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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. What kin of LIES are u telling man???!!!! Kulayni was Mujtahid himself! And Syez Razi also had enough knowledge NOT to do taqleed of any mujtahid. They were NOT AGAINST Taqleed. If you are against taqleed. Then are you against the Hawza in Najad, Mashad and Qum where EVERY Shia Alime Deen fallows the Maraja?? I think you are akhbari... are you sajid?
  3. Brother Salamo ALeykum Warahmatullah.. Wa barakaatoh! Brother the thing I am tellinmg you. INsHAllah in ONE week. You will feel you much better. All the other brothers have also mentioned very very Mubarak duas and advices. But this advice will INSHALLAH help you very vey much. I know that even if you want not to do one thing, many times sheytaan mardod attacks you by very very dangerous tricks. Our nafs wanna make our lives a HELL. So brother.... Bismillah! Fallow your brother`s advise. InshAllah you will manage stopping with this bad habit. ZYARATE ASHOORA Read Zyarate Ashora EACH day. (
  4. BROTHERS PLZ READ THE WHOLE POST.... FOR THE IMAM`S SAKE These farman of Imam as. are about the ulama at the BATIL path like wahhabi and sunni ulama. People like Dhakko. NOT the greatest Maraje of Deen of Muhammado Ale Muhammad!!! NOT Maraje like Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini, Ayatullah Al udhama Kho`i, Ayatulla Al Uzama Sayyed Siistani!!! Be ASHADMED man!!! What kind of propaganda are you using about the heads of Shia Islam? Brothers You DON`T know about their positions and ilm! You don`t know about poeple like Sayyid Ibn Taoos and Muqaddase Ardabeli! Do YOU???? Fear Allah! THESE people who ar
  5. (bismillah) Whose saying that all of them has appreached the level og Irfan? Not at all. I am not talking about each Ayatollah. Dont forget that the MARDOD DHAKKO is also calling himself an Ayatullah. Lant on him. We have to KNOW the difference about he false and liers and the real Marajae Kiram. At least there are THEY who are handling the Hawzah`s of the Ulom of Muhammado Ale Muhammad in Najaf and Qum. What I am trying to say is that every person with the title of Ayatullah is not a real one. No one of the Sahaba of Rasulallah saw was either on te right path. But remember that we can not
  6. Salamo Aleykum Sajid I think you are blind. I pasted 3 ahadith from masomeen where masomeen has appointet GHER-MASOOM as their Muftis and Naeb. For GIVING fatwas. But you are munkirs of the farman of Muhammado Ale Muhammad. People like you are going in the step of Muawyyah. By smoking chars and saying Ali Ali. Barking on Mujtahidden. Do you really think you are hurting them? NO! never! A dogs job is to bark on a Muttaqi and respected Ayatullah Al Udhama from Ale Rasool. And many dogs are barking on them right now. Wh dont you understand that their fatawa are because of the Maslihat!! Agar wh
  7. (bismillah) All hamd is for Allah swt and darod and salam be on Mohammado Alemuhammad TALK2ME Yes I want a debate! Nr 1 First of all prove those lies you are telling about these Ulama of Islam. Prove that Ayatullah Shariatdari has cursed Ayatullah Khomeini, not by any malang`s word but by the risalah or any valid and strong proof by these respekted Muhdahidden! Before saying such things about the greatest Syeds and the fallowers of Muhammado Ale Muhammad is a very big lie and gunah. Don`t forget it! Nr 2 You wanted proof from Qur`aan and hadith about taqleed. InshAllah I will prove that Imam
  8. [color=#009900]In the Name of Allah the most Greatest the most Merciful Salamo Aleykum Warahmatullah!! As many of you brothers know that in the last days, the fitnah of Akhbariyat and Nuseriyat is making the Tabligh of Shia-Islam very very difficult. They are are adding thing in the Shariah, * Using bad words about the Maraja and Mujtahiddeen, * Calling Ulamae Islam "Muqassireen" * Doing Sujood to Alam and Zairh of Mowla Hussain as they calling it "Tazimi Sajdah" * Adding things in salat * Saying that one who don`t read the third shahadah in prayer, the prayer is invalid. * Doing tabarra
  9. You didnt proof anything. Saying it is not enough, you have to show me the fatwa from his own resalah. Here I will show you an answer fom Wilayah.org. The site of Ayatullah KHamenei. Where his opinion is telling us that seeking this permission is just in a case of ihtyate wajib. From: Representatives of Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei Source: wilayah.org Answer: From: istiftaa Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 3:32 PM To: Answering Istiftas Subject: 11372e Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. The answer is as follows:
  10. LIED??? Why are u talking like this brother? My intention with discuessing this topic is not to spread false aguments about our Marjas. I respect all of them. Back to the topic. Brother... your knowledge about this case is not enough to tell me that I am lying. I have resalah from both Ayatullah Seestani and Ayatullah Khamenei. And both of them have settled Ihtyate Wajib on this point. (Getting the father`s permission of a virgin baligha and rashiidah girl who is independent)
  11. What do u mean is wrong? You havent proven anything. Read this topic from Ayatullah Sistani`s Risalah "Islamic Law" 7. If an A'lam Mujtahid gives a fatwa on some matter, his follower cannot act in that matter on the fatwa of another Mujtahid. But if he does not give a fatwa, and expresses a precaution (Ihtiyat) that a man should act in such and such a manner, for example if he says that as a precautionary measure, in the first and second Rak'at of the namaz he should read a complete Surah after the Surah of "Hamd", the follower may either act on this precaution, which is called obligatory prec
  12. Brother/Sister... plz read what I wrote once again. I KNOW that these Sayyids are demanding asking such permission. BUt they dont give fatwa, they set Ihtyate Wajib. So one can fallow another Mujtahid in such cases. And this ruling is also by Ayatullah Seestani: 2386. In the following situations, it will not be necessary for a woman to seek the permission of her father or paternal grandfather, before getting married: If she is not a virgin. If she is a virgin, but her father or paternal grandfather refuse to grant permission to her for marrying a man who is compatible to her in the eyes of
  13. (bismillah) Salamo Aleikum Warahmatullah! Allahumma Sualleala Muhammad Wa AleMuhammad According to Ayatullah Seestani, Khamenei, Shirazi, if a person are marrying a virgin girl/lady, even if she is Baligha and Rashiidah, she needs permission of her father to marry the person. BUT, these marjas are not giving fatwa in this case. They are setting obligatory precuation. This means that, in such cases, a person have either to fallow this ihtiyate wajib, OR one can fallow opinion of another Grand Ayatullah who is correct to fallow. And not all Alims recuire that permission of a virgin baligha qrow
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