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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) As a very long standing member and Admin of this site - I feel like its time to hang it up. Ive spent a lot of time here, and met a lot of great brothers and sisters. I don't have the time to actually benefit the site any more and I feel like its becoming more of a hinderence to my time than any thing else. I am sorry to any one I have offended - and to any one who has been wronged by me - please forgive me or at least contact me and let me know if you require my apology. Other wise - May Allah bless all of you with the light of guidance through the Ahlulbayt (as). - Al-Mufeed.
  2. This is nothing new hes attacked several Maraja and other respected scholars. He is a disturbed individual, and most probably suffers from some mental issues. I know him and his family personally. Hes not all there in the head.
  3. Your statement isnt correct because there is a plataue. If a gymnist weighs like 130 or so pounds, lifing double or even tripple their body weight is very doable - although impressive. However that means that they are lifting under 400 pounds of weight. The human body can only lift so much - even if you start getting physically heavier. A guy who is 250 pounds - even if its 100% muscle - would have a really really difficult time lifting 750 pounds, if he did it would be most impressive - that would be world class actually. For example the world record for the Clean and Jerk was set by Rezazadeh at 263 KG, RezaZadeh probably weighs around 150 kilos. The weight is less than even double his body weight - but this is the current world record, and people lighter/heavier than him who train for lifting weights their entire life can not beat this. Ive seen videos of ronnie coleman deadlifting 800 pounds, which is very impressive at any body weight, and that is an elite - world class level deadlift. Granted he is on steroids, but probably 99.9% of strength athlets are on steroids.
  4. with proper training and technique its actually not as difficult as it seems, even at that age. Although still impressive. I doubt that the old man is on steroids - Ronnie Coleman on the other hand... well that one is a no brainer. Also just a question .. where did it say it was 220kg? This is in texas - in the u.s the weights are done in pounds not kilos - those look like 2 x 45 pound plates on each side with the bar (standard is 45 pounds) should be - 225 pounds. About 100 kilos.
  5. This is one of the lesser known atrocities that took place at the hands of the imperialists. If I recall correctly an aproximate 10 million Iranians starved to death. As an Ummah - I think we often over look how deep the impacts of imperialism and colonialism have been and still are.
  6. As long as she understands that when she is going through the motions of Salat and reciting the words in english the second time she prays that this is not prayer - ie it is not actual salat and it doesnt count as salat, then there is no fiqh/shariah problem with what she is doing. The only suggestion I have is that if she is very newly converted- that she becareful not to burn her self out doing this all the time, as then she may start to get tired and consider the whole ordeal burdonsome. As others suggested - it may be better for her to try learn the meaning of the words outside of prayer and try and focus on those words. This is what over a billion muslims do world wide 90% of whom do not understand arabic.
  7. I was going to post the picture of Sayed Khamenie (ha) with the broken sandal, but Repenter beat me to it. It should also be noted that his own children ride around on public transportation. Next time some one sees Sayed Khamenie (ha) riding around in some luxary jet wearing 5,000 dollar suits like obama - or ridding in a solid gold carriage Saddam style, please post up the videos/pictures.
  8. I get enough of a work out lifting my self out of bed.
  9. (salam) jaguar_knight , The thing is that you cant blame women for being who they are. This is the way Allah created them. Not to be deceptive to you or to others - or to hurt you - but they have been created to be cautious, doubtful about men - and emotional in their nature. Blame the society - it has corrupted many of these women, or it has put them in a place that is outside of their role. Islam has placed the wilayah of a girls marriage in the hands of her father. If he his an adil mumin man he will step in and direct her/encourage her towards marrying a person who fits Islams criteria. If the father were to teach the daughter about this when she was young, and be active in encouraging her to accept proposalas where teh person is mumin and fits Islamic criteria, you - nor virtually any decent shia brother would have any problems in getting married. The problem is the parents - dont respect Islam or understand it enough - nor do they understand their daughters. Instead they lave these poor girls to be unmarried till they are in their mid 20s - give them essentially no guidance on the matter - sit idly by while they are corrupted by all sorts of satanic ideas about love/realationships/sex etc through society and the media - that are all far from Islam and their fitrah. Then they expect that these girls are going to be capable and of sound mind and soul to make the correct decision on their own when it comes to accepting a proper suitor? The reality is that virtually every single person I know - to include very mumin people - who were also financially stable and even good looking to boot - who have gone through the exact same thing that you went through, and the same issues I have described. Look just on this thread at how many brothers whose situations have mirrored the things that I described. This is the reality in todays world. Now what you need to do is keep these things in mind and when you enter in to the next relationship (inshaAllah) you will know exactly what to look out for and what to do. I am sure you are feeling very upset over the matter, but thank Allah that you even have the ability to get married - and thank him for every thing that has happened. INshaAllah he will provide you with a spouse that is much better.
  10. lol your making it sound like this guy was married to this girl or some thing. "Terrible wound" .. "hurt".. come on I dont even think you believe th words your saying, if you do - you got some issues of your own. He has no relationship with this woman at all - hes just infatuated with her. These are the actions/thinking patterns of young kids who grow a "crush" on some one. This is not how an adult acts or thinks. The point is that this type of thinking/behavior is really selfish and childish, and if a grown man is going to think and act like that he needs to be treated like a child.
  11. I don't know why you think people are going to condone your idea. You want some honest advice? Find your own wife. It's not appropriate behavior to get involved with a woman who is getting married. You sound like a really selfish person. Not only is it rude and inappropriate - you are going to cause all sorts of problems for this young lady. Leave her alone - if you do this you will also put her career at risk as well. This is not some Hollywood romance movie. This is real life. If you do this - the most likely out come is that you will shame your self and by extension your family. You will embarrass this girl and cause her problems with her family and her current fiance. More over she will probably have to leave her job due to not wanting to deal with the awkwardness and the fact that her fiance/future husband will never allow her to work there after that. Just let it go. I could possibly understand if you had some noble reason - like she was a Shia being forced to Mary a sunni or something like that, but the girl is a sunni on top of every thing. Your lack of consideration for other people and your description -of not needing her but wanting her amongst other things that you have said scream narcissist.
  12. If you do that your an idiot. Seriously I don't usually say things ilke that to people, but the fact that you are actually considering this - and even posted on it... You need to grow up big time.
  13. (salam) King - If you think of it as a game, it will become one. The reality is that almost all young women are like what the OP has described – and it is as they should be. Women are in defense mode, this is how Allah has created them, they are looking for anything to doubt a man in terms of mating with him (marriage). Which is good – they have a lot to lose if things go bad, where as the guy doesn’t have that much to lose. When a man smothers a woman with too much attention, he comes off as having weak character – because in fact he DOES have weak character. It’s a character flaw – its not a game. Its because a man has to realize that he doesn’t need to pursue a woman really hard. If he is pursuing her really hard its because he is lacking in some confidence. There are tons and tons of women out there, and no one needs to lower their self respect to get one. That’s the whole point. Backing off a woman doesn’t always make her come back – but it does stop things from getting worse. If the girl comes back and apologizes for being rude- great, shes a decent person, and may be they can have a good relationship afterwords. If she never comes back, still good – the man has been able to save a lot of his dignity, hes learned some things, and he can move on to the next relationship with more confidence and a better understanding. The reason I said to seal the deal quickly is because – long engagements have lots and lots of problems, and usually end badly. If a person has spoken to some oen else for several months, and has done adequate research in to their character and are satisfied with the persons looks and personality, they should seal the deal. Letting it linger will invite a mess of problems, because couples ALWAYS have arguments and fights – and when people are not married, they are more likely to just end their relationship over petty issues, however when people are married – they will rarely do that because they realize there are serious consequences (divorce), and will thus be more apt to solving their problems and working through them, instead of just giving up. Every couple will and always does have issues – its inevitable. Its just a matter of dealing with them properly.
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