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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. She was nine when she married - As for consummation this varies. According to the Shafi'i madhab is at the age of 15
  2. In western law, anyone with 18 can marry on paper.
  3. Brother. Calling that state 'Israel' is prohibited in Judaism and Islam. You don't give Prophets names to a state.
  4. It's a well know argument among Sunnis that the majority cannot be wrong and that minor groups saying that a majority is wrong is itself wrong. How does shias refute this claim?
  5. I hope that Allah make their religion so hard upon them until they kill themselves, insha Allah
  6. Ya Allah :'( I pray for my brothers being oppressed. May Allah curse the Al Saud and their chitty interpretation.
  7. I believe so yes. No one can actually point were the name comes. That's why honestly don't care about labels. Because many good hearted Sunnis don't even like Muawiyah. Being judgmental is not part of adab
  8. Khidr is a Prophet. His figure is batil. Some Muslims say he is alive. He reportedly found the fountain of immortality and will die in day of judgement to be resurrected. There is some mentions of him among Bani Israel. As i said this is batil position, no one know for sure. He is a popular figure among Sufis.
  9. okay I did research. The name shia comes from a hadith were the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s) said to Ali (r.a) "Oh Ali, you and your shia are in paradise" referring to Bilal and Salman al Farsi. The name Whal Jammah came after Muawiyah ousted Ali (r.a) and Alhasan (r.a) - Following Hasan ibn Ali's abdication of the caliphate, all the Muslims (including the Sahabah and Tabi'een) gave their pledge of allegiance to Muawiyah I, bringing an end to civil war. That year was called the Aam Al Jamaat (Year of Unification). Sunnis will say - He brought peace and ended the war bla bla bla. They have s
  10. Birthday is not faith dogma of any religion, it's cultural. Yes salafis believe is bidah from hell. But that's not the position of any Sunni or Shia and not even the Khawarij Ibadis. There's nothing in the Sharia that prohibits urf.
  11. And leaving a debate is sunnah. I won't debate further Sunnis have a broad range of opinions on tawarih. As for Bidah, maybe you should read about it before condemning. You can ask Sheikh Wikipedia.
  12. Yes. Ibn Taymiyyah got from Twelver shia books that all Bidah Is bad. Now we have Salafism. Just let it go..
  13. A act of kufr dont make someone kaffir. Don't be a takfeeri
  14. I said that site is runned by Salafis. Not Sunnis. Sunnis celebrate Mawlid and believe in good and bad bidah. Wahhabis believe that those who celebrate Mawlid is going to hell in the deepest level of shirk and believe everyone is in bidah that is going to burn hell fire for eternity except them. Sunnis believe that Allah is merciful. Not this wahhabi idol with feets and hands sitting on a throne.
  15. Who cares with this stupid labels. They are salafis, not Sunnis. Why are you blaming everyone of us? 1 - It happens. 2 - That is Kufr 3 - Disrespectful 4 - I have no idea what is that 5 - That's good bidah 6 - Dishonesty 7 - That's really dishonest
  16. I saw the site. Is run by Salafis. Please stop calling them Sunnis.
  17. Brother. I classical sunnism there is good and bad bidah. This version of all bidah is bad is the same method that Wahhabis use. Madhabds are bidah, books of hadith is bidah, the methodologies to read the Qur'an and Hadiths are bidah. For example I saw a twelver who had the idea of reading tafseer of the Qur'an with the Qur'an. That's a bidah, but a good one. Usul is bidah. So on and so fort. There's good and bad bidah. This term of labeling all bidah bad is the same that Ibn Taymiyyah used and the same wahhabis use. Getting a piece of clay from Karbala to put your head in is bidah. Were does
  18. I can't lie because Islam forbid such thing. It's bidah. Mawlid is also bidah. I would be lying if I said that it isn't. The thing is that there is two types of Bidah, good and bad. I am not condemning anyone.
  19. I know that Muawiyah paid Hasan (r.a) wife to kill him and promised money and Yazid (l.a) hand for her. She poisoned AlHasan (r.a). Muawiyah paid her for killing her husband but denied she marry Yazid (l.a) since she killed her husband why would she stop at killing other? Muawiyah killed Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr (r.a) for refusing to curse Ali (r.a) and this made Aisha (r.a) start cursing him (Muawiyah) after every salat and after Muawiyah heard of Aisha (r.a) hatred for him he killed her.
  20. Aisha (r.a) died before Alhuseyn (r.a). I don't see what are you relating here.
  21. We still don't takfeer them. And we can ask Allah to forgive their mistakes. All the sahaba did mistakes in one way or the other may Allah forgive them. Muawiyah is other case because the Prophet (s.a.w.s) said he (Muawiyah) would die outside of Islam.
  22. I don't see how this verse relate to them. Aren't you twisting the Qur'an to suit your view like those guys who takfeered the Sahaba and Ali (r.a) because "Only Allah rule"? Ali (r.a) was on haq but that's it, we can quote several hadiths which Ali (r.a) agree with the first two caliphates and hadiths which Umar (r.a) take advise from Ali (r.a) and Ibn Abbas (r.a). Who was Ali (r.a) adoptive son? Muhammad Ibn Abu Bakr (r.a) which was Aisha (r.a) brother. There's a hadith in which Abu Bakr (r.a) take Alhuseyn (r.a) in his arms and say "Oh child, you look more like your grandfather then Ali (r.a
  23. Shia corpus or Twelver corpus? Were do you see Imam Ali (r.a) takfeering them? And woow, anyone who respect them are apostates? Maybe Imam Ali (r.a) was a apostate also for giving advise to them during their caliphates.Wow... Twelver extremism is like wahhabi extremism. Those two daughters are the wifes of the Prophet (s.a.w.s) they may have committed mistakes but all of them repented, especially bibi Aisha (r.a) who spent the rest of her life cursing Muawiyah. Maybe you aslo think the Prophet (s.a.w.s) is a apostate for marrying their daughters and respecting Abu Bakr and Umar? Astaqfirullah.
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