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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Those hadiths are speaking about charms and talismans used by the pagan meccans which was made of animal bones. Those are not talking about Taweez, the Prophet (s.a.w.s) taught how to make Taweez and Hussein (as) and Hassan (as) used it. Please go ask a real scholar and not some Salafiyyah propaganda. And you didn't provided chains, you just doing taqleed on Al Albani grading. Wallahi go ask a real scholar who follow Hanafi or Maliki madhab or any other madhab which is not Barbahari Islam.
  2. He can't give link to that. He probably takes Hadiths from Ikrimah and Muawiyah. This people drive me nuts!
  3. He is making some big claims without proof. Taweez is not Shirk, the Prophet (s.a.w.s) taught how to make them and Hussein (a.s) and Hasan (a.s) used it! Shirk is setting partners with Allah, tell me how walking with a Taweez is shirk? Which is merely some piece of paper with a ayah or surah from the Quran, the Quran is from Allah. Ha! Taweez is not shirk, if it is shirk then we may as well dont walk even with Qur'an app on cellphone !
  4. The Prophet (s.a.w.s) taught Shirk to Hussein (a.s) and Hasan (a.s). Give me a break and show me that Hadith and the chain in it if you are truthful.
  5. Some are. Definitely not those prescribed in the Sharia, like Taweez are not Shirk!
  6. There's even divergence among Sunnis about this issue. In short Sunnis are devided upon the faith of Abu Talib. Shias believe Abu Talib didn't died a Kaffir, while in Sunnism there isn't a consensus.
  7. I believe those Jewells are superstitious. The best thing to ward off evil eye is to keep woodu all the time and recite surah Al Falaq
  8. Nouman Ali Khan (?)... Maybe..
  9. Saudi clerics say a Man can merry his infant daughter. What you expect? They have schools named after Yazid
  10. I think this is a Twelver thing. In other schools we put alayhem salam in members of the Ahl al Bayt a.s.
  11. He had a son named Ibrahim with Maria the Copt. But he died at infancy.
  12. I think everyone who did that or support what the Wahhabis did are being torn apart in the grave. And anyone who use that toilet knowing what was there before being a toilet will burn in hell. There cannot be two opinions about this issue
  13. Salafis groups follow Saudi example of destroying and defiling the death. Isis destroyed many graves from Prophets... Al Qaeda also.
  14. Jannat Al Baqee was destroyed and defiled by the Saudi sect, wahhabism. They even put fire on the grave of the Mother of Muhammad (s.a.w.s) and turned the grave of Khadija (r.a) into a toilet.
  15. That's different from claiming that you yourself Is Haqq. You proud in Falsafa but can't use simple Mantiq
  16. Al Ghazali didn't refuted philosophy in general. He criticized stupid comments like yours an criticized people using Falsafa to insert incorrect ideas into the religion like people using philosophy to commit kufr like "Hell is a metaphor, I am the Haqq" and all that heretic nonsense.
  17. Where i am blaming God? Allah didn't taught me, why would He send Prophets if He himself can teach? Allah taught the Prophets who Taught humanity about religion, if the so called "scholars" distorted the teachings of the prophets and then passed this incorrect information that's not on me nor the prophets nor Allah. Please go make tawba now because you just committed Kufr
  18. What is your understanding of Bida? Those who goes agaisnt the Twelver shias are bidati? Maybe Imam Jafar (as) was wrong to teach other people including Abu Hanifa (r.a) who bringed their "filthy brain" on religion? Maybe Imam Jafar (as) was also wrong in bringing his "filthy brain" and own thoughts into religion?
  19. https://en.qantara.de/content/the-decline-of-islamic-scientific-thought-dont-blame-it-on-al-ghazali
  20. I didn't said it was. I just quoted a hadith speaking that this nation will be destroyed when they start debating about God (from among themselves). This should be truth with all the takfeerism lately
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