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  1. 5+12+14 = 31 baskin robbins flavors. Baskin Robbins must be holy. in all seriousness, do you guys really think these math tricks have any divine purpose?
  2. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    Ahh. Well at least the Shirazi camp didn't play the convenient taqiyya card that most mainstreamers play when their beliefs are contrasted by a sahih narration or scholar.
  3. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    I did not know Mufeed rejected this incident. Can you provide any sources?
  4. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    Rahbar Khamenei is of the same opinion. I have talked to several prominent scholars and speakers from Najaf and Qom and they all come to agreement that the excommunication of Fadlallah was due to his opinion on the incident of the door—which is a historical matter and not a doctrinal (though some people have now made it a doctrinal matter)
  5. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    Elaborate on how he compromised Bara’ah. also, wasn’t Fadlallah’s views about Lady Fatimah’s demise the reason he was excommunicated from Najaf?
  6. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    Which core belief is Sheikh Yawde compromising?
  7. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    I had no idea the Lebanese community was afflicted with such issues. I thought Agha Fadlallah freed people from superstitious aqeedah.
  8. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    I think the both of you fail to accept that individuals can reach different conclusions with sincerity. It doesn't automatically mean that Person X is an agent or some sort of outside force to dismantle the school of Muhammad (saw) wa'aal Muhammad (saw). If you look at our maraja, they differ on matters too. Does this mean that one is correct, and the rest are agents? So let's not jump the gun on individuals simply because they don't massage your preconceived notions. It is perfectly possible for someone to study the same set of Quran and Hadiths and reach different conclusions with sincerity.
  9. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    Just a weak minded approach. But sure, if that makes you feel less insecure.
  10. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    I know right? I felt the same way. His opinions make too much sense. Must be why he’s a “deviant”.
  11. 786:)

    Sheikh Yasser Awde

    Compelled by his ideas based off of the link I pasted. I would like to learn more about him as most of his ideas scream Fadlallah.
  12. Do you subscribe to the Shirazi manhaj?
  13. I am compelled by the ideas of Yasser Awde. I have read that he is a student of the late and great Ayatollah Fadlallah. Can someone validate this? I tried to look him up on various platforms. Most of his videos are in Arabic—thus, no use for me. If anyone has any more information on him, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the site I came across which intrigued me: https://sites.google.com/view/islamicresearch/aqaid/opinion-of-shaykh-yasser-awde
  14. 786:)

    Conversion to Shi'ism

    Pretty sad you have to rely on shirazi backed social media to prove your point.
  15. 786:)

    Conversion to Shi'ism

    If you think a teacher and school example is the same thing then that is your aqeedah. May Allah guide us to haq.