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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam/Shalom @placid. Currently I don’t have the time to respond in ShiaChat as a whole due to real life issues currently. But, once I get through with that, then I’ll respond back to your posts about my 3 questions w/ doubts once you’re finished that is. So continue on if you’re not finished. So far I don’t quite agree with you completely on a lot of things you’ve said answering my first two questions currently and would like to debate with you based on what you’ve posted so far, but like I said I’m busy right now. So carry on.
  2. IDK if you're joking. But I found that funny. Soo, Joke Post incoming. No disrespect. So basically, you're basing your analogy on one of the worst video games ever made Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (cuz of the funny bugs and glitches). The trucks move faster in reverse at max speed of 12.3 Undecillion MPH (far beyond the speed of light). Is this what you mean to achieve Time Traveling to the Past? . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8X7Vj6JXPk
  3. Shalom/Salam @placid Ohh ok I get it now. I actually thought the impression and the points you were making throughout your posts to me were the following based on my understanding, I thought that was the whole premise of your argument. Hence why you were debating and discussing the whole concept to me on top of answering my 3 Questions w/ Doubts. You also misunderstood the whole point of my first post so let me elaborate. Of course I don’t believe in the Trinity Theology but my point was to ASSUME if the Trinity Theology, the symbolic models representing the Theology, on top
  4. That is pure wickedness and irrational for what these Non-Muslims are doing. Just because a particular bad apples within the Muslim Community in India spread hatred, violence and malice amongst the Hindus. Muslims are not perfect people Hindus, but this is no excuse for you Hindus to justify this right of yours to get even with the Muslims. Being an Anti-Islamist is one thing, but being an Anti-Muslim is now another matter entirely that can result in bigotry and racism from a cultural perspective. Hindus. Imagine if the headline was switched to this, Or even better, This discri
  5. I've heard and took some elementary lessons learning Hebrew and Arabic to find out how eerily similar these languages sound despite some minor differences. Hebrew is the language of the Israelites, while Arabic is the language of not just the Arabs but of the Ishmaelites importantly given Prophet Ishmael/Ismail (AS)'s legacy he left behind in the soils of Arabia. I think it's a fair statement to state that both Hebrew and Arabic are brother languages. Now what I wish to discuss is the following, 1. If it is well known fact that both the Hebrew term "Shalom" and the Arabic term "Salam
  6. @THREE1THREE Calm down man, placid is so far maintaining his calmness. Work on your Akhlaaq (Manners). Your Aqal (Logic) is sound, but chill man. You’re being rude throughout. He’s just answering my 3 questions and doubts in my first post here in this topic that I brought forth against the Christian Trinity Theology by assuming it’s TRUE. Let him finish. No need to rush. So if he wishes to elaborate about why Adam can’t be considered a Son of God which I also brought up in one of my 3 Questions living up to the assumption that the Trinity Theology is true, let him finish. So far, I’m not
  7. Hi, @placid. I will admit that you brought a lot of interesting points that made me understood what I misunderstood about Christianity when understanding the whole concept of the Trinity Theology. So thank you for your cooperation. In the meantime, answer away with my questions and do your best to clear some of my doubts/misunderstandings. In the meantime, when you’re done with all that you have to say I’ll hopefully get back to you with my response. Still working out on your instructions to what you’re implying as making a Trinity Origami. I’ve seen a video of the Trinity Box Origami. You wan
  8. Isn't the whole point of God, is that He doesn't depend on His creations on anything. But, we as His Creations depend on Him for everything even if it doesn't seem like it. Besides defining Allah through attributes is simply Humanity's limited understanding of truly perceiving Him wholly, given the belief that God is beyond Humanity's understanding according to the teachings of our 12 Imams. Imam Ali (AS)'s take on teaching What God IS within Nahjul Balagha is truly mystifying. It definitely makes me understand that I as His creation can never truly understand Him. That's what makes Him so Gre
  9. The Trinity Theology is one of the most confusing theologies to grace Christianity. There is a reason why I consider Christianity to be The Black Sheep of The Abrahamic Religions despite their strong affinity in their undying love for Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام). The Trinity Theology simply put does not make sense given this famous model, Let's go through this model if this can be deduced logically So to break it down even simpler Let's assume if the Trinity theology, Prophet Jesus/Isa (AS)'s alleged crucifixion in order to die for Humanity's Si
  10. Here's another poignant, but very empathetic video about the horrific ramifications of time traveling into the past. Anyway, my vote is that Time Traveling into the Future in a sense where you slow down or speed up time is real due to Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Time Dilation. But, Time Traveling into the Past is simply impossible given such time paradoxes like the Grandfather's Paradox and the Bootstrap Paradox. Now why did I make this topic in an Off-Topic discussion. Because a part of me wishes I could undo my sins, and shortcomings (be they intention
  11. Ok so from what I get in this second video I posted, it is technically possible to time travel into the future, but not into the past as currently speaking. The video discusses Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Time Dilation for the possibility to either slow down time, or speed it up which affects the future. Idk. I just look at a clock or a watch and think that's what time is all about. The clock or watch always moves forward. I've yet to see a clock or a watch that moves backwards. What do our 12 Aimmahs think of what time is and see if they even discuss the possibility of time tr
  12. What do Muslims think of such a concept to travel back in time? Last time I checked (no pun intended), time moves forward. Not backwards. If it's possible to move back in time, imagine the number of time paradoxes that would ensue. Imagine just how much devastation it would cause when Non-Muslims would use such a means to travel back not only in the time period of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم), but also in the time period of Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام), Ibrahim/Abraham (عليه السلام), and any of the previous prophet's timelines to simply kill them all given their nature of disbelief, disc
  13. I've stumbled upon this particular ideal that some Western people hold on to on top of these articles that elaborates somewhat on the subject matter. https://www.hudson.org/research/7498-anti-anti-islamism https://caugustelliott.com/2016/03/21/anti-anti-islam/ Most of the people from the West are typically Anti-Islamists e.g. David Wood, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali regurgitating the same rhetoric through their own confirmation, selective, and genetically fallacious biases against Islam. Such people most likely rely upon using the Bad Translations of the Quran, the Hadiths, along
  14. This is an interesting debacle from a sociological perspective where what matters in a social setting is your Actions and not what your Intentions were. Actions are outwardly displayed and are open to interpretation while Intentions are inwardly displayed and are nearly impossible to tell. Take a Non-Muslim who clearly is having strong intentions living up to their selective and confirmation biases against Islam by relying upon bad interpretations and translations of the Quran and the Hadiths on top of being a cherry picker and disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) to j
  15. I just wanna post my defense when it comes to posting both the internet links and quoting the whole thing in the quote box.

    For those of you who don’t know of my position, I usually post a bit on the long side by providing not just the internet links, but also quoting the entirety of the internet link in the Quote Box. Why do I do this? Because what would happen if the internet links don’t work if such links I provide are mysteriously inaccessible or simply gone? We might lose possibly invaluable information. That’s what the intent was on my part for quoting the entirety of the internet link in the Quote Box along with the internet link as a contingency plan.

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