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  1. Haha
    Kacho mehdi ali khan reacted to Armans Wife in Worldwide Shia Islamic Prayer Times   
    are u sure its shia? :unsure: cus i really dont think its shia, meaning you need to add +20minutes to each prayer times. Its a cool site though, I would be happy if anyone could tell me the shia one :angel:
    at least from this i know its not shia site.. lol
    lol.. that is what i called funny :lol:
  2. Sad
    Kacho mehdi ali khan reacted to Inquisitor in Poor Jokes - [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    I'm unsure if a topic especially for PJs exists, but I just went ahead and made one. Post your PJs here, if you will. I'll start :
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    New method of breaking up:
    A boyfriend threw 6 cricket balls at his girlfriend.
    GF: What was that?
    BF: It's over baby!
  3. Like
    Kacho mehdi ali khan reacted to Ali_Hussain in Poor Jokes - [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    I read a Jewish joke the other day (it went something along the lines of:)
    A rabbi and a taxi driver arrive at the gates of heaven, an angel comes to greet them and immediately ushers the taxi driver through the gates, leaving the rabbi waiting.
    This infuriates the rabbi, who says "How is it possible that he enters heaven before me, he is just a taxi driver, whilst I am a rabbi, a scholar of G-d's religion, I dedicated my life to Him!"
    The angel replies "You gave boring sermons, when you preached, you turned people away from G-d, whereas he was an erratic and dangerous driver, when passengers were in his car, they feared for their lives and prayed and remembered G-d a lot"
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