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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. First thing first from what I have to say. May Allah grant the 50+ victims the status of "Martyr" and be remembered as such. I've made duas to the victims and their respective families ever since the incident was informed by my family members a day ago. Now with that out of the way, let's get down to business with what I have to say about this event and what I came to understand. DISCLAIMER: I'm not defending the "Shooter", but stating out an important reason why this event occurred and for what reason. Even still, Two wrongs don't make it right in the end and this "Shooter" should be branded as a "Terrorist" just as much as Salafi and Wahabbi Muslims out there and deserve to be given the death penalty. In the meantime, this "Shooter" as I put that term loosely, was a Neo-Nazi anti-Islamic memer who wanted to start a massive Civil War upon the US and probably the entirety of Europe for them to revolt and overthrow Muslims out of their countries so that "Islamic Terrorism" doesn't occur. He heartlessly massacred 50+ Muslims at New Zealand for the LOLZ and piss all over the media for not covering up the atrocities of what Muslims (Possibly from Sunni Islam since Sunnis make up 90% of the Muslim Ummah) are doing in their countries such as Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt against the minorities over there. For this "Shooter" to be considered Insane according to the News, he had reasonable motives and careful planning when observing his manifesto. So please don't let the media even glorify this "Shooter". Don't brand him Insane either. Just give him the death penalty with no court trial. I've read something interesting from other websites throughout the internet where some internet people are going out of their way to find embarrassing things and stuff to ridicule/de-glorify this "Shooter". As if that's going to help anyone other than hurting the "Shooter"'s infamous image and possibly his feelings. I'm sorry if anyone takes offense into reading this post, but I have to let it out of my chest since I cannot begin to process what has just happened and I have to understand what just happened. In the meantime, I'll soon make another post commemorating the victims and see what could I find about them so they be remembered. Perhaps this is a sign for things to come since the Wahabbi and Salafi sect of Sunni Islam have the utmost power to commit atrocities under the name of Islam.
  2. Well the way how I worded might seem jumbled due to my overthinking nature and not being concise. But, oh well. What's jumbled to some is clear to others.
  3. @hasanhh Because I do my best to serve Allah through following the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his family The Ahlul-Bayt. Not my own ego and I go to great lengths to remain ego-less. Hence I don't expect anyone, be they Muslim or Non-Muslim, to agree with me despite the question assuming everyone agreed with me because I do my best to serve Allah. Not my ego. I played my part, served my part, and leave my part up to Allah. Plus, the way how the question is worded caters towards people who'll answer this question with an ego.
  4. Personally speaking my answer is NO. Because Life in this Temporal Universe would be boring. If everyone agreed with me then there would be no reason for me to push myself to get good and strong as a person in terms of everything (mental, physical, spiritual, and intellectual). Plus, the whole notion of Free Will for Humanity becoming obsolete and yadayada. Plus, I don't expect anyone to agree with me regardless of my enmity or friendly towards them. I wonder what would the answer be for the Prophets of Allah/Ellah including the Ahlul-Bayt if they were presented with a question like this? Only Allah/Ellah knows. Only Allah/Ellah knows.
  5. Noam Chomsky. What an interesting thought provoking man. I always admired the way he articulates his points. It seems bizarre for a man like him being critical towards America and other western nations with their foreign policies towards Other Nations alongside Middle East nations. Especially with his upbringing being an American Jewish Family where many people would expect him to be pro-Israel and pro-West with his arguments. But no, he maintains a sense of realism when he addresses his points and takes no sides whatsoever as far as my readings about him tells me (prove me wrong). A critic that goes out of his way to be as unbiased as humanly possible (again prove me wrong if my readings about him is off).
  6. I have nothing good to say nor do I wish to associate myself with these presidents. Especially towards the Bush family. This man allowed his eldest son George W Bush led the foundation of instigating one of the most pointless wars in not just American History, but Human History for all time (Iraq War).
  7. An article about wombat's poop turning into cube shaped poops. What a brilliant metaphor for how close minded and facetious you're coming across. It's one thing to disagree on what people think the Muslim world needs right now, but its another thing entirely for you to look down upon the whole art of philosophy being nothing more than people being pretentious and pseudo-intellectual madmen. So what's your statement that I highlighted, underlined, and increased the size of one word for convenience, emphasis, and understanding, "All of what constitutes Philosophy are pretentious, intellectual flatulence". You sir could make the same remark about The Prophets (AS) of Allah along with Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Ahlul Bayt's philosophies being nothing more than pretentious, intellectual flatulence for the ignorant masses. What sheer hypocrisy. I have nothing against Science. I just don't put my trust on this field anymore due to a few bad apples of scientists using "Science' as a means of indulging in Eugenics (Gene Manipulation of All Living Things) and Weapons of Mass Destruction (Atom Bombs and Nuclear Weapons).
  8. @Reza I understand what you mean for what the Muslim Ummah need more since it is realistic. I was just trying to make an idealistic stance despite being unrealistic because the realism behind Muslims needing more scientists probably would never happen due to the sectarian violence/divisions it would cause on a greater scale. Plus, it would delve into a more controversial topic about Islam under realism whether it’s still in unity or has it become divided in the same light as Judaism and Christianity.
  9. Why not both? Have a hardline established ‘philosophy of peace’ that ALL of Humanity can agree on which will allow for scientific growths and achievements dedicated for bettering Humanity and achieving peace. Science and Philosophy should go together. Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)’s legacy speaks for itself. If there is no established ‘Philosophy of Peace’ to support Scientific Growth, then we’ll just be walking the path of Qabil by creating even more Weapons of Mass Destruction and Chaos. My vote: Philosophy. Because to me, Philosophy comes first, then Science later.
  10. Based on how current events are going, it seems FouseyTube is having a bad case of a mental illness. Maybe someone can enlighten me under what branch and sect does FouseyTube adhere to in Islam if he's going to consider himself as a Muslim. If Sunni, then under what sect? If Shia, then under what sect? Because to me personally, he along with another Muslim Youtuber Adam Saleh, are such terrible influences to everybody regardless of their beliefs to the point they don't even deserve to be known as Muslims in the eyes of the Muslim Ummah nor to Non-Muslims either. All on the outside, but what about the inside when it comes to being a Muslim? I think these so-called celebrity "Muslim" Youtubers should ask themselves. Too bad self-reflection and humbling yourself these days is a rare thing for anyone to do.
  11. IRL I have no friends. To me there is a difference between establishing a Friendly Relationship and a Peaceful Relationship with someone regardless of their beliefs/race/creed/religion or their enmity/peaceful disposition towards me. When having a Peaceful Relationship with someone it doesn't necessarily mean you're friends with that someone. You could make peace with your enemies and that counts as having a Peaceful relationship with that enemy. But your enemy shall remain as your enemy to the bitter end. I just chose to make peace with my enemy so we both go our separate ways through compromises in order to not succumb to violence against them. Overall, I can make peaceful relationships towards my allies and my enemies if they desire peace. When having a Friendly Relationship with someone, this is a special bond between 2 or more individuals who share common grounds amongst each other even if they are radically different from each other in terms of their beliefs/race/creed/religion. So, the bond becomes sacred and irreplaceable.
  12. Let's be real here @andres. It's not even the idea that some Muslims will immediately consider the Trinity Theology of Christianity a Polytheistic belief, but based on the concept of how Monotheism is defined, the Trinity Theology unfortunately challenges the notion of Tawheed "The Oneness of God" which is a big NONO in not only Islam, but also in some sects of Judaism. You're making a statement that The God of Abraham can do whatever He wants and wills which would easily explain The Trinity Theology and why He could split Himself into 3 forms that constitute The Father (YHWH), The Son (Prophet Jesus/Isa (AS)), and The Holy Spirit. However, what The God of Abraham does must correlate with reason. There is always a reason for why God does what He wills and wants. Sure we as Human Beings may never understand His reasons immediately (maybe someday in the distant future), but The Trinity Theology defies reason altogether based on what I'm about to present so allow me to give you the benefit of the doubt. If it is established under the Old Testament in The Bible that The God of Abraham is One and Only (which would strongly imply that He is "Whole" as well given by the "Only" nature of Him) based on given evidences (Deuteronomy 4:35-39, Deut 6:4, and Psalms 86:10) then what reason does He/It have in the New Testament to seemingly split His Oneness into 3 entities: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit? Is He/It not limiting His immeasurable power by doing so? Why Prophet Jesus/Isa (AS) as the Son of God? Because he came into existence from his virgin mother Mary? Why not Prophet Adam (AS) be the Son of God since he came into existence without the need of a mother and a father and YHWH directly created him? Does that not make his existence superior to Prophet Jesus/Isa (AS)? Case in point, The Christian Trinity makes no sense to Muslims just as much as "some" Jews since it seemingly violates the concept of Monotheism (Tawheed) of The God of Abraham in all respects. This concept of monotheism Christians propose is truly alienating because of the plausibility of the Trinity Theology that was established as a doctrine from the Council of Nicea at 325 AD, ascribing Prophet Jesus/Isa (AS) and The Holy Spirit being equal to YHWH (The Father) which IMO goes against everything the OT YHWH was described being One and Only. It's not that Reason is all around superior to The God of Abraham, but He's so above and beyond everything His creations could comprehend that Reason follows Him.
  13. @iraqi_shia What @andres is trying to discuss here is the Quranic Manuscript Controversy where the First 3 Caliphs (most notably Umar and Uthman) have already compiled their Quran Manuscript that the vast majority of Muslims have today in which the Order of The Chapters/Suras are NOT in Revelation Order that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). https://www.missionislam.com/quran/revealationorder.htm http://tanzil.net/docs/revelation_order Also I would like to introduce these websites that talks about The Quranic Manuscript Controversy to all my Muslim brothers to engage in this important discussion https://www.islamic-awareness.org/quran/text/mss/ https://www.al-islam.org/al-tawhid/vol-8-no4/some-old-manuscripts-holy-quran-kazim-mudir-shanehchi We know that our beloved First Imam Ali-ibne-Abi-Talib (AS) compiled his own Quranic Manuscript, but was rejected by the authority of Umar and Uthman in favor of the Quranic Manuscript we Muslims have nowadays in which the ordering of the Suras is in terms of how long the Ayats are in which Chapters (e.g. Surah Baqara is the second chapter from The Quran we have while in Revelation Order it is the 87th Chapter of The Quran). So I must ask an important question. If we know that Surah Al-Alaq (Chapter 96) is the First Chapter revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the Cave of Hira then how do we know this information? Because no verse in The Quran starts with Iqra (Read) other than Surah 96: Al-Alaq? How did we obtained this information about the Quran's Suras not being in Revelation Order? Did we obtain this information from how Ali-ibne-Abi-Talib compiled his Quranic Manuscript? Was his (AS)'s Quranic Manuscript in an order by which the suras were revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) chronologically? You should know better that all living creatures God creates will speak differently. But, you as a Christian should understand that The God of Abraham gifted Prophet Solomon/Sulaiman (AS) the ability to speak to different living beings in our beloved planet? So, of course the way how Solomon (AS) will speak to a living being that is Non-Human will be incomprehensible for Modern Man to understand, but what The Quran confirms that these are what the Non-Human living beings that Prophet Solomon (AS) conversed with spoke. Do you doubt how Prophet Solomon (AS) interpreted the Non-Human living creatures he spoke during his lifetime? How Un-Christian of you. At least, The Quran confirms this as a phenomenon. All in all, I would like to end it with this. Even though The Suras of The Quran might not be in Revelation Order, the Ayats of The Quran at the very least are preserved 100% based on the information of what we know about The Sahabas of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and their legacy, https://www.al-islam.org/prophethood-and-prophet-islam-ayatullah-ibrahim-amini/revelation-and-preservation-quran Sure not all Sahabas were perfect as Sunnis would like to believe, but some did their best to follow Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and memorize the ayats with 100% accuracy.
  14. I see. You're saying if Pagan Arab sources about their history/culture written by Pagans exists other than Islamic sources explaining the history/culture of Pagan Arabia and The Quran. I guess if you put it that way, then it would seem to appear as a resounding NO since the majority of them were illiterate... FOR NOW. However, I would wager that such sources you imply have yet to be discovered. Personally, I think that such sources you're implying have yet to be discovered at Saudi Arabia (most notably at Mecca and Madinah), but of course the Wahabbi Kings there would never allow the land they oppressed the majority of Muslims to excavate any potential Pagan Arab sources buried deep beneath the soils of Mecca.
  15. While I can see the reasoning for this @Abu Hadi, the issue stems from when both users from opposing sides are debating amongst one another and one or both of the users clearly wants to win the debate at any means necessary. So if an issue occurs like this, does that mean that such users are spam bots? I'll take your warning of Spam Bots infiltrating ShiaChat seriously just so you know. Anyway, my motto when debating is as follows: I don't debate to win. I debate to learn and get schooled.
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