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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Maimonides said that he was from Ur Kazdim now in modern day Turkey. The city of Iraq was called Ur of Chaldean. In the Bible it says Kazdim in Hebrew while in the Translation of English they say is Chaldean.
  2. ? Worry about yourself before criticizing others. Before you call Ibn Arabi a deviant maybe you should carefully look at yourself. Only someone waxed in the pride of Shaytan will think he have nothing to correct or improve in himself. Go in peace.
  3. I read Tabatabie books. He have some beneficial works.
  4. You where the one insulting your own shia scholar. I have no issue with you guys but I do have issue in you calling Ibn Arabi a deviant and yes I will have issue if you insult Abu Bakr (r.a) as well.
  5. Chechnya banned both you guys and Salafis. They branded you both Wahhabis because you accuse others of heresies and only know how to cause Fitnah.
  6. Because I wont watch Wahhabis like you attacking Scholars. Ibn Arabi was Sunni so it does concern me. You Wahhabi.
  7. He is very professional in his works. Just because you don't like what is being said doesn't give you the right to insult his person. Anyway I am Sunni so I don't care much what you think of your own Ayatollah.
  8. I did not meant to insult him. Sorry if it looked like that.
  9. Which hadiths? Al-Kafi? Al-Kafi is not a book of Hadiths. It's a book of Fatwas All your "Irfan" rests in Aviccena which was a Hanafi. You Shias had no "Irfan" before Khomeini, Allamah Tabatatei and Mulla Sadra.
  10. Most of your "Irfan" comes from Sunni scholars.
  11. Glad we Sunnis have Ibn Arabi. That's one thing which differentiate us from Wahhabis who oppose him.
  12. Simple. If you live in the West you turn where the sun rise. If you live in the East you turn to where the sun set. This is the method of the Qur'an and how Muslims used to pray before having cell phones.
  13. Theologically, Muslims will never be united. The sooner this is accepted as truth then we can focus on other stuff. There are plenty of other things to look into.
  14. (2:94) Say to them, "If the abode of the Hereafter with Allah is exclusively reserved for you and not for the rest of mankind, then you should long for death, if you arc sincere in your claim." If you are sincere then there's no problem in killing you Shia. Embrace the hereafter.
  15. Akhbaris like Yasser Al Habib and their like.
  16. You need to address the Akhbaris from the Shia community. I am okay with Usulis but the crazy Akhbaris are causing fitnah. Even Memri Tv caught a glimpse in the rise of Shia Wahhabis.
  17. How can there be unity with TWELVERS Shias? When they call every non-Twelver Muslim a Kaffir Taken from Awail Al Maqalat: Chapter 6 6- القول في تسمية جاحدي الإمامة و منكري ما أوجب الله تعالى للأئمة من فرض الطاعة 6 – Doctrine regarding the naming of someone who denies the Imamate and rejects what Allah تعالى has obligated for the Umma of the imperative of obedience و اتفقت الإمامية على أن من أنكر إمامة أحد الأئمة و جحد ما أوجبه الله تعالى من فرض الطاعة فهو كافر ضال مستحق للخلود في النار و أجمعت المعتزلة على خلاف ذلك و أنكروا كفر من ذكرناه و ح
  18. Yes they do. The Twelvers added a article of faith to their religion after the Prophet (S). They need to recognize this as Bidah because is just non-existing pillar during the time of the Prophet (S). They need to provide evidence that the Prophet (S) believed that Jafar al Saddiq (a) and other where considered infallible by the Prophet (S) himself.
  19. So do you like when Sunnis insult you ?
  20. The verse is addressing Kaffirs. Only a follower of Ibn Muljam will use that verse on Muslims. Are you calling me a Kaffir?
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