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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The links you included have nasheed accompanied by Instrumental Music. And as far as I've read, these music are HARAAM. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Assalamoalaikum, Can someone help me differentiate between haydh blood and istihadha blood? I'm bleeding since months by 3-4 days gap in between so how do I know when my period starts and I shall stop offering namaz? I always have very irregular periods so I don't have any dates for it!
  3. S/w, In the recitation of Surah Duha why does everyone completely pronounce the last word of the 3,4,5,8, and 9th aayat Even if there is a 'to' over it? As far as I know, we have to stop(not completely pronounce) the last word if there's a 'to' over it.Am I wrong? @Simra Abbas
  4. I've already read this! But there's no mention of lizards and other reptiles here, that's why I'm asking on this forum!!
  5. S/W, Is the excreta(droppings) of a common house gecko(lizard) najis?
  6. But there are no Majlis organised in the city I'm residing! So I can either do Majlis, aamal, faaqa etc or give the exams. Because I'll have to go to my hometown for that (which takes a day to reach) ....
  7. That's the problem! NOTHING happens in the city where I'm staying for preparations, so I had planned to go to my homeplace(which takes a day to reach).
  8. Actually I live in a hostel, as there are no shi'a, no Majlis, Aamaal, Imambargahs in the city I live in! So if decided to go to my home for Ashura. Btw I've been told NOT TO STUDY on the day of Ashura by many people, so is there a harm(sin) if I do so?
  9. S/w, I was looking if someone could help me! I am preparing for Pre-med exam(NEET) in India and I have an exam in my coaching institute on the 10th of Muharram. My mother wants me to give that exam but I'm VERY confused what to do! Can anyone help me?
  10. S/w, Is it permissible to hold a paper in hand with dua written over it while performing salatul layl as i don't remember the duas to be recited in Qunoot?
  11. Salam Is using Hand Sanitiser haram in Islam, as it contains concentrated (~60-70%) alcohol?
  12. Assalamoalaikum! Is praying for ourselves (wordly matters) suitable on the eve of Ashura (night of 9 Muharram)? In my city we go to about 40-50 imambargahs on that night, and naturally we all pray for us there. So is it right thing to do?
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