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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The pecking order of Islamic figures has fell to sectarian disease. If you were to ask a layman Shia why the Imams are greater than the prophets, they will go in circles. It’s quite evident that Allah preferred those whom he entrusted with his divine message over the rest of creation.
  2. Yeah I seriously do not understand this individuals motive who says Tawheed starts with Imam Ali. He doesn’t understand Imam Ali’s brother Aqil fought the Muslims in Badr. It wasn’t Imam Ali’s wilayah that was hard to grasp for Aqil rather it was the oneness of Allah that Aqil rejected. Allah knows best.
  3. OP was asking about a description of our blessed messenger. And of course guest psycho turns it into Wilayah of Imam Ali. Malangism 101.
  4. Lol so you have it all figured out, huh? “We” are too limited to understand their real fazilat, but you understand it I presume?
  5. I’m going to ignore your references of hadith as I don’t find any value to them nor do I read them—respectfully. But prophet Sulayman controls every single atom in the universe too? Who else? So Allah simply is asleep til Qiyamah even on Qiyamah he will take a backseat to Imam Ali to give out hell and heaven verdicts. This is foolish. Bring clear cut proofs from the Quran that he has left the matters of the universe at the hands of Ahlulbayt. I don’t want “are you denying that it is possible?”—this is not clear cut evidence. I can come around and say “is it possible he can make another Allah?”
  6. Isn’t it amusing that you have to rely on shaky narrations to prove your point. Nothing from the word of Allah which is indisputable. I will leave it at that.
  7. MashaAllah now I’m the kafir. I have not done any takfir on anyone with all my time on shiachat even if someone is doing clear cut shirk. I leave takfir to Allah. But the one standing behind ridiculous beliefs such as Imams controlling every single atom in the universe is out calling people kafirs. Oh what a time to be alive.
  8. Lol such a common escape route to defend ghuluw. “We shouldn’t limit Ahlulbayt because we cannot comprehend their status”—this is the generic indopak zakir line to keep the naaras going. Basically no such thing as ghuluw. Even if one states Imam Ali is Allah—we shouldn’t judge? We don’t know their true fazilat, right?
  9. Minimizing Tawheed—giving ghayrullah the attributes of Allah. This waters down the greatness and uniqueness of Allah. For example, Allah is all hearing and omnipresent. Giving this attribute to other than Allah is shirk and ghuluw. Nowhere has Allah mentioned in the Quran that creation shares this trait with him. And he condemns those who try to set up partners with him and his traits. You cannot deny that there are jahils in our communities who ask for rizq and children from Imams. This is ghuluw. If you were to ask a random sample of Shias today to tell you the difference between Allah and t
  10. Astaghfar, you are giving creation the traits of the creator. “Imams control and witness every single human”. Ghuluw is a disease that suffocates tahweed. iA you have an awakening like Raza Rizvi.
  11. The verses you bring forth have nothing to do with Imams. It states believers will be witnesses to other believers. Nothing about Imams.
  12. Also this verse has nothing to do with Imams of Ahlulbayt lol. Don’t clip half verses and try to claim victory.
  13. How does this prove that Imams control every single atom of the universe. This is only a trait of Allah. No compromise for me on that.
  14. Also if you think making the foundation of Tawheed firm and bold is Sunni centric then you must reevaluate your aqeedah.
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