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  1. provide the source where the most knowledgeable Sunni scholar says its wipe and not wash
  2. let us take everything unrelated to the OP to a different post. and only let the OP discussion continue here
  3. I am well aware of these arguments akhi. I was asking if you were too.
  4. do YOU understand Arabic? or are you just repeating what you have heard your scholars say? I have yet to see any Sunni scholars who say that the Qur'an says wipe the feet and not wash them. and even if they do say so, it has nothing to do with me. I do not follow the scholars. I follow the daleel. and for me, the daleel is pretty clear and correct for washing and not wiping. this, however, does not mean that I believe wiping makes the wudu invalid. so, do you understand Arabic? simple question
  5. I did not ask him about his understanding of Arabic to prove the Shia view wrong. I asked him so that I could explain how the Sunni view of the ayah is justified, at the very least. the most Sunni source youll get: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/69761/is-it-obligatory-to-wash-the-feet-or-wipe-them-during-wudoo
  6. youre again mistaken, unfortunately. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/69761/is-it-obligatory-to-wash-the-feet-or-wipe-them-during-wudoo this is the link to the most salafi/wahhabi website you will find and they say washing is obligatory and merely wiping isnt sufficient. P.S. if you can’t see the link, google 'wiping over feet islamqa' and youll find the first link to their website.
  7. how do the Shia ulama and public view Umar bin abdul aziz as? post if your view is not in the options. im quite curious
  8. really now? Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Umar bin abdul aziz were not from Quraysh?
  9. salam. your comment is unrelated to the OP. but if you would like, you can make a new thread and I for one would be happy to tell you my views on the issues you mentioned. brother. do you understand Arabic? because the reason Sunni translations mention "wash the feet" has to do with the Arabic. with all due respect, you are highly mistaken. according to almost all Sunni sources, washing the feet is obligatory and wudu is incomplete if one wipes over them and does not wash them. you need to check your sources as you are highly mistaken. the truth is, doesnt matter if a body part is already wet. if youre doing wudu, you have to wash/wipe it again. it was interesting to see how almost everyone, instead of answering/responding to the OP, took the 'fight' up to the OP and started question him and his beliefs, which funnily enough, has nothing to do with the Shia madhab being haqq or baatil.
  10. Interesting. Been a long time since I took part in something like this. Will give it a read and give my response tomorrow inshaAllah
  11. salam. so, a very close shia friend of mine is getting married this weekend. and i was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a gift. looking forward to some good suggestions.
  12. What do you even mean. We as muslims know that there is only one ilaah. To say otherwise would be kufr and shirk. Hence it is impossible to have multiple Gods. But there is a difference between the impossibility of there being multiple gods. And the impossibility of the belief in multiple gods. We know, or as you say, existence of multiple gods is impissible. That does not mean belief in multiple gods is impossible. People believe in impossible phenomenon and things all the time.
  13. The topic was about the hadith of the two weighty things. And i clarified the sunni position on that. As for the hadith you mention, about ahlul bayt being like noahs ark, then every such narration present in sunni books of ahadith is either fabricated or very weak. I can give you the takhreej for it if you wish. As for holding abu bakr and umar close to the heart, then we have an authentic narration from mawla Ali in which he says that the best among them was abu bakr, then umar. I simply believe what mawla Ali said. Just like you believe in the hadith of noahs ark. Youre gonna say that the hadith i refer to is fabricated. Well, i am saying the same to you about the hadith you brought. Then where do you get off telling me i am wrong to believe it and you are right. P.S. I do not know about anyone else, but i hold the ahlul bayt very close to my heart. May we be raised on the day of judgement with ahlul kisa.
  14. Brother. I can't help it if you can't understand simple English. And im not gonna give you English lessons. The hadith says hold fast to the quran. And reminds us of ahlul bayt. Peace.
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