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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't know. Everyone send Lanat towards him so I doubt that
  2. Ali (a.s) fought in the Ridda wars agaisnt a false prophet alongside guess who.. Talhah (r.a)
  3. No one is higher then Muhammad (s.a.w.s). Not Ali (a.s) not Talhah (r.a) amd not even Musa (a.s)
  4. My problem is you guys turning a blind eye to the good things they did....
  5. Is not repentance. But is a form to cleanse sins. Allah make us suffer in this world so that we don't suffer in the next for all eternity. So we suffer temporarily here
  6. The ummah was united under the first two Caliphs... Ali (a.s) got to be caliph. What you want now?
  7. If recognition of wrongdoing is not repentance I don't know what is. Please enlighten me what is repentance.
  8. Doesn't Allah make us sick and suffer in this world to cleanse our sins?
  9. He got to be Caliph anyway so what is the problem now?
  10. You are flawed too brother. Who are we to condemn them? We didn't do 1/20 for Islam like they did. Without them, there wasn't going to be Islam. Without Talhah (r.a) Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) would have probably had been struck by that arrow on his face (Nauzubillah)
  11. "Recognition of wrongfulness" is a form of repentance. I think most twelvers just hate the sahabis for the sake of it. Here you are trying to find a excuse to condemn Talhah (r.a)
  12. I think this apply more to Twelvers. Especially Ahkbaris. They also talk more about their other Imams then Imam Ali (a.s) or Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s). Mind you I am against falsehood from any side. I am not bias towards Sunnis or hold prejudice towards Shias, I strongly condemn things from both sides.
  13. So everyone else is a Kuffar follower of Dajjal plotting to destroy Islam?
  14. He gave bayah to Ali (a.s). What you mean "friendly" fire? That makes no sense
  15. He gave bayah to Ali (a.s). What you mean "friendly" fire? That makes no sense
  16. Talhah hugged his horse and galloped off the battle-field. He lay down using a stone as a pillow, while the auxiliaries tried to staunch the blood-flow. Whenever they stopped pressing, the bleeding resumed. In the end Talhah said, "Stop it. This is an arrow sent by God." If that is not showing repentance I don't know what is
  17. Exatly. Also Iblis forsake all humans and all prophets. It wasnt just one sin
  18. Any Sahabi who twelvers don't curse or condemn? Because I start to think there is none..
  19. I don't see any indication of Talhah denying Allah (?) He clearly said that the arrow was sent by Allah.
  20. I don't know. I ask you, Marwan shot Talhah, and he was from the party of Ali (a.s). He married Yazid widow and was a Umayyad caliph. So he sided with Ali (a.s) in Jamal, is he good for shias? Maybe he did good shooting Talhah? No ideas
  21. Ali (a.s) was on haq on Jamal. We just stop there. We do not take off the merits of them that was before that.
  22. I am against them for the time they where against Ali (a.s) and I am in favor of them for as long as they where in favor of Muhammad (s.a.w.s). And may Allah forgive their mistakes. They where given a honor above us by being born in the same Age as Muhammad (s.a.w.s). We are merely shadows of them. Had Allah wanted us above them he would had made us born at the time of the Prophet (s.a.w.s)
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