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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No, I cannot quote Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal giving a body because he didn't. But I can quote his students giving Allah a body.
  2. He was a scholar in the traditional sense. But certainly he was a hate monger and extremists. I feel bad to those who believe all scholars are honest and infallible. But if you're curious of why Ibn Taymiyyah was the way he was make a research on other Hanbalis before him and you'll see he was not the first hate monger. Plus he was bias towards other madhabs, that should raise the red flag.
  3. Ibn Taymiyyah spent a lot of time trying to refute the Twelvers xiites and other shias for that matter and he spent a lot of time refuting shias by hating Ali (r.a) and praising Muawiyah. However some Hanbalis before Ibn Taymiyyah praised Yazid (l.a). A lot of Hanbalis had nasibi feelings, it imploded in Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab (l.a). Ibn Taymiyyah was a literalist and he used to read mustashabih verses as literal sense. He also hated Christians and Jews, he also hated sufis and even insulted scholars of the Ahl al Sunnah who narrated hadiths pro - Ahl al Bayt.
  4. In early times it was someone with Zoroastrian view. In later times it was someone going outside of the 'mainstream' dogmas. But I am using the term used by Abu Hanifa in his book Fiqh Al Akbar that means someone giving a body to Allah.
  5. Anyone who says the shahada is Muslim. But not necessarily guided. Anyone who attribute a body to Allah is a zindiq.
  6. Allah 'face, hands, feets' are mustashabih verses. Perhaps there wouldn't be a confusion if people got Imam Ali (r.a) tafseer. But this verses are metaphorical and not literal and the explanation of them is in the Qur'an. For example - Allah hands are wide open, this verse was revealed when the Jews said His hands are tight, meaning they gave a avarice attribute to Allah, and Muhammad (s.a.w.s) said "No, His hands are wide open" this means He is not avaricious but generous.
  7. The very name Zahiri Madhab stern from this theological school which focus on the Zahir of the text (apparent meaning)
  8. traditionalist school championed by Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Today salafis follow this school which got hijacked by Ibn Taymiyyah and Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, somes like the Zahiris still follow the original form of this theological school.
  9. He was a Zahiri Madhab and followed Athari Aqeedah but got called a shia, may Allah shower mercy on him.
  10. Maybe whal Jammah comes from this phrase - enter into that which the majority of the Ummah have agreed to."
  11. Astaqfirullah... Thanks for showing. But not my place to call them names, I'll leave to Allah.
  12. You're right actually. By Ja'afari Jurisprudence. Thanks for the list tough. Why you think Sunni ulema don't speak this issues? Not important?
  13. I believe Ghumari based this view in a hadith that say that Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman were above the rest but that Ali was supreme to all. The election of the caliphate was messy, were those in saqifa elect someone without the intervention of Omar things would have become much more messy. Although I believe in the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) and I do believe he knew this would happen because many of his predictions came to pass under those caliphates. The problem is the blameworthy editions in hadiths that hide the truth. Omar wanted Ali after him but got influenced by a jew named Kaab which ma
  14. Brother you need to include those Jews and grade them "infallible sahaba" as well like Kaab and Ibn Saab. The Sabaiyye and those Khawarij and put Muawiyah on top like a cherry on a cake.
  15. Like all of the Ghumari family of Muslim clerics, Ahmad al-Ghumari's exact sectarian views are difficult to pinpoint. Although a practitioner of Sufism, Ghumari was a strong critic of many Sufis, especially the rival Naqshbandi order. Like Ibn Hazm, Ghumari viewed scholarly difference of opinion as a curse. Like his brothers, he often used harsh language when responding to intellectual opponents. Having originally followed the Maliki school of thought like most of Muslim scholarship in Morocco, al-Ghumari later switched to the Shafi'i school for a period and finally opted for absolute independ
  16. Although Ghumari studied in a Sunni Islamic university, he registered his own critical thinking and came up with views that were unpopular with his teachers in the Azhar University. He used to adopt views based on research even if they were outside the sect or the popular religious culture. Among such views are the following: ◾Unlike Sunni religious culture where all the companions of prophet Muhammad are venerated, Ghumari used to mention 6 of the companions without venerating them because they fought against Ali ◾He was among the scholars that rejected Islamic extremism, which he termed
  17. Muawiyah ibn Abu Sufyan, father of Yazid ibn Muawiyah (l.a) the accursed and ideological inspiration for Ibn Taymiyyah and Salafis. Muawiyah instigated the first fitnah against Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib (r.a). He killed 70.000 sahabas at the battle of Siffin. He killed Abu Bakr (r.a) son Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr and Ali (r.a) adoptive son, because he refused to curse Ali (r.a), bibi Aisha (r.a) started cursing Muawiyah after every salat for killing her brother which made Muawiyah kill her in return. He paid the wife of Hasan (r.a) for her to kill him, which she did and Hasan (r.a) agonized for 40
  18. I am Sunni but I think deep down I am a crypto shia. By Sunni standards of sahabas the Khawarij was also fallible. Muawiyah cannot be defended, period, he was a clear fasiq.
  19. Omar never attacked Lady Fatima (r.a) that's a made up story by extreme twelver xiites. Do you think the Lion of Allah couldn't beat Umar and Abu Bakr? Who was there with Fatima (r.a)?! Wasn't it Sayyidina Ali ibn Abu Talib (r.a)? Are you calling him weak can't defend his own wife?! If Umar went there Ali (r.a) would have beaten them there. You think no one would take up arms if this happened?! You try blaming the first to caliphates and you end up insulting Ali (r.a) and his friends.
  20. Narrated Abu Huraira: Once Allah's Apostle; offered the morning prayer and then faced the people and said, "While a man was driving a cow, he suddenly rode over it and beat it. The cow said, "We have not been created for this, but we have been created for sloughing." On that the people said astonishingly, "Glorified be Allah! A cow speaks!" The Prophet said, "I believe this, and Abu Bakr and 'Umar too, believe it, although neither of them was present there. While a person was amongst his sheep, a wolf attacked and took one of the sheep. The man chased the wolf till he saved it from the wolf, w
  21. brother, everyone stayed one more week the Prophet (s.a.w.s) after asking the paper and pen, he never asked again. Umar did ijtihad on the verse that say that the Prophet (s.a.w.s) is illiterate, how was he going to write? He was asking to write. The Prophet (s.a.w.s) could have rebuked Umar, why he didn't scolded Umar?
  22. still can't find any Sunni explanation to this verses. They maybe try to wobble you to the Jews who betrayed at medina but that don't make actuall sense since the Jews were not part of the sahaba and so we are left with this. Was Muawiyah part of that group in medina? The verse speak of the ansar and then point at hypocrites,maybe it can relate to the events of saqifa
  23. I still can't point out if Abu Hurairah really narrated these, if Bukhari and Muslims made them up, if people narrated on the name of Abu Hurairah or if people added to Bukhari and Muslim later. I really can't tell... But I can't stop laughing at the buttocks one
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