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  1. yup I first thought that too. it was getting so irritating that I asked my father to change the light bulbs and look the voltage meter. Light bulbs were changed and voltage meter showed accurate. But still Light flickered, My fridge stabilizer also flickered enormously and suddenly cold temperature is noted by me and my family in house. It seems that someone is present but not evil or demonic just looking or noting me and my family.
  2. well its true that when your emotionally weak they try to attack you..my teacher once told me that she accidently went to graveyard where people of 1920s were buried mainly the deaths resulted in the riots before partition of Indain subcontinet. An entity followed her till her house it was a lady with two men and it used to come when she is about to sleep and said that she had been waiting for her and that she will take her daughter"s soul who was yet about to be born. It was for a year or two. She would experience someone hurting her and threatening her. Later her daughter was born and they came to house from hospital she saw those two men holding her and the lady taking her daughter away. She said that her mother heard cats meowing under her bed and that physically her daughter was with my teacher but my teacher was denying that and was continuosly saying that the lady is taking my daughter away. Her mother recited naad e Ali and the situation was in control.Later she used a particular type of stone named stone blue I guess along with garlic. she said that some entities are allergic to some particular things.
  3. creepy, maybe you should investigate your house, and exclude them out, it may cause you a serious problem. Even in my house I do feel someones presence I don't know does light fluctuates when any thing like that is in the house? I always put on the recitation of Surah Baqarah loud enough to be heard everywhere in house.May Allah save us all
  4. would you like to tell me those experiences... don’t mind
  5. I used to take isl where there I learned Sunni hadiths and quoted them
  6. Hussaini1912

    How to remove toxicity at our homes

    And consider reciting surah Muzammil ( literally it helps alot) and every morning ensure that surah Baqarah recitation must be heard everywhere. Leave youtube on and listen to recitation while doing your work, Maybe your mother would avoid shouting when she listens tilawat, and by the way it frees your house from magic shaitan etc...thats what we can do I guess as time passes making our parents old they get more irritated by the time
  7. Hussaini1912

    How to remove toxicity at our homes

    And one thing someone said to me is if you want that your parents understand you, understand them first ...... tho it didnt helped me
  8. Hussaini1912

    How to remove toxicity at our homes

    no you should nt maybe try talk to your mother about this when she is in good mood, just treat her according to her nature and do the same with your sister Inshallah everything will be fine
  9. Hussaini1912

    Is Shia and Sunni difference significant?

    ? wasnt this your question?
  10. Struggling against vain desires is  the price of Paradise - Imam Ali

  11. Hussaini1912

    How to remove toxicity at our homes

    COMPLETELY AGREEE but what I do is try to avoid two people of your family whom you think are likely to fight, and probably try to convince to go for an outing etc? when sometimes I by myself get emotionally stressed I stay away from my house or the person who did so? Thats what I do and this is my question as well . Thanks for asking it I also wanted to ask but felt reluctant.
  12. Hussaini1912

    Is Shia and Sunni difference significant?

    One who has grudge against Imam Ali ( God forbid)can never enter heaven its confirm. I have seen some Sunnis totally believing in Imam Ali and Imamah but they still call them selves Sunnis so yeah , thing is that reading Qur'an and being spirtual will atomatically make a person cry for Imam e Hussain. Allah guides His servant through dreams and I have listened many incidents related to this that Sunnis have converted to Shias., and by the way you may know that A Shia girl and Sunni man cannot marry each other according to Shiat? well its a very controversial topic.And plus How can a person attain salvation when he does not even believe in imamah or Imam mehdi even( yeah there are some people). Being free from sins and away from shaitan is different and being a true Momin A true Lover of Prophet and His ahly bait is different, then Please do consider that Yazid also used to pray? How can someone be self purified with a heart full of hatred for Imam Ali?
  13. Hussaini1912

    Your favourite national anthem?

    yup Pakistani national anthem gives birth to patriotism
  14. Hussaini1912

    Role of Buraq in mairaj

    So Prophet did not traveled further? Confused (sorry)
  15. Asalam u Alaikum , hope all are doing well. I was with my little curious brother , that suddenly he asked me this question out of nowhere, that our Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) traveled the seven skies on Buraq and at the point of the lotus tree Hazrat Jibrael stopped saying that I can’t go any further as his wings would burn, and that Prophet were the only creature to go beyond that point. So where was Buraq?And how Prophet traveled further? I know there is not every detail available for this beautiful event but if any information regarding this question will be helpful. Wasalam