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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The greatest problem of Muslims today is lack of self criticism. We only start discussing and criticizing our faith now with the rise of wahhabism and terrorism. There are some places Sunnis and shias live in peace and respect each other. But things cannot change if we do not question the lines of kufr and believe as said by Al Ghazali. But Islam is used for political reasons ever since the conflict of the Umayyads and the Abbasids. Of course some zealots don't like criticism and see it as blasphemy, but I fear we would be lying in the name of the Prophet (s.a.w.s) if we do not question certai
  2. Sunnis believe Qadr is in two aspects, those Allah will it two happen and those Allah allow humans to choose.
  3. Is not wrong to believe in Qadr like Sunnis. But using it as excuse is forbidden. Like saying - Qadr made me do bad things.
  4. Some deobandis and salafis blame Allah. For example, some salafis believe Allah is a liar, and the best of liars, who is sitting on the arsh with hands, feets and a human form "worthy of his majesty" but unlike the creatures. Traditional Sunnis view this as Mujassima beliefs. Traditional Sunni condemn this views because they are zindiq aqeedah.
  5. Sunnis believe Qadr is a article of faith. Qadr means predestination. Twelvers believe in Adl in the place of Qadr. Why is that?
  6. Salam Aleikum Traditional Sunnis view that Hassan (r.a) was the best caliph after Ali (r.a). Then we view Muawiyah (There is various divergence of opinion about Muawiyah, some don't praise him) a acceptable caliph, after Muawiyah we believe Hussein (r.a) was on haqq and Yazid (l.a) is accursed. After those we think Umar II (r.a) was a a incredible and pious caliph. The rest are largely view as tyrants. _____ Now salafis probably hate him since they praise the accursed Yazid (l.a)
  7. Why shias don't have qadr as article of faith? What is the reasoning for this and how the shia view differ from the qadaris?
  8. What other companions are seen in good light by shias? Can you name?
  9. So is he seen in a good light among shias?
  10. What is Twelver Shia opinion of him? He was really close to Muhammad (s.a.w.s) and Ali (r.a)
  11. I don't know about Shias but Sunnis have Sufi poetry. Maybe you would like to read Rumi or Sham Tabrizi. Their books are in English or you can read them in their original form in the Persian language if you are from Iran.
  12. Dear God. Abu Hurairah again, I take a grain of salt from Abu Hurairah narrations. They are all Ahad and unsupported by other narrators and unsupported by the Qur'an. To demonstrate the gullibility some western scholar stood up in front of a Muslims crowd and said - "Under the authority of Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet (s.a.w.s) said - Those who touch the tip of the nose with the tongue will not enter hell" He then watched perplexed Muslims trying to touch the nose with the tongue.
  13. Don't do it. But if you insist maybe you should start asking him about Ali (r.a) or ask him about like this - What is your favorite sahaba? Then you say - My favorite is such and such because I like this such and such virtue from him. Do NOT mention succession.
  14. I honestly never understood why twelvers make Nikah Mutah. 7 of the eight madhabs forbid it. With only twelvers being the exception. Zaydis also forbid. We have narrations from Ali (r.a) that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s) forbid mutah after Khaybar, now you can argument that Omar (r.a) enforced it as Haram, but you can't make argumentation that Abu Bakr (r.a) didn't do it and only Omar do it if you think that Abu Bakr (r.a) was wrong in a number of issues. Obs - Omar was closer to Ali.
  15. If there is a citation in the Qur'an stating that only Prophets are promised paradise or something similar maybe it can abrogate this hadith.
  16. Abu Bakr spoke to 'Abd al-Rahman about Islam, then invited him to meet Muhammad, who heard his declaration of faith and taught him the Islamic prayers. This was before the Muslims had entered the house of Al-Arqam; 'Abd al-Rahman was one of the first eight men to accept Islam. 'Abd al-Rahman was friends with Umayyah ibn Khalaf, a stern opponent of Islam. When 'Abd al-Rahman emigrated to Medina, the two reached a written agreement, according to which 'Abd al-Rahman was to protect Umayyah's property and family in Medina, while Umayyah would protect 'Abd al-Rahman's in Mecca. In August
  17. There are many reasons to believe the narrator was lying and made up this narration even if he came from a authentic Isnad or even if the hadith is graded saheeh, hadith scholars normally don't tend to analyze the historical context or what is being said in the hadith. First the narrator of the hadith is in the hadith itself this like someone attesting himself that he is a wali the narrator is technically claiming he can sin how much he want since the Prophet (s.a.w.s) narrated that, even claiming he have knowledge of the unseen. The second point I found is that the narrator was involved in th
  18. But of course you wont believe that Ja'afar al Sadiqq developed the concept of infallible imamiyah because you believe that Ja'afar is infallible. Is a religious loop. Ali, Hussein and Hassan were not infallible, they disagreeing among themselves is proof of that. But twelvers probably discarded those reports on basis of the infallibility.
  19. The concept of infallible imamate was developed by jafar al sadiqq AFTER the death of Zayd ibn Ali.
  20. Narrated Abdur Rahman bin Awf: that the Messenger of Allah said: "Abu Bakr is in Paradise, 'Umar is in Paradise, 'Uthman is in Paradise, 'Ali is in Paradise, Talhah is in Paradise, Az-Zubair is in Paradise, 'Abdur Rahman bin Awf is in Paradise, Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas is in Paradise, Sa'id ibn Zayd is in Paradise, and Abu 'Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah is in Paradise." — Collected by Muhammad ibn `Isa at-Tirmidhi, Jami` at-Tirmidhi _____ This hadith doesn't make sense because the narrator is in the hadith. The order of the names said is fishy because it put them in order of the four cali
  21. Here is a Tafseer made by them on Surah Al Ikhlas - Exegesis of Al-'Ikhlās (Q. 112) In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Gracious... My father [i.e. Imam ar-Rassi], may Allah be merciful to him, was asked about the statement of Allah: {Say: He is Allah, the One} (Q. 112:1). {One} means: Individually Unique. The meaning of {the Everlasting}: The One upon whom everyone is dependant, the One in whom is no passing. The One who nothing is after, the One with whom is no overpowering divinity. {He does not beget}, in that the Exalted is not a parent; that would be limiting. {He i
  22. I am also researching like a crazy. I agree with several theological points about them. Their fiqh is really unique and way of accepting hadith. They read both the hadiths of Sunnis and twelvers because they analyses the hadith with Qur'an and mutawattir hadiths. They also have their own hadiths. It goes something like this - Qur'an abrogate verses of the Qur'an, Qur'an can abrogate Sunnah but a sunnah is never above the Qur'an and cannot contradict the Qur'an. For example - They do not accept the punishment of stoning adulterers because the Qur'an says flogging. They also don't believe that t
  23. Bad language is not part of the prophetic adab, be Shia or Sunni. We are taught good manners, make good deeds and be worried about the purification of the soul. Hatred leads to corruption even you speak against something you find it wrong it should not be with the feelings of hatred. At least this is what I have been taught by traditional Sunnis. Salafis are often worried in seeing the different sects and their views, the creed of sufis, the creed of shias, the creed of 'deviants', the creed of Christians and Jews, the creed of this and that, and then they worry in attacking everyone and sayin
  24. As a Sunni I find it really hard having unity with Salafis. You cannot have unity with a sect that thinks all others are Mushriks. I do however think we can have unity among those who follow a madhab. Similarly we have a fatwa called Amman Message. The madhabs are 8 Sunni - Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, Hanbali, Zahiri Shia - Jafari, Zaydi Ibadi - Ibadi _____ Obs- A lot of Sunnis use Ghulat works to accuse the Shias. Likewise some shias call Caliph Omar a homosexual. So this needs to stop first.
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