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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, if Allah wishes he can change every single one of my answers and I have full belief in this.
  2. Salaam, My exam results day is near and I am very worried. Does anybody know any Duas that I could read for good exam results? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for your advice and I will follow it.
  4. Salaam. Marrying out of syeds is permissible, however many do not agree as they believe the lineage of the prophet saww should be continued as it is something that is valued. The first thing you should look in a person for is their piety. If they are syed too, then brilliant. If not, it should not be a problem as we are all created equal. Continuing the lineage of the holy prophet saww is an excellent deed. Allah knows best.
  5. Salaam. Thank you for your advice. While I understand and agree that his religion is something that is a deal breaker, I feel in some way that it is my duty to tell him more about Shia Islam. As for speaking freely and in a relaxed manner this is not the case. As both men and women speak on here, we speak formally about our views and exchange our opinions on both religion and worldly matters in which I have come to know that he is a pious man. He has expressed his wish to marry me in the future, but he is in a similar position to me in the sense of religion. About guidance, yes of course guidance is through Allah but humans also have a responsibility to educate one another. Many people of other sects are simply just born into their religions and do not have much knowledge of other sects. Allah knows, I have only pure intentions and posted here only for some advice and understand if I am being led astray by shaytaan or if there is no harm in thinking more about this.
  6. Salaam sister. I am 16 years old and I am a Shia too. Welcome! Maybe you could try to wear modest clothing and Hijab when your parents are not around? You can pray in your room and make dua to Allah swt from anywhere, that's the beauty of Islam. There are many reading resources on Shia Islam online. Slowly introduce your parents to new ideas through conversations at the dinner table or during family time about Islam and in particular Shia Islam. When you will be an adult, very soon, you will be free to practice whatever you want. Feel free to message me. may the ahlulbayt guide you with the blessings of Allah swt.
  7. Salaam. I am a Syed Shia girl. I have met a very pious Syed man, but he is from the Ahmadiyya community. He does not agree with all their views and he accepts, understands and is leaning towards Shiism. However he is officially ahmadi and takes part in all their activities. When I explain about Shiism to him, he respects it and even wishes to take part in Majalis, Azadari etc. He is a very kind person, and respects me very much and is exactly what I'd want in a future partner and I'm afraid I won't find it again. I believe he would convert if it was not for family pressure and fear of hurting his parents. I understand that their views are completely against ours, but what would your religious opinion be on this. And what if he converts to Shiism? Would it be wrong as it may seem he chose it for me and not for the right path? Please advise. Kind regards.
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