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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I apologize, I'm not that used to English Islamic terminologies. We are helping each other in the sense that we let the other know how to get around and find the right places for Islamic and halal things. But no not Mutah. Ofcourse I want her to convert out of understanding of the Shia Mazhab and not just because of me. She seems to have a negative reaction towards how some Sunni Muslims are a bit harsh and try to enforce rules on her so that might be an opening to introduce her to the Shia Mazhab. I don't want to enforce such a requirement on our potential marriage, I just want to explain to her that if we would want to get married I would want her to look into the Shia Mazhab to try and understand me and why I chose this Mazhab and maybe in the process bring her into the Mazhab. I'm just lost on how I should talk to her about this.
  2. Asalam Aleikum brothers and sisters. I've been using shiachat.com many times in the past to learn about all kinds of things and experiences in Islam and today I'm writing my first topic to ask for advice and help from everyone here. I'm a Shia Muslim living in a non-Islamic country with very few Muslims and barely any Shia Muslims. I've been search for a potential wife for a few years with no luck. In the past year I've had a Sunni Muslim sister freind and we both have been helping each other out in this non-Islamic country and have been getting along very well because we both have many common interests and backgrounds (we both have mixed cultures). Both me and her have shared with each other that we are in search of a soul mate but neither of us has asked the other about a potential marrige but she does seem to have implied it by tell me about her wishing to get married many times. Now I know there are shia brothers who have married sunni sisters but I don't plan on doing that. But I feel that if I'm able to talk to her about wanting to get married and tell her that I would be willing to do that if she would look into the Shia Mazhab and potentially become a Shia Muslim. But I'm afraid of her reaction, I'm not sure how open she is to other Mazhabs and wheather she would be willing to look into and learn about the Shia Mazhab. I don't know how I should suggest this idea to her without her feeling that I'm enforcing something on her. I want to convey to her that I'm willing to look into getting married and willing to listen to her requests too if she is willing to look into my Mazhab. So here I am asking you brothers and sisters for your advice and experiences in this subject. Thanks in advance to everyone for giving your time to read my request.
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