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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam/Shalom @placid. Currently I don’t have the time to respond in ShiaChat as a whole due to real life issues currently. But, once I get through with that, then I’ll respond back to your posts about my 3 questions w/ doubts once you’re finished that is. So continue on if you’re not finished. So far I don’t quite agree with you completely on a lot of things you’ve said answering my first two questions currently and would like to debate with you based on what you’ve posted so far, but like I said I’m busy right now. So carry on.
  2. IDK if you're joking. But I found that funny. Soo, Joke Post incoming. No disrespect. So basically, you're basing your analogy on one of the worst video games ever made Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (cuz of the funny bugs and glitches). The trucks move faster in reverse at max speed of 12.3 Undecillion MPH (far beyond the speed of light). Is this what you mean to achieve Time Traveling to the Past? . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8X7Vj6JXPk
  3. Shalom/Salam @placid Ohh ok I get it now. I actually thought the impression and the points you were making throughout your posts to me were the following based on my understanding, I thought that was the whole premise of your argument. Hence why you were debating and discussing the whole concept to me on top of answering my 3 Questions w/ Doubts. You also misunderstood the whole point of my first post so let me elaborate. Of course I don’t believe in the Trinity Theology but my point was to ASSUME if the Trinity Theology, the symbolic models representing the Theology, on top of the whole Christian Doctrine Trinitarian Fundamentalists believe in is TRUE. From that I intend to extrapolate the Logical Fallacies for why the entire premise of the Trinity on top of the Trinitarian Fundamentalist Christian Doctrine is FALSE in order to REFUTE the Doctrine of The Trinity. This is known as Proof by Contradiction (Reductio Ad Impossible). That was the entire premise of my first post. And given your debate and discussion with me you also wish to do the same logical proof tactic. Overall, we both misunderstood each other. I misunderstood that you elaborated upon when constructing the Symbolic Model on your terms and conditions. With your terms and conditions to explain the relationship you were elaborating upon explaining the Trinity Theology from your version of the symbolic model given that you don’t believe in the standard symbolic model most Christians agree to.
  4. That is pure wickedness and irrational for what these Non-Muslims are doing. Just because a particular bad apples within the Muslim Community in India spread hatred, violence and malice amongst the Hindus. Muslims are not perfect people Hindus, but this is no excuse for you Hindus to justify this right of yours to get even with the Muslims. Being an Anti-Islamist is one thing, but being an Anti-Muslim is now another matter entirely that can result in bigotry and racism from a cultural perspective. Hindus. Imagine if the headline was switched to this, Or even better, This discrimination against Muslims must STOP. You Non-Muslims are making FOOLS of yourselves if any of you consider this to be justifiable. This is appeal to minority fallacy. And Non-Muslims like YOU are relying deep upon this fallacy to exercise YOUR hatred and bigotry against Muslims are no different than the bad apples within the minority of Muslims exercising their violence, hatred, and malice against you. I don't give a DAMN if you're An Anti-Islamist. You have your reasons for hating on Islam. Whoop dee doo. But I do give a DAMN if you're an Anti-Muslim Bigot. No difference to being an Anti-Christian Bigot, Anti-Hindu Bigot, or an Anti-Semitic Bigot. Not all Muslims have anything against you Hindus nor with anyone. The Meat Eating Industry of USA and how most Non-Muslims practice are filled to the brim with all kinds of worst ways of killing All kinds of Animals for their Meat. At least Kosher and Halal, are FAR less offensive than what Non-Muslims practice for their humane slaughter of Animals.
  5. I've heard and took some elementary lessons learning Hebrew and Arabic to find out how eerily similar these languages sound despite some minor differences. Hebrew is the language of the Israelites, while Arabic is the language of not just the Arabs but of the Ishmaelites importantly given Prophet Ishmael/Ismail (AS)'s legacy he left behind in the soils of Arabia. I think it's a fair statement to state that both Hebrew and Arabic are brother languages. Now what I wish to discuss is the following, 1. If it is well known fact that both the Hebrew term "Shalom" and the Arabic term "Salam" mean the same thing which is translated as "Peace", then is there a Hebrew equivalent of the Arabic terms "Muslim", "Islam", "Kaafir", and "Shahaada"? 2. If Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, and all 3 Abrahamic Religions with most of their scholars are in agreement with this statement, then what was he? Some would like to simply label Abraham as a Monotheist and consider him a Founding Father of the 3 Abrahamic Religions. Plain and Simple. However, If its true in the Quran Surah 3:67 Now the meaning of the term "Muslim" in the Quran from what I understand from my teachings so far is that it is a universal term that is interrelated to the Shahaada (Statement of Faith) in Islam. Muslim: Those who submit themselves to the belief that there is no god except God, and Prophet So-and-So is His Messenger. Thus, Prophet Abraham submitted himself that there is no god except God, and He is God's Messenger. During Prophet Abraham (AS)'s time period, this Shahaada would be the norm to distinguish between those who submit and those who don't. Same case for Adam (عليه السلام) all the way to Jesus/Yehshua/Isa (عليه السلام). Therefore, the Arabic terms "Muslim" and "Kaafir" are God given universal labels within the Arabic Language to distinguish between those who submit to Him and accepted His Prophet as His Messenger at whichever timeline along with those who don't submit to Him and don't accept His Prophet as His Messenger. The current Shahaada of Islam is as follows in Transliteration of the original Arabic language Where Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) is God's Messenger. However, if we all were in Abraham's timeline, then the Shahaada in Arabic Transliteration would be, Where Abraham/Ibrahim (عليه السلام) is God's Messenger. Now that we've digested the Shahaada of Islam, what would be the Hebrew translated version of the "Shahaada" which is in Arabic language? 3. If the Quran is in original Classical Arabic, would it be a fair game if Muslim scholars translate the Quran from Classical Arabic to Classical Hebrew to see if the miracle of The Quran being the Word of Allah which is the Arabic term for the Hebrew term "Ellah" also holds true in Classical Hebrew? In other words, would translating the Quran from The Original Classical Arabic to Classical Hebrew be a 100% Accurate and Perfect Translation? What makes me so angry at this day and age is how Non-Muslims with their ignorance do NOT understand the Arabic Language of The Quran which makes me think that such Non-Muslims are projecting their inherent racism towards the Arabs and NOT considering learning their own language to understand just how Context Sensitive The Quran is. Similar case can be made for the Hebrew Language as well.
  6. @THREE1THREE Calm down man, placid is so far maintaining his calmness. Work on your Akhlaaq (Manners). Your Aqal (Logic) is sound, but chill man. You’re being rude throughout. He’s just answering my 3 questions and doubts in my first post here in this topic that I brought forth against the Christian Trinity Theology by assuming it’s TRUE. Let him finish. No need to rush. So if he wishes to elaborate about why Adam can’t be considered a Son of God which I also brought up in one of my 3 Questions living up to the assumption that the Trinity Theology is true, let him finish. So far, I’m not in total agreement with what he’s saying, but from what I’m reading through placid’s reply to me he’s coming across genuine and honest. I’ll soon respond back to him with his arguments and understanding once he’s finished.
  7. Hi, @placid. I will admit that you brought a lot of interesting points that made me understood what I misunderstood about Christianity when understanding the whole concept of the Trinity Theology. So thank you for your cooperation. In the meantime, answer away with my questions and do your best to clear some of my doubts/misunderstandings. In the meantime, when you’re done with all that you have to say I’ll hopefully get back to you with my response. Still working out on your instructions to what you’re implying as making a Trinity Origami. I’ve seen a video of the Trinity Box Origami. You want me to make something like this to understand the relationship right? https://youtu.be/UyuNRQStgm8 Can you in some way provide visuals as well on how to make your Trinity. Cause words can only convey so much and I might be doing something wrong with one of those steps. Besides all that, Idk why would that help me understand the relationship of the Trinity, when most of the symbolic models of the Trinity such as the one I already posted, on top of the original Emperor Constantine’s Chi Ro Trinity Symbol seem to get the job done. It just needs to be interpreted correctly that’s all. They already do their best explaining the relationship between The One and Only God and His split into 3 entities: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. Peace/Salaam/Shalom to you placid. Salaam @THREE1THREE, you really know your stuff. So far I’ve looked upon the fundamentals and foundations of The Trinity Theology on Christian Fundamentalist websites and Evangelists from the likes of *sigh* David Wood. So my understanding of it is a bit all over the place. I would advise you to please watch your Akhlaaq (Manners). I’m not saying you’re wrong, but chill man. You know how some people be. It’s up to them if they wish to be convinced or not. You remind me of another ShiaChat user @baradar_jackson who gets really mad when you talk illogical and dumb about anything. I think what would help would be for you to link your sources to back up everything you say so far about Christianity and your understanding of it. I know that you did when skimming through your comments, but you know some people. Some ain’t got time to read all that, so you might as well provide website links for people to click on that in order to refer to and see where you’re coming from. PS: I’m currently writing this through my iPhone 6S so I can’t post the images that I wish to post for further clarity.
  8. Isn't the whole point of God, is that He doesn't depend on His creations on anything. But, we as His Creations depend on Him for everything even if it doesn't seem like it. Besides defining Allah through attributes is simply Humanity's limited understanding of truly perceiving Him wholly, given the belief that God is beyond Humanity's understanding according to the teachings of our 12 Imams. Imam Ali (AS)'s take on teaching What God IS within Nahjul Balagha is truly mystifying. It definitely makes me understand that I as His creation can never truly understand Him. That's what makes Him so Great. But just because I don't understand God wholly doesn't mean I should view Him as Evil per say when He is the Creator of All that is Good while Evil is the absence of Good (Similar to a Light and Darkness Motif). Evil is just as much of a creation of God alongside Good. So, God surpasses Good and Evil. He is beyond the realm of Good and Evil. He is Great. He can do whatever He Want and Will.
  9. The Trinity Theology is one of the most confusing theologies to grace Christianity. There is a reason why I consider Christianity to be The Black Sheep of The Abrahamic Religions despite their strong affinity in their undying love for Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام). The Trinity Theology simply put does not make sense given this famous model, Let's go through this model if this can be deduced logically So to break it down even simpler Let's assume if the Trinity theology, Prophet Jesus/Isa (AS)'s alleged crucifixion in order to die for Humanity's Sins, and we Muslims shall not be saved if we don't accept Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) as our Lord and Savior are ALL TRUE. Here are my 3 questions and doubts which shows glaring ramifications from a spiritual perspective, 1. If Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) truly died for Humanity's Sins then ALL of Humanity shouldn't Sin regardless of their beliefs. Period. Yet the vast majority of Humanity, including Christians who genuinely practice and preach the teachings of Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) through the Bible, Sin regardless. Spiritually speaking, if you acknowledge and put your faith in Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) as your Lord and Savior, you're virtually 100% guaranteed Sinless, similar to achieving salvation, in the eyes of God despite your tendencies and capabilities of Sinning afterwards. Do you have any idea how broken, illogical, and borderline unfair this spiritual perspective sounds in theory? You could be the most evil and despicable person that ever lived in the History of Mankind and still be considered 100% Sinless as long as you genuinely acknowledge and put your faith in Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) as your Lord and Savior. This makes the whole point of taking responsibility for your actions based on your sins on top of begging God for Forgiveness completely pointless, null, superfluous, and void which is unfair because you genuinely accepted Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) as your Lord and Savior which is the true Ultimatum of what it really means to be Christian. Christians therefore, cannot get away making such excuses for a Christian brethren not being a Christian via committing heinous crimes and sins against the Lord and amongst Mankind, if they are 100% Sinless in The Lord's Eyes and genuinely practice and preach the teachings of Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) regardless of their sinful, wicked nature. If I sinned and never repented throughout my Life towards God committing heinous crimes and spreading evil, I should be punished and brought to justice in Hell for all eternity due to my stubborn and rigid nature. 2. If Jesus should be considered as a Son of God (which is a debated term in all 3 aspects: literal, symbolic, and metaphorical) then why can't Adam, The First Human Being Ever, be considered the Son of God regardless of the Original Sin? God created Adam directly without the need of a virgin mother. For God to not consider Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) as The Son of God is truly unfair, ungrateful, and unjust of Him within Judeo-Christian scriptures. Who cares if Adam sinned, he's still the first Human Being and makes more logical and emotionally touching sense to be considered as The True Son of God compared to Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام). The concept of the Original Sin doesn't make sense given that Christians hold a model to believe that Prophets make mistakes and sins, Adam's "Original Sin" shouldn't be considered a Sin based on the Abrahamic Religious Fact that he is The First Human Being Ever alongside Eve. It should be considered "The Original Mistake" or "The Original Misunderstanding". He didn't know he was being deceived by Satan when he ate the Forbidden Fruit nor did he had the knowledge or even experienced the concept of what Evil is unlike the Free Will Angels in Judeo-Christian scriptures who obviously came into creation way before Adam and already have experience and knowledge with the concept of Evil. He had the first experience of a Human Being. So why be so hard on Adam Christians? No respect and just borderline unfair. 3. Finally for my last question on top of my doubts, is the fact that if it is established in the Old Testament that The God of Abraham is One and Only, then why would He in the NT feel the need to split Himself into 3 entities? Many Christians would justify that because God is All Powerful, there is an emotional sentiment that God wants to understand How His Creations truly live their lives in such a Temporal State of Being. Hence, he brought Himself down into a state of 3 entities where He can truly feel and interact with Humanity through Prophet Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام) given the model that The One and Only God is also The Son. By doing something like this, this would be a way for Him to understand and empathize How different He is compared to His creations. The problem with this emotional sentiment when understanding the Trinity Theology is that God already knows the suffering, the pain, the joy, the sorrow, the determination, and the potential of what Humanity is capable of. He didn't need to bring Himself down into the realm of existence similar to an Avatar like state based on Hinduism/Sanathan Dharma in order for Humanity to understand the concept of the existence of God. God is Omnipotent and Omnipresent. He's beyond everything in this temporary state of existence. A creator always knows how His creations go throughout their trials and tribulations. It doesn't make logical sense for a Creator to step down and join alongside His creations to go through the same trials and tribulations He himself designed if He already knows and understands what they go through.
  10. Here's another poignant, but very empathetic video about the horrific ramifications of time traveling into the past. Anyway, my vote is that Time Traveling into the Future in a sense where you slow down or speed up time is real due to Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Time Dilation. But, Time Traveling into the Past is simply impossible given such time paradoxes like the Grandfather's Paradox and the Bootstrap Paradox. Now why did I make this topic in an Off-Topic discussion. Because a part of me wishes I could undo my sins, and shortcomings (be they intentional or not) by going back in time and preventing myself from committing acts of sins (both intentional and unintentional) and overcoming my faults/shortcomings given that I'm fallible and all like any other Human Being. But there's also another part of me that says how will I grow as a person by doing something like that and just accept my fate in Hell. I am not worthy deserving Heaven, but I also don't want to go to Hell deep down due to my own sins and shortcomings (intentional or not). But, if I must go to Hell, then so be it if it will please the God of Abraham. I'll still worship Him in Hell regardless.
  11. Ok so from what I get in this second video I posted, it is technically possible to time travel into the future, but not into the past as currently speaking. The video discusses Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Time Dilation for the possibility to either slow down time, or speed it up which affects the future. Idk. I just look at a clock or a watch and think that's what time is all about. The clock or watch always moves forward. I've yet to see a clock or a watch that moves backwards. What do our 12 Aimmahs think of what time is and see if they even discuss the possibility of time travel?
  12. What do Muslims think of such a concept to travel back in time? Last time I checked (no pun intended), time moves forward. Not backwards. If it's possible to move back in time, imagine the number of time paradoxes that would ensue. Imagine just how much devastation it would cause when Non-Muslims would use such a means to travel back not only in the time period of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم), but also in the time period of Jesus/Isa (عليه السلام), Ibrahim/Abraham (عليه السلام), and any of the previous prophet's timelines to simply kill them all given their nature of disbelief, discrediting the Religion of The One and Only God which would cause a radical change in the present and future timelines. Personally I'm just glad and grateful to Allah that this time travel is just a theory. Theories are subject to change over time and can't necessarily prove something to be true at face value as long as there's scrutiny.
  13. I've stumbled upon this particular ideal that some Western people hold on to on top of these articles that elaborates somewhat on the subject matter. https://www.hudson.org/research/7498-anti-anti-islamism https://caugustelliott.com/2016/03/21/anti-anti-islam/ Most of the people from the West are typically Anti-Islamists e.g. David Wood, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali regurgitating the same rhetoric through their own confirmation, selective, and genetically fallacious biases against Islam. Such people most likely rely upon using the Bad Translations of the Quran, the Hadiths, along with their lack of understanding (AKA being willfully ignorant) the Arabic Language to justify their stance on Islam being an evil Religion brought by Satan. Anti Anti-Islamism is something different. It basically can be considered an ideal at best or a conspiracy theory at worst where people who subscribe to Anti-Islamism are just exaggerating how evil Islam is and how this religion is hell bent on world domination just like the Anti-Communists as I quote given the websites I've listed in question, This sounds interesting. What do you all think of this?
  14. This is an interesting debacle from a sociological perspective where what matters in a social setting is your Actions and not what your Intentions were. Actions are outwardly displayed and are open to interpretation while Intentions are inwardly displayed and are nearly impossible to tell. Take a Non-Muslim who clearly is having strong intentions living up to their selective and confirmation biases against Islam by relying upon bad interpretations and translations of the Quran and the Hadiths on top of being a cherry picker and disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) to justify his biases against Islam being an evil religion brought by Satan. In Action he/she/they want to be portrayed and displayed openly as pretty nice people all around to everyone including Muslims despite their intentions which is hidden and they make sure to keep it that way to confuse people. Soo where do we draw the line exactly? Are Human Beings as a whole all being hypocritical when having different intentions but acting completely different to their intentions which is contrary. Steadfastness and being in sync with your Intentions and Actions are important. Sure it makes you a very predictable and boring person, but its better than (God Forbid) a Hypocrite. I do have a hard time understanding this topic, but what I do wish to be in sync with having Good Intentions and Acting Good all around to people. Sometimes, Human Beings are just not in sync. I wonder why? Going through miserable times, and being confused? Probably.
  15. I just wanna post my defense when it comes to posting both the internet links and quoting the whole thing in the quote box.

    For those of you who don’t know of my position, I usually post a bit on the long side by providing not just the internet links, but also quoting the entirety of the internet link in the Quote Box. Why do I do this? Because what would happen if the internet links don’t work if such links I provide are mysteriously inaccessible or simply gone? We might lose possibly invaluable information. That’s what the intent was on my part for quoting the entirety of the internet link in the Quote Box along with the internet link as a contingency plan.

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