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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How many accounts do you have Sayed Ammar?

  2. I Hate to Break it to you Raihana, but no i am also not Sayed Ammar, i am Ali Originally from Lahore, Currently Living in the UK. How dare you Insult my People and our Language, by mocking it with Chineese. if you wish to talk to me in Urdu lets chat come seedhi seedhi baat karo badloun mei nah chupho tum. tum bari bathameez ho. Batoul is correct this is all silly now.
  3. Really a wonderful zakir-e-hussain. Majalis in front of Sipahe-Sahaba in the 80s would always answer their abuse. I am positive it was they who killed him, maloon Azam Tariq. unrival munazara and saddest loss.
  4. Nigha-e-Qambar se pyaar le ker Saroor-e-khum ka khoomar le ker Mein zikr-e-Haider(as) ka kar raha hoon Zuban-e-Meesam(as) udhar le ker Zikr-e-Shabbir subh-o-shaam karo Fidya-e-Haq ka Ihteraam karo Jab kaho LaIlaha Ilalah Karbala ki taraf salaam karo Darain ka sultan Hussain ibne Ali(as) hei Mooh bolta quran Hussain ibne Ali(as) hei Maana ke musalmaan ki pehchaan hei kalima Lekin soch kalima ki pehchaan Hussain ibne Ali(as) hei Ay kalmago bata ke huwa kar saaz koun Guzra hei barchiyon mein ibadaat nawaaz koun Masjid ke saamne matam tujhe hei na gawar Dete na sar Hussain(as) to pa
  5. ye hadith sahihe? kon se aalim ki ye hadith sahihe?
  6. Hello S Ammar Nakshawani

    sorry to expose you but I thought this might stop your arrogance

  7. lectures on intidhar-e-imam are a must :yaali:
  8. can it lead to proof of stories in Quran-e-sharif?
  9. sorry four i meant the members who saw it on ahlebayt 836. why would one lecture on shariati mean removing all the others?
  10. must have been the shortest clip. Definitely not a lecture. Unless four peoples are wrong.
  11. No it was on Ahlebayt TV, SKY 836 NOT 842. One a month is enough. Even that will not happen.
  12. need more urdu poetry or nowhas at the very least?
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