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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I'm part of the developer team of VRKarbala (in case you guys don't know what is it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vrkarbala.vrkarbala&hl=en ). And we're experiencing a problem with our new version of the app since we moved our backend to firebase. The thing is that with Firebase we're able to get a lot of analytic data is quiet easy to use and very eficient. But we have a problem and is that 45% of our users are from Iran and they're not able to use the application unless they're a VPN... Not all of them know about this, so many people think that the app is just not working. Or when they can get to it using a VPN, their internet connection is not good enough as for reproducing the content. Is here some developer who knows about an alternative that could work in Iran? -- If this content is not correct to post it here please do let me know! I'd not like to be doing something wrong. Thank you, Daniel
  2. Adidas ultraboost, I'm in love with them
  3. 1st goal, he feels the little contact from Nacho and throws himself to the floor. Ok, it was penalty, and he scores it. 2nd goal, well, what to say about the Spanish keeper today 3rd goal, good kick from a unecessary fault caused by Pique in front of the area.. Spanish team was way superior to Portugal, we had the control of the match, but we were unlucky to do some mistakes that we could have not done..
  4. What a start for Spain... He didn't even touch Ronaldo...
  5. Goal to Iran hahaha, what a goal from the Moroccan player
  6. And tonight Spain - Portgal
  7. Can't wait to see Mo Salah again! Egypt is not doing that bad against Uruguay, let's see when he comes Edit: Suárez is playing soo, soo bad today..
  8. Yeah, not the best news 2 days before the world cup starts... But well, I think the Spanish Federation president made a good decision, you can't keep a coach who has no word, or respect for the team, and Lopetegui did wrong here... Let's see how it goes with Fernando Hierro! The Spanish team is the same, same players, same motivation for sure! Hope we do good this year
  9. Salam broter, it is not possible for me to send you a PM so I'll post my email address here:


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  10. Iran VS Spain is going to be interesting
  11. I speak Spanish so I can understand Portuguese pretty well! Podríamos entendernos seguro si hablamos en portugués y español!
  12. I'm in same situation brother, and here we are! Better times will come brother And as many said before, we're not alone at all, we got each other here in Shiachat! Btw, I've seen you live in DK, I might be moving there for the comming summer! So maybe we can get in contact here and hopeffuly we can be friends and meet in the future inshaAllah
  13. Thank you brother, Yes, my family had accepted me converting to Islam, it was a little difficult for them at the begging but now they understand and are okay with it. Thank you for your answer! But my topic was more like asking about the procedure for asking the girl hand for the family. Like, should the Imam call the dad before we go to her house? Once there, how should I act? I have to buy the ring now before talking with her family for the first time?, etc.. That may be something very usual for most of you, but me as a converted know just a little bit about the way I should do it. What type of clothing should I use, etc.. I know the imam might help me with this questions too, but I also wanted to read the general opinion and experiences here in shiachat! Thank you
  14. Salam everyone, I'm a reverted Shia muslim, and I know a little bit about the proposal procedure, I've listened and read about it, but I don't feel that's enough. I'd like to ask for your personal experience, or if you could guide me by explaining the procedure since I think I've arrived to the moment when I'd like to ask for the hand of the woman I think is the right person to get marry with. As a converted I know it might be difficult. I've become a close borther-and friend- with an afghan Imam (the girl is afghan) who offered me help with it, and he would come with me to the family house, so he could talk with the family about me. Please, I'd like to read your experiences, or if you could explain me step by step the procedure, and all the things I need to do in order to show respect for the family. Should my family (Spanish (non-muslim)) come with me too? Thank you in advance for your time and help!
  15. How could I guide a sister under that situation? I will not say details, but it kills me to see a sister wearing hijab in real life, to post photos of herself on the internet, because "she needs to talk with people because she's stressed, or has fights with her family, so she needs to talk to other people different from her family sometimes"
  16. And also, congratulate you into embracing into Islam!
  17. We're you from? I'm a Spanish guy living in Barcelona! There's a small Shia mosque in the center of Barcelona, and also a small group of Afghan Shia's community, we could show up in there!
  18. I love Airports too! I've been working in the Barcelona airport for more than a year and don't get tired of it! If someone from here is ever travelling through the Barcelona airport, message me and could give you access to the VIP lounge!
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