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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The problem here is that genius and intelligent people are always in doubt, whereas the fools are always overconfident.

    1. حسين


      Are they really geniuses if they worry about the thoughts of those who do not matter to them?

      Maybe the fools and geniuses in your status are actually the opposite of what you think.

    2. Hussaini1912


      yes geniuses are always in doubt , of every step they take, of every thing they do.Because they don’t take risk considering that this is genius, whereas on other hand fools always consider themselves genius and behave overconfidently every time.

  2. Because that feeling is just temporary you know.....
  3. I don't know why im laughing maybe just because I was curious at first like " what is this cool idea" but in the end..... okay so yeah it is a good idea.
  4. and our sports teacher said : " I have two daughters both are girls" AND I WAS LIKE: and he also asked us " Close the windows airforce is coming" and once we were having badminton match, and there was a confusion going on so the sports teacher and my friend were having a dialogue, I intervened and this is what he said to me: "I talk she talk why you middle talk?" He gave me the worst shutup call that anyone can give
  5. what made me laugh today was that my young brother was in the bathroom this morning before going to school and he had his test of learning the shapes. When I was passing infront of the bath room I heard him saying with so much force: Ceee-Aiiii-Arrrrr ( heavy breaths) Ceee- Elll- Eiiii C-I-r-c-l-e. I even imagined his red face man he was struggling so hard.
  6. and there was a song it was when I was small I used to listen with my father and sing together " oh I love you dadddyyy" I wont paste link here as it is an Islamic forum so........
  7. Okay , so when I did'nt knew about this story, I was suffering from such thoughts similar to those that victim had. So I thought that it was only me who had these thoughts. But when this story came up , I for a moment was shocked that these thoughts led him to do this. And I was having same similar thoughts and maybe I could have done the same thing? who knows I am a big procrastinator and an over thinker. But I read some articles and books like " Forty Rules Of Love" which changed my perspective and I used those thoughts constructively. However after hearing this incident I felt that what if
  8. Like once I shared with my parents that I cry that im not a ood Shia and how will I face Imam Ali((عليه السلام)). I was I guess 13 so my parents laughed and did not took it serious. That is when I realised this problem isnt taken serious in our society.
  9. Yeah this is the first time I also heard about it. However as he was a paki, and ik the society here so he might have faced some other difficulties as well such as bullying being degraded etc. However such psychological issues should be dealt thats what I beleive
  10. Yeah I think this matter should be taken seriously, I feel the same thing
  11. nope not this part. I understand what he was going through as I also went through such thoughts but as I mentioned I didnt went that severe
  12. This statement is offensive brother. The criteria you set here for the nation is quite ignorant to be honest. Ancestors of ones nation did both evil and good acts before hand. What would you say about the nation of Arabs? Their ancestors? tbvh just don’t point someone out like this as said by @Mahdavist no nation is superior to other.
  13. There are people who use to say me that they deserve to be in jahanum and they deserve the severe punishments. Even when something bad happens to them they just simply say that this is what I deserved, rather I deserved more than this.
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