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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamalaikum, I would like to share my experience with the readers and would like to know their perspective regarding this issue. i wont make this a long essay get and straight to the point. My sister recently got engaged with her fiance in about 3 months ago, as we all know that time period of engagement is for the boy and girl to get to know each other and make their decision. my sis has been interacting with the boy and they shared their social media accounts ids . my sis has been recently bringing up a statement that the boy has alot of female friends on instagram whom he follows and likes their pictures. (this guy is living in Canada) the pictures contain mostly nudity and filth, most astonishing thing is that the girls whose pics He likes are from His university where he studies and are infreinds. not that my sis is spying on him, its just that he spends alot of time in talking to those females as well as liking their pictures which are 90% of the time nude. He even follows pornstars on instagram. When my sis talked to him regarding this issue he yelled at her saying that what nonsense she is speaking. the guy even refuses to communicate mutually and come to a point. Now my sis is in a dilema as to what decision she must take next. the boy has a good name from the family and friends but on the other hand she finds the boy this way. is this behaviour of the guy normal? is it a normal thing to follow and like filth for men? should their women be concerned or just let it slide? I know that i have been doing a wrong thing spying on this guy and checking whom he follows on instagram and whose pics he likes, i am just worried about my sisters future. please give me your advice and suggestion thankyou
  2. Dear brother, first off Relax ,repent sincerely to Allah swt. start by doing your Wajib religious obligations and duties, do not miss them even for once. Which includes first and most important Salaht, perform all the 5 times including namaze Shab. Always hope for mercy and forgiveness from Allah swt and start performing your duties sincerely. Also keep remembering your death and punishment in grave , it will show you the things you need to fix in yourself. Read articles on death and after life . https://www.al-islam.org is a great site where you can find every book of ahlulbayt. Have sabr and remember the test and trials Ahlulbayt as went through because ours is nothing at all in front of them. Increase your knowledge every step of your life. you will be back on track inshallah.
  3. So I know a person who committed theft of 533 dollars from a friend of his . He is extremely regretful of the act he committed and wants to make a sincere repentance by giving back the rights of the person he stole from. However he is ashamed and scared of letting that person know that he stole from him. What can this person do? How can he fix what he has done wrong while still keeping his reputation. Is there anyway the thief can fix his action without letting the victim know for sincere repentance to be accepted by God. Please give me your sincere advice.
  4. Salamalaikum As you know I am a Shia convert, my parents insist on me to get married to a Sunni man. In this case, is my obedience to my parents wajib for me or not ? Please help me by giving an answer or a suggestion.
  5. I am a Shia revert , my parents got to know about it when I rejected a marriage proposal of a Sunni man. My father has been abusing me and treating me badly, My mother curses me and cries everyday. Because I rejected a potential marriage proposal as he was a Sunni. It's becoming hard everyday for me, in this case I feel like running away from home but I don't know if that will be right thing to do. Please help me by giving any suggestions for my difficult time. Thankyou
  6. Salamalaikum could you please help me by giving an precise suggestion of my situation. I just want to know if , as a female convert to Shia, do I need my Sunni father's permission to validate my marriage to a Shia in future.
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