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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol. Well Shiaism has sort of found new life from the subcontinent. Most of the khurafaat we see these days originate from there such as the Zuljinah. They picked it up from their Hindu counterparts--substituted the cow with a horse.
  2. This is potential derail, but your profile imagine adds to the shia stereotypes to be honest. You have the names of Allah + Ahlul Kisa, however Imam Ali is the grand one of those names being in the center as a star while Allah and the messenger seen as orbits around Ali. I’m not saying this was done with some ill intent, but have to be better with our symbolism which can come off as subliminal messaging.
  3. SAN is paid by the Shia extremists now aka Shirazis. It’s obvious that is why his tune has changed from what got him famous in the first place. The Shirazis are brilliant in capturing SAN however because he has a large following in the western world. Now whatever propaganda they want to push they have a puppet in SAN who will do it. I have seen so many of my peers duped by his sectarian narrative.
  4. I don’t identify as a hardcore Shia. I identify as a reformed Shia—hoping to extract the Tashayyu minus the ghuluw and bidah which are common these days. Hardcore Shia for me is someone who takes part in tatbir. I also have no idea who guest 786 is. I don’t need a burner account on here lol.
  5. I’m convinced this is Asif Raza Alvi or one of his fanboys. Even now Al Fatiha is about supplicating to Ahlulbayt haha
  6. The Rizvi brothers from speakers corner.
  7. I can show you proof of Imam Ali celebrating the main two eids during his reign as caliph, so why is there no evidence for him celebrating the greatest eid? It’s a fairly simply question. I’m not sure what your reply had to do with the question. Mental gymnastics is what you will need to avoid answering the question I suppose.
  8. In another Hadith it has been mentioned that one day during the days of the “open caliphate” of Imam 'Ali ((عليه السلام).), the day of Jumu'ah and 'Eid Ghadir fell together. On this day, the Imam ((عليه السلام).) delivered a long speech and said, “This gathering shall soon come to an end and all of you will go back to your homes and families – may Allah shower His mercy upon all of you. Ws Brother, the above is from the link you shared. This is the best proof for Imam Ali celebrating eid e ghadeer? I just don’t find this compelling. Even in this hadith Imam Ali doesn’t even acknowledge Eid e Ghadeer. I just find this troubling with how far we have taken this “eid”.
  9. I want to understand what is the logic of celebrating a day that Imam Ali never celebrated. Your seclusion theory only works for the caliphate of the first 3. Why did he not let the Muslims rejoice on this greatest eid when he was caliph for 6 years? You don’t have to cry wahhabi or nasibi every time someone has a legitimate question. If you think the celebration is valid then that’s fine. You can keep on with your life. I’m not asking you to stop. It just doesn’t make sense to me how this greatest eid went centuries without being celebrated.
  10. There was no answer lol. You can give it a shot if you’d like though.
  11. Imam Ali spent his days in seclusion even when he was caliph? Okay..
  12. Answering the question would be cool. Not looking to entertain the red herrings. Therefore the question still stands. Why are there no indication of celebrating eid e ghadeer in the lives of panjetan? No one is calling prophets birthday the “greatest” eid even bigger than Adha or Fitr. Otherwise the question would apply to that as well. For Eid e Ghadeer, it is touted as the greatest eid in the eyes of Allah. So where is the proof. Why was the greatest eid never celebrated by those who were in the cloak?
  13. What is the foundation of this eid and why do we have no indication that it was celebrated in the times of the Panjetan?
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