Imam then asked, "Who is this king whose slave you are? Is he of the earthly kings or of the heavenly ones? Tell us about your son. Is he a slave of the Lord of the heavens or a slave of the Lord of the earth? Say whatever you may it will be against you." Hisham has said that I asked him (the heretic man), "Why do you not answer?" The man seemed to dislike my words. The Imam (a.s.) then told him, "Meet us when we finish our Tawaf (walking around the Ka'bah)." The heretic man came to the Imam (a.s) later and sat in front of the Imam (a.s.) and we were all gathered around him. The Imam (a.s.) then asked him, "Do you know that the earth has an underside and an upperside?" The man replied, "Yes, I know it." The Imam then asked, "Have you gone in the underside of the earth?" The man replied, "No, I have not gone there." The Imam (a.s.) then asked, "Do you know what is therein?" He said, "I do not know but I guess there is nothing therein." The Imam (a.s.) then said, "Guessing is weakness. Why do you not acquire certainty?" The Imam (a.s.) then asked, "Have you climbed up into the sky?" The man replied, "No, I have not done so." The Imam (a.s.) then asked, "Do you know what is up there?" He replied, "No, I do not know." The Imam (a.s.) said, "It is very strange. Without reaching the East or West, without going under the earth or climbing up the sky and not even have crossed anything to know what is behind you deny what is in them. Does any man of reason deny what he does not know?" The heretic man then said, "No one has ever come up with such statements to me as you have." The Imam (a.s.) then said, "So you are uncertain about Him. Perhaps He is or may be He does not exist." The heretic man then said, "Perhaps He is." The Imam then said, "O man, one who does not know has no authority over the one who knows. O Egyptian brethren, listen carefully. We have no doubts in the existence of Allah (God). Think about the sun, the moon, the day and the nights follow each other and do not miss their turns or become confused. They each have its place and do not have any choice. If they had any other choice they would not come back again. If they had a choice the day would not end with night and the night would not end in the day. They are forced to continue, O Egyptian brethren, I swear by Allah (God). The One who has forced them is stronger then them and greater. What people speak of and you guess it is (dahr) motionless time if it was so, then when it would take them away it would not return them and if time have returned them then why it is not taking them away? These things, O Egyptian brethren, are compelled. Why the sky is up high and why the earth is low? Why the sky does not fall down on earth? Why the earth does not flow one layer over the other and the two do not stick to each other and why those on it do not stick to it?" The man then said, "God their Lord has made them to hold together." Hisham has said, "He professed belief in God in the presence of Imam abu 'Abdallah (a.s.)." "Humran then said to the Imam, "May Allah take my soul in service for your cause, if heretics profess belief in Allah (God) before you it is because the unbelievers converted to faith because of your father." The man who had just professed belief in Allah requested Imam abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) to allow him to become one of his students. The Imam then asked Hisham to teach him. Hisham taught him well and he became a teacher for the people in Syria and Egypt. His purification was very well and the Imam (a.s.) became happy with him."
  9. can Jesus be GOD Almighty in the light of the following verses? If Jesus was GOD, then why in Matthew 24:36 Jesus said "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Jesus told his followers that no one (including Jesus) knows when the judgment day will come, only GOD knows? If Jesus was GOD, then why in Mark 12:29 Jesus said "Here, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord." The words "our God" indicate that Jesus had a higher God over him, a stronger God than him. Jesus didn't say "Your God". He said "our God" which includes Jesus as the creation of GOD. If Jesus was GOD, then why in Mark 10:18 Jesus said “And Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.”? Also in Luke 18:19 Jesus said only GOD Almighty is Good: ""Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good—except God alone."
  10. Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from Muhammad ibn Ishaq al-Khaffaf or from his father from Muhammad ibn Ishaq who has said the following. ''Abdallah al-Daysani asked Hisham ibn al-Hakam, 'Do you have a God?'" He replied, "Yes, I have a God." He then asked, "Is He powerful?" Hisham then replied, "Yes, He is powerful and the most powerful One." The man then asked, "Can He fit the whole world inside an egg without any change in the size of either one?" Hisham then said, "Give me a little time." The man said, "I give you one whole year and he left." Hisham then went to see Imam abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) for an Answer. After asking permission that he was granted Hisham explained, "Al-Daysani asked me a question today and I see no one except Allah and yourself to answer it." The Imam then asked, "What is the question?" Hisham restated the question that al-Daysani had asked. The Imam then said, "O Hisham, how many are your senses?" He replied, "They are five." The Imam then asked, "Which one is the smallest?" He replied, "The seeing sense." The Imam then asked, "How big is its size?" He replied, "It is about the size of the pupil or smaller." The Imam then said, "O Hisham, look in front of you and above you and then tell me what you have seen." Hisham then replied, "I can see the sky, the earth, the houses, the buildings, the land, the mountains and the water canals." The Imam then said, "The One who has been able to fit all that you can see in a pupil or even a smaller thing is also able to fit the whole world in side an egg without any change in the size of any one of them. Hisham bowed down and kissed the feet, the hands and the head of the Imam (a.s.) saying, "This is enough for me O descendant of the holy Prophet and then left for his home. The next day al-Daysani met him and said, "I have come just to say greetings to you and not for an answer to my question" Hisham then said, "Even if you may have come for an answer it is ready." Al-Daysani then left to meet Imam abu 'Abdallah (a.s.) and after asking permission for a meeting which was granted he sat down and said, "O Ja'far ibn Muhammad, "Guide me to my Lord." The Imam then asked, "What is your name?" He then left without answering the Imam and his people asked him, "Why did you not answer the Imam?" He replied, "Were I to tell him that it is 'Abdallah he would then ask that who is this Lord whose slave are you?" They then said, "Return to him and ask him to guide you to your Lord without asking your name." He then returned back to the Imam and asked, "O Ja'far ibn Muhammad, "Guide me to my Lord but do not ask my name." The Imam asked him to sit down. A young boy, son of the Imam was there playing with an egg in his hand and the Imam asked, "Fetch me the egg O young man. The boy gave the egg to the Imam who said, "O Daysani, this is a secure castle. It has a thicker outer shell and inside of it there is much finer shell inside of which there is liquid gold and flowing silver. The liquid gold does not mix with the flowing silver nor does the flowing silver mix the liquid gold. Such is its condition no expert comes out therefrom to find out what is beneficial to it to report back all about it nor any corrupting agent enters therein so that its problems would be reported. No one knows if it is created for a male or a female. It will burst out with colors of a peacock. Do you think there is someone to design and manage it? Al-Daysani thought quietly and said, "I testify that there is no god but Allah Who is the only Lord and has no partner. I testify that Muhammad (s.a) is His servant and messenger and that you are the Imam and an authority from Allah over his creatures and I repent because of previous beliefs."
  11. Adams pbuh was also born without a father, like you said earlier that he eat the forbidden fruit and made a mistake.If he was divine as you call Jesus some form of God how can he die on cross than? He should be eternal everlasting.
  12. How? He was given birth by a woman, he used to eat drink sleep like every body else?
  13. Abu hanifa asked imam musa kazim as from whom does disobedience (issue)? Does it issue from Allah or from the servant?" The Imam answered him, saying: "Either it issues from Allah and not from the servant at all, so Allah does not punish the servant for what he does not do; or it issues from the servant and Allah, and Allah is a stronger partner. Therefore, the stronger partner has no right to punish the weak for a sin in which they are equal; or it issues form the servant and not from Allah. So If He wills to pardon (him), (He will pardon him), and If He wills to punish (him), (He will punish him); and Allah is He whose help is sought."
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