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  1. Zulfiqar1472

    I know which country the US will invade next

    Pakistan or Turkey will be invaded next but may be delayed as they are choacked in Syria.
  2. Zulfiqar1472

    #56 Do You Get Enough Exercise?

    30 % excercise and 70 % food matters as per information given to me by physical instructor
  3. Guess it and yes please check yourself.
  4. Zulfiqar1472

    Why is it haram to go to the beach

    Please consult the doctor
  5. Will you be part of that profession? If yes then there is no issue for you.
  6. Zulfiqar1472

    Iranian Government Stocking Up On Food

    There is a difference between survival and respectful survivor.
  7. He will complete his haraam with three more
  8. But high dowry is an issue
  9. Zulfiqar1472

    Who is always here? 

    City never sleeps but I do
  10. Zulfiqar1472

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Dear brother if some wants to marry your sister is he allowed this by force as women permission is not required? If you donot have sister then I wish you get a baby daughter so that you can understand. I think muchsaid already on it. If you force your mentality it can have serious repercussions. Donot try as an advice.
  11. Zulfiqar1472

    Showing body parts after proposal

    True God bless all momaneen
  12. Zulfiqar1472

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Legs is actually feet not the whole leg touching the spine.
  13. Zulfiqar1472

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Having honour and beauty are two unrelated dimensions. Many musl8ms or non muslim actress who dance on different floors are beautiful but lack self respect as oppose to money. Where as many good Muslim girls not having so called western standard of beauty are far more pious and have self esteem and self respect. Just wanted you to have indepamdant graph from beauty to self respect.
  14. Zulfiqar1472

    Showing body parts after proposal

    Those not attractive does not mean not having self respect.
  15. Zulfiqar1472

    Husband doesn't take marriage seriously

    Wait... Before leaving him try finding out these questions. Do you know how much he earn? Is he financially dependant on his parents or brother or sister or specially mom. I believe if you can shift near to His place to find put more? It looks like he is being emotionally black mailed that happen to most of the men by their lives ones. Has his mom or dad already given their words to some one else and he married you to get out of situation? Finally if you move close to where he lives does not mean trust him financially etc... but pretend you trust him. I hope you get a better conclusion. I donot know how on earth people do this. But if he is on a ruining path donot follow him leave him.