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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. PLZ PLZ DNT THREATEN HER..dnt make her insecure that she will b out of ur life..its clearly shown from her reply that she want to b with u . if she needs time give her time.. dnt do anything just show ur love... i dnt know what u have done so she cant forgive u give her time show u love.. a woman`s heart is not so hard that wont feel her husband`s love.. show her ,make her feel and she will forgive u.. i can only b so hard with my husband if he gets involved with anyother woman because i cant bear that.. i dont know whats in her heart but keep trying.. with patience
  2. salam brother.. as i am a woman i can tell u about our emotions.. first of all she is hurted by u that much that she dont accept u as a husband.. women cant say to her husband a harsh sentence until not even her heart but her soul is badly hurt.. and on times like this only saying sorry or to apologize is not enough... and sometimes ur words dont do the effect at all but ur caring and silence love can do.. what a wife wants from her husband is only love.. obviously she needs other things 2 but they are secondary.. as she dont say or talk, no problem u can do little things for her tha
  3. when i read this post i just close my eyes and one SHABEEH came that is of MY IMAM HUSSAIN A.S.. if i ever get this beautiful chance i know i wont be able to say a word i will kiss the soil under his feet and cry and cry and cry for HE is the most MAZLUM IMAM.. and i know HE is the key path to all other MASOOMEEN A.S
  4. ktk


    hey sister dont b soo disappointed.. i can feel ur emotions as females r very sensitive in this matter... when u didnt tell him what u feel for him then whats the regret.. in a way isnt it better that u knew what was in his heart.. imagine if u told him or he came to know about ur feelings and then he regected u what have happend then u must b totally broken..this is our belief that what ever Allah do is the best for us but we dont know so plz lift ur self up u will defienetly forget him and after some years u will remember this time and laugh on urself that how u use to cry read ZIARAT E
  5. i am not as knowledgeable as all of these posts have given u .. but i just have to say one thing.. the one and the foremost reason for muslims to stay on rite path is the reward which is JANNAT for momoneen.. as IMAM E HUSSAIN A.S is the leader of the men in JANNAT then how can u enter it if u dont accept HIS FATHER AMEER AL MOMINEEN ALI IBN ABI TALIB A.S WALLIULLAH AND AHLUL BAIT A.S... im not saying this... many AHADIS OF MUHAMMAD S.H.W.W have been written not only in shia books but also in sunni books.. so plz think about it
  6. i think u r from pakistan and understand urdu.. watch ALLAMA SHEHANSHAH HUSSAIN NAQVI majlis on matam u will know then why we do matam
  7. ktk

    ♥ Marriage ♥

    yes i will defenietly read the book amd make effort.. thank u soo much..
  8. women can go in jalus.. i havent went to a jaloos in pakistan but i was in a jaloos in KARBALA went to HOLY SHRINES..
  9. i dont know anything about it an havent thought about it either..i would like to read the answers to this question 2..
  10. i think they cannot bear the situations at that time and try to commit suicide... when the situation or emotion go beyond thieir tolerence level as they think or feel so they try to end life...
  11. who ever sees my post say aloud from ur HEARTS SALAM YA HUSSAIN LABAIKA YA HUSSAIN as i want OUR MAZLUM IMAM to know that everyone on this page is with HIM
  12. ktk

    ♥ Marriage ♥

    my husband is not older then me but still he is the boss.. he is the one planning everything,, giving advise.. always guiding what to do and what not... what should i do then.. im not an independent type of a person but still i got fedup sometimes like im the most ignorant peron who dont know nothing
  13. ktk

    ♥ Marriage ♥

    yes, i pray the same to Allah for me 2 ......
  14. ktk

    Purpose of Life

    i wish i also get to know my purpose of life soon
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