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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't care about them. And I don't follow their views. No one likes Uthman anyway.
  2. No doubt Hijab is obligatory to women. But forcing upon her is un-Islamic and tantamount to oppression. Muslim men are supposed to protect women. Wearing the hijab should come from her inner. All in all we are only responsible for our actions and deeds. We won't be held accountable for the sins of others. If you don't want a women without hijab then look for one with Hijab. This shouldn't be a hard thing to do. Wasalam
  3. This is misleading... And enemies of Islam can use as argument to criticize Islam. There's no such thing as Uthmanic copy. We have the same copy that was compiled during the caliphate of Abu Bakr (r). The same Qur'an that Ali (a) added phonemes and most isnads trace through Ali (a). There's no Tahreef in the Qur'an or Uthmanic "version".
  4. Because Sunnism spread by the sword at the hands of tyrannical Sultans and militant Tabligh and Dawah. No other group hade so many tyrants to spread their misguidance. We see this example today from Salafiyyah which they spread their misguidance through money, coercion and war. Same like Twelver Shiism is only Shia majority today because the Safavid conversion of Sha Ismael I who was a tyrant who also spread his misguidance by killing.
  5. I think Ibn Taymiyyah was on drugs. The Qur'an denies that Allah have a body - (2:115) The East and the West, all belong to Allah: you will face Allah in whichsoever direction you turn your face: Allah is All-Embracing and All-Knowing. ____ This verse explain how Allah is not restricted to a space and time. Giving a body to Allah is restricting Him to a place, space and time. Because logically every mass occupy a space and a mass is essentially a body which is restricted to it's place.
  6. This is implying Allah can be described with the attributes of oppression. Such thing is ascribing a weakness to Him. Read the next Verse: (4:79) Whatever good happens to you is from Allah; and whatever misfortune smites you is because of your own action. We have sent you to mankind (O Muhammad!) as a Messenger, and Allah is sufficient as a witness.
  7. The Poems are not based on Aqeedah but spiritual experience. When they talk about Love is love for Allah. The "homo" poems as OP described Is referring to Allah. You're not supposed to take the poems as creed but to feel it. You feel with the heart. This is the problem. Aql is not solely intellect of the mind but also the intellect of the heart. That's why we call Atheists stupid because they try to perceive everything with the head but they forget that the heart also have a intellect.
  8. Imam ‘Ali was asked by one of his companions, Tha΄lab al-Yamani whether he had seen his Lord. Imam ‘Ali replied, “How can I worship something that I do not see?” When asked how he saw Him, Imam ‘Ali replied, “Eyes do not reach Him with physical sight, but the hearts reach Him with the realities of belief.”- Nahjul Balagha
  9. I said Hanafi in Fiqh. Not Usul al Deen. There isn't consensus on his creed but he was Hanafi in Fiqh and there's isnads through him among some Hanafis.
  10. He was neither tall nor short, he had broad shoulders, he had strong arms, he was bald on top of his head. His beard reached his chest. He had several scars in his body and one massive scar from Uhud. His eyes where kind and soft and his face was pleasing to the eyes.
  11. Ibn Abbas (r) supported the view that it stands for Allah and His attributes. I personally like this one: It has been discovered that by removing the duplicate letters (leaving only one of each of the 14 initials) and rearranging them, one can create the following sentence: "نص حكيم قاطع له سر " which could translate to: "a wise and sharp text that has a secret".
  12. Risalat al-Mut`a Shaykh al-Mufid Muhammad b. Muhammad b. an-Nu`man isnad from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Khalid from Sa`d b. Sa`d from Isma`il al-Ju`fi. He said: Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام said: O Isma`il, have you done mut`a this year? I said: Yes. He said: I do not mean the mut`a of hajj. I said: So what then? He said: The mut`a of women. He said: I said: With a beautiful Berber slave-girl? He said: It had been said O Isma`il, do mut`a with what you have found, and even (if it is) a Sindhi woman. From Abu ‘l-Qasim Ja`far b. Muhammad b. Qulawayh from his father from Sa`d b. `A
  13. Clever question trying to deflect. I am not in favor of that, and the madhabs reject that. It's a recent trend among Salafis.
  14. It's on Twelver books that it's a highly recommended Sunnah at least once in life time. Mutah is not a exception rule but a Twelver religious obligation (Almost). At least in your books.
  15. Allah send revelation in the language of the Prophet who conveys so that his people may understand. For example: Moses (a.s) spoke Hebrew and the Torah was in Hebrew, Isa (a.s) spoke Aramaic and his Injil was in Aramaic, the people around them spoke this languages. By the way, Arabic evolved from Aramaic and Aramaic evolved from Hebrew.
  16. I did gave you proof of religion and the prophets. Trust me. Proof of God would be far longer. Can you proof that Jesus (a.s) was a true prophet? With so many people claiming revelation, why not be a Jew and follow Moses (a.s)? Yet you are a Christian, not a Jew. Why? You also don't seem to follow those other prophets you mentioned.
  17. Know that Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, created creation and placed intellect in them as a proof for or against them. He placed it in them and demonstrated it in them by means of the effects of His creation and what He created. However, it was not possible for Him to demonstrate to them His desire to command or prohibit them by this. This is because this demonstration is not amongst His attributes. Therefore, creation is in need of a means of demonstrating to them what Allah desires from them. This is why Allah makes it known that it is a proof for creation. This is so that it makes it nece
  18. I'll crush your argument like the Glass House that the salafiyyah is. Prepare to get squashed - The defenition of a Ta’weez is simply ‘a written Du'a,’ which is from the Qur’an or Ahadith, and is for the one who cannot read or has not memorized that particular Du'a. It is written on a piece of paper and is worn around the neck. We, the Ahle Sunnah believe, to wear a Taweez around the neck is permissible if the du’a contained in it is written from the Qur’an or Ahadith. Prophet Muhammad [May Allah bless him and grant him peace] used to recite du’a and then blew onto the sick person.
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