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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We don't regard them as Sunnis. They themselves claim to be Sunnis and this were the confusion arrives. Now if they are Muslims or not is other topic, some say they are Muslims but bidah holders, some outright call them kaffirs, satanic cult, distortion of Islam, modern day khawarij and a minority even call the salafis being mushriks because of their anthropomorphic views and division of tawheed.
  2. For me the Ahl al Bayt are the descendents of Ali (r.a) and Fatima (r.a). We do recognize Imam Ja'afar (r.a) and other imams. In regard to following them we do follow them. In regard to the Imam Mahdi there isn't a consensus about him but majority opinion is that he is not born yet. In regard in loving the Ahl Al Bayt we are required to love them. Hatred of them normally is associated with the people who will side with the Dajjal at the end times.
  3. We do, is just that salafis are brainwashed to believe that everything related to sufis are bad. So they discarded 95% of Sunni traditional scholarship. Included there was Sunni conference in Grozny that declared the Salafis out of the Ahl al Sunnah. They have more money and hold more political power. Aside from that majority of ahl al sunnah can be found in the west, asia, eurasia, north africa. Aside the numerous fatwas and refutations we have, they (salafis) just make more noise.
  4. They have various documents and other ulemas attesting their lineage. Sayyid Habib Umar is from the ba'alawi sada family which are well know sayyids (Including Sheikh Al-Jifri is one also), they even trace their lineage through Imam Ja'afar (r.a). The tariqa ba'alawi have close ties with this family of sayyids.
  5. Why would we need? The biggest source of fitnah among sunnis is ijtihad being promoted among unqualified people in the deobandi and salafi circle.
  6. I saw here that there's a growing confusion regarding who is Sunni and who is not. Although I will be called a deviant by some so called 'sunnis' here I will write this nonetheless. Just a reminder that I will be posting the opinion of the people of majority - Ahl al Sunnah Whal Jammah and I wont reply to any attack or accusation from some of these so called 'sunnis' here. Aqeedah - Sunnis follow 2 schools of theology with 2 more basic forms of aqeedah - The schools are Ashari and Maturudi school and the basic aqeedahs are Tahawi and Athari. We condemn Athari views associated with Ibn Tay
  7. i am Sunni Muslim and i can tell you that you are neither Shia nor Sunni. You just accused the leading imams of sunni islam of shirk al akbar. I fear you have been brainwashed by wahhabis and salafis. Sunni Islam follows Ashari and Maturudi school of theology. We do not not follow any division of tawheed from Ibn Taymiyyah kufriyyah.
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