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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Try to get married, you can ask local mosques to help you or try Shia sites. You don't need their permission to marry if they reject for the man's beliefs. Good luck
  2. @King-Ali thank you so much brother jazak Allah Khair
  3. Well I am studying and working. But this is for work. @monad
  4. I'm not studying. It's for work. I'm very motivated, but how to do I put it, it makes me unmovtivated when I can't put enough time into this I'm spacing it out right now, and when I'm working I'm very motivated and working well but when I'm doing something else I want to give up because I feel I'm not putting enough time into my work. @monad
  5. She is not obliged to tell her past to him. She doesn't need to reveal her past sins.
  6. I have to write a piece that around 10K of words. I do have a plan I do have a goal. But I'm not to good at working without being interrupted. And currently I gave a lot things to work towards and it's interrupting me finishing this piece. I really need motivation to work despite all these interruptions. I have all these things you mentioned. @monad
  7. Is there any duas for lack of motivation? Or any duas that can be used for that reason? Thank you
  8. يا عباس مامتت ماتت الشريعة

  9. Jummah prayer and sermon is not wajib. It only becomes wajib when our awaited imam reappears, may Allah hasten his reappearance.
  10. Shokran brother, I'll check this link out soon
  11. I think you misunderstood. I said we shouldn't allow people to wear these things in holy places, and Alhamdialah most people don't get away with it. But, outside of these holy places and shrines there's not much we can do because to force will just lead to rebelling. You cannot make whole lands Muslim, people have the free will to be Muslim or not and to wear what they wish. But there should be education. Education to guide. That's what we need.
  12. Not angry at all. If you are from Karbala you will see women wearing abaya and the moment the wind blows their abaya, everything is showing. If you aren't from Karbala and Najaf then you probably wouldn't know. But it's very common sadly
  13. I understand your view point but in Islam there was never any force, the only people who forced people were nawasib...
  14. No country is entirely Islamic. I mean you cannot enforce Islamic laws on 100 million citizens. Iran is home to brothels, growing prostitution, growing beer gardens, half worn hijab, plastic surgery. I don't see this as Islamic. And no matter how much you bash Saudi Arabia. Saudi doesn't have these issues in such an extent as Iran. sorry for the late reply I just saw this
  15. I will do so brother I will take this on board
  16. Not all people share this view brother. There's nothing wrong with my view nor anything wrong with yours. all respect due
  17. فرحه وعيوني ترف امحوطه ابسبعين ألف، يبست الحنه يجاسم فوق أيديه

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    2. beladalrafidan


      I don't really really listen to Basim. In my opinion there are much better rawadeed. But I'll try look for you. Inshallah lol 

    3. SeyedMoAbbas


      Ah ok. Who's your favourite reciter?

    4. beladalrafidan


      Many, all Arab no English ones. Ammar Al-Kinani, Hojarat, Haydar Al-Attar, Akram Al-Salahi. Their latim is very hardcore I love it. 

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