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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In Hinduism ...You cannot find a word or sentence lowering people following other religion or the religion itself... Thats the beauty .... Follow the path you trust in and you shall reach Almighty.... A religion with perfect humanity with universal tolerance ..... Now to lower it .... people find ways by saying ..... Idol worship ... Multiple Gods.... And cow worshipers etc.... Kind request , i have read Quran and I have started reading Hinduism later... There is so much difference in terms of fear of god , hatred of people belonging to other religion, typecasting actions done by men , rules to adhere and whole lot.... To all my dear muslim brothers and sisters, when you get a chance, read about BhagvadGita once, just like a story book or Novel... When u travel or before you go to bed ...For few mins a day...only then you can understand what am trying to say..... I'll take a leave from this group.... Admin please close my account.. I don't want to say wrong stuff to hurt thousands of my brothers and sisters in this group... Allah bless you all.... Thanks for all your time and love...
  2. Brothers, from humanity perspective don't you think it is bad to treat non muslim's as no less than untouchables (calling us and things we do IMPURE)? I understand the Halal meat concept - so even if I cook Halal meat, [In general after we get meat home, I wash it with turmeric(a natural antiseptic), before cooking] and serve to our muslim friends , as Im a Hindu , it would be Najis from the above discussion - correct . This means I shall stop inviting muslim friends for their own good. I bet expect in 5 star hotels or upmarket eateries, people don't wear gloves while cooking/serving . A question to the forum - Just for my individual learning ? Can a Hindu donate his blood for any emergency/ complicated surgery where a Muslim man or woman is involved and what happens if 3-4 units are donated by hindu's. Will the inner body of that muslim person become impure as it not from people of the book ?? As I've done without much knowledge to a old muslim woman who was supposed to undergo a bypass surgery and there was shortage of people willing to donate on that particular day. - In future , i'll shall understand the consequences faced by a muslim person and decide if i'll have to do or not ? There cant be 2 ways. We are just human beings like you are . You pray to Allah, We pray to Allah too(but with different names )
  3. Dear @Miss Wonderful Sister, I've been working for a financial org for almost a decade now and I understand what you are going through. I used to be very much similar to you at work, accommodating others shifts,very approachable, extending work hours to help others finish their task, working on weekends as others have some family issues but ultimately people take us easy, in a wrong sense . What Ive realized in life is , there are 2 types of people who really succeed very fast. 1) The ones who always say Yes to a Manager's Yes without much thoughts and No to a Manager's NO.. - Personally I hate such kind. 2) Really Talented , who can even topple the managers and go beyond. - There is no one stopping them . Now, coming to warm and nice people in corporate world, to succeed as fast as the above two categories, as anyways we have a strong backing of our hard work, what would be generally missing is showcasing the work we do.... (not boasting) Talk to your manager , may be, get the metrics out, show the management the work you do.... Of course its holiday season and you didn't want business to be lost , you put up a hand and extend your shifts , worked non stop to get this done. Managers are generally aware of the situation, but the turn a blind eye , we need to tell about the work we did, as in this world of cut throat competition , who else would support you if not for you We don't have to wait till year end appreciation/hike/salary increments to discuss this, have few meetings setup between you and your manager or just a informal coffee break too and talk your work out... Also if you are happy at your work + happy with the pay , stay back and try to better the situation. If not, keep working for few more days/weeks or a month and jump to a different organization at the earliest but showcase the work you do.. Regards! Vikram
  4. @Danish-Ali and @Sumerian brothers, Before you allege something on me , i never made a generalised statement that all muslims brothers.... I never said all in the world.... In my friends circle only i have seen few of the most religious muslim guys leaving their wives for reasons best known to God.... 1) am truly and sincerely love my girl and God knows the reality... 2) if she goes for a muslim alliance - its a hypothetical scenario... May or May not be the guy may be as good as me for her or not .... Thats all i said... I know assumptions will screw up lives ..... Just wanted to understand the Islamic perspective and posted this question... And got answers needed to question... Let's all leave this topic here.... Ill have to concentrate on what to do next rather than giving self explanatory mesgs... Sorry to hurt your feelings my dear brothers .... Warm Regards! Vikram.
  5. Dear @AmirAlmuminin Lover brother , "I think you are the first person who measured the amount of love here in this thread. You said that which one is better: marrying a person in which he loves her more than a person who is Muslim but may not have that amount of love. You measured the love. Brother, thirty five years ago Iraq attacked Muslims in Iran. Muslims didn't want them to come to their country and rape their wives. They decided to protect their family on the price of killing themselves. Some Muslims put themselves on barbed wire so that other troops can pass that route. Others walked on the mines so that other troops pass the route safely. They all did that because of their love to their wives and family." See brother , if you can get it, please try to understand... It was a one to one statement and not a generalised statement. My love vs a muslim guy who may not love as much as me.... Because i never said all muslim guys in the world are as such..... Or something... I love my family and I love this girl more than myself... What she feels does matter to me.... @haideriam Brother , true there are multiple paths, all lead to Him, if I do not consider this option i wouldn't have asked seniors here...For sure love and inner consciousness are 2 things at moment and mentally draining me out... In Hindu scriptures , no where there is mention if you pray to someone else outside hinduism (Allah or God (Christianity) or etc)else you'll go to Hell or it never said punish the non believers... I was in such thinking for past 29 years.... few things in Quran are something am not comfortable with because of my way of upbringing, i would be happy to pray to Allah five times a day along with my wife but for that shall I be termed a muslim...Or take up Islam. BROTHERS... I've taken what I've wanted from this thread..... And I do apologize if I hurt someone / somewhere across the thread . Take care, will keep you posted if something good , legal in Quran terms happen....
  6. Brother @Abu Hadi, Please don't jump the gun ... Neither am I interested to learn/preach Hinduism from/to Scholars here. I was looking for answers in Islam and got it. Thanks everyone for the time. Also my thoughts in the context i meant shouldn't have sounded as funny as your assumptions and its pretty easy to understand - "same food, tv shows, hairstyles..." but that was a nice liner..
  7. Brother @ForsakeofGod , I might agree with your conclusions on Islamic/Quran (because I haven't read it completely) but doesn't mean I would agree anything non-sync with Hinduism , my love for Universal One Truth shall not be misunderstood as confusion created/caused by Hinduism. There are not 360 Gods, there are beyond it , and kindly to understand what so many are doing, if you whole heartedly want to read , please read books written for people following Hinduism and not the ones mocking it(I don't know if such type exist too) but I have seen few videos on Hinduism being mocked, by few Pseudo experts who do not understand a piece of it and still try to convince larger groups. World has to become such due to effects of Kalyug . Again the topic of discussion is not about religion and it was about my love , reach out to me on a personal chat and we can have a healthy discussion on religion further. Regards! Vikram
  8. Dear Brother @AmirAlmuminin Lover : I feel its a pretty innocent or a witty question... How can anyone gauge someone's love. Ans: Okay I do love her more than myself , my love for her is as pure as my love for my parents and siblings. God would know it , if am truthful or not.
  9. She wants her kids to be to follow Islam. I don't have a problem whatever they follow. Regards! Vikram.
  10. Respected Sister, May Allah get you out of this crisis. Keep praying daily without losing hope and pray for the best thing to happen to your kids , yourself, your husband and your family. God for sure will answer your prayers. Coming to the issue at hand now, we know how it feels if someone cheats us or keeps lying even though when we know the truth. It is understandable that you are deeply hurt. Please stay calm and sit down and decide on how you want to take this relationship forward. I would suggest that 1)Once your in-laws leave your place , talk to your husband straight and you both attend a marriage counsel and give a chance, you will be rewarded by Allah if you can forgive someone who has caused you so much misery. Slowly build trust and things might fall back to normal. Also consider few things , what is making your husband fall for someone outside your marriage , is there some short coming from your end too . Example : MY Time issues , love , intimacy etc. Whatever he's missing in the current marriage .. As we are not sure of why he is doing things... 2) Even after giving a chance and still If things are not falling back to place , make families aware of the situation and decide what is best for you. You may make it or break it... Ultimately it's your call... Consider factors like cost of living and bringing up kids , job chances and other future aspects too. Allah bless you sister... Regards Vikram.
  11. @Ali-india brother , she/he may follow Islam or Hinduism . Based on what they find relevant and acceptable as per their religious understanding. When people are getting greedy n looting and killing their own kind , where the world is being filled with venom against other communities for political gains .. Religion should be not further distance away people... I respect what is there in Quran but I would miss out on my love if the girl who prays 5 times a day to Allah and my prayers to God i pray end up reaching the same Ultimate One..... and only after death only we tend to realise that.. same lines outside the hell and heaven we are waiting ..... Anyways thanks for your contributions and time brothers n sisters. Warm Regards! Vikram
  12. Dear Brother “Hinduism is the only religion that lets you follow any path of worship” , also I never said that it is “the best option for humanity front” , who would I be to conclude this, for me , God has given us this life and he would be the best judge to tell us what we have to follow and why we were born. Apologize if the earlier text was misinterpreting. I just asked a question Q)In todays world what would be a best option on humanity front. Option A)Is it wise for the girl to marry a one who loves her more than himself even though if he is from a different religion ? Option B)Or Marry a Muslim who may or may not love her as much , has a different mindset , might be religious but time/affection/love/care might not be as much as me. Hinduism is monotheistic but people from outside have made it to be seen like polytheistic .
  13. My Dear Brothers/Sisters, Im a Hindu and I fell in love with a Muslim Girl , when I can truly and whole heartedly her , let her worship Allah and support her with all the life decisions(be there like a shadow to her in good/bad) , why is it mandatory for me to convert my religion? Hinduism is the only religion which lets you follow any path of worship and believes it will reach to Ultimate one. In todays world what would be a best option on humanity front. Is it wise for the girl to marry a one who loves her more than himself even though if he is from a different religion ? Or Marry a Muslim who may or may not love her as much , has a different mindset , might be religious but time/affection/love/care might not be as much as me. As per Islam, I know the answer , I've started reading Quran for my love , but some pieces are hurtful example: considering the selection of slaughter of cattle (heifer). I have a cattle farm but its for agriculture purpose, we wont worship cattle but use its dung/urine for natural farming. But we ensure the calves we sell wont go into hands of butchers. There were few fights on religious topics in past. I don't want to cheat her that i'll turn Muslim and after marriage cause her further troubles. I have been sincere with her and never lied to her... And I want to marry her , but all this is pushing me into depression as she likes me as a human but what's coming our way is religion... Please help.... Regards! Vikram
  14. @baqar brother, Sorry for the delay. To understand this better, please spare time to understand . Karma(Deeds) Karma in the Sanskrit language means actions or deeds. It is also known as cause and effect. In Hinduism, a person's actions, words, thoughts and desires all contribute to his own karma. All virtuous deeds are called good karma and all negative deeds are bad karma. Whether someone goes to heaven or hell depends on the type of karma accrued in the past life. The karma accrued from many previous past lives determines one's fate as well. Narak(Hell) According to Hinduism, hell is not just one place but consists of several realms. People who have committed bad deeds and accumulated negative karma are sent to hell to purify their souls. Hell is a place devoid of all pleasures, and where pain is experienced at every moment. The time spent in hell depends on the severity of one's past deeds. After the soul is purified, it is sent to another incarnation, such as a human or an animal. Hell is ruled by Yama, the Hindu god of death. Swarg(Heaven) In contrast to hell, the Hindu heaven consists of several realms that have no suffering. The kingdom of heaven is ruled by the god Indra. Pleasure is experienced at every moment and one is surrounded by beautiful celestial beings. To get to heaven, a person must have accrued high amounts of good karma and engaged in many religious activities. As in hell, time in heaven is temporary. Once the merit is exhausted, the soul must leave heaven to incarnate as a human. Moksha(Liberation) = May be a True Muslim , who follows Quran in and out , would directly achieve this state and that's why the concept of rebirth might have been excluded. Although Heaven may be a desirable realm to inhabit, it is transient. Thus, the ultimate goal of most Hindus is achieving liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This state is called Moksha or Nirvana. Someone who has achieved this state has purified the mind and merged with God. According to Hinduism, Moksha is extremely difficult to achieve and may take millions of lifetimes. However, if a person strives to acquire good karma, live a virtuous life and develop a spiritual practice, Hindus believe it is possible. Personally I do not want religion not to be a hindrance to Universal brotherhood and my thinking is about linking possibilities of religions together. Even though the paths we follow are different, God Is One. I may address him Allah or Krishna or God... In my heart am addressing or requesting or thanking the Ultimate One...
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