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  1. This is my final post. Before I leave I want to tell the [Edited Out]es why I will remain as a mainstream muslim, God willing. Having lived with the [Edited Out]es for over 6 yrs, I have come used to their way of thinking. I have come used to the way they justify want they have through any means possible. I have come used to how they stick to history and intergrate it into their beliefs. But the fact is what happened to Ahlul Bayt after the demise of the prophet (saws) is the history of muslims. Yazid, Muyawia, Omar (ra), Uthman (ra) and even Ali (ra) will all be questioned and judged on what they did in there lives. THIS IS FACT Sunni's will keep coming to shism, that is also fact. I to almost fell for the shia proganda. I read Tijani's works ( I read 'then I was guided' three times), Peshawar nights etc. The [Edited Out]es might be able to decieve themselves and the people around them, but believe me on the great day there will be no deception. You [Edited Out]es might be able to find hadith or events in history in sunni books, which to you seem as pro-shia, but have any of you ever taken the hadith in context, have you every taken the hadith to a sunni scholar and asked for a interpretion or have you just relied on the interpretion by shia scholars. I ask you, does it make sense the a chrisitian interprete the quran to me? So I will leave you all with this. If the concept of IMAMATE WAS SO IMPORTANT, it determines who goes to heaven and hell, than why doesn't Allah (swt) give us clear and explicit verses regarding it. ONENESS OF Allah IS CLEAR. CONCEPT OF PROPHETHOOD IS CLEAR. IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER IS CLEAR. IMPORTANCE OF ZAKAT IS CLEAR. The list goes on. I know you guys will start flicking through the quran and looking for the word Imam. And they telling me look the concept is here. But the FACT THAT YOU HAVE TO FLICK THROUGH THE QURAN TO FIND WHAT MIGHT BE THE CONCEPT IS PROOF ENOUGH THAT THE CONCEPT OF IMAMATE IS NON EXISTANT AND NOT IMPORTANT Open the quran on any two full pages there will always be an aya to do with the fundamentals of our religion and they are almost always things which are seen as inferior to imamate. MAY Allah GUIDE US ALL
  2. Abu Yousef you are absoulately right. Having lived among the shia for over 6 yrs and still living with them, I to have become acustomed to there way of thinking. The shia will go on about history using things such as the oppression faced by Ahlul Bayt etc. etc. But the fact is what happened to Ahlul Bayt and all muslims after the death of the prophet (saws) is history of muslims, simple as that. That does not me we reject history. No. Want it means is that we can not get incidents in history and and cling on them and let them form our belief. Also we can not look at the deeds of men to form our belief. Ali (ra) was a brave man, an intelligent man. But that doesn't me that he is should be a leader. True these qualities help, but there is more to being a leader than these qualities. I know I always harp on this, but to me it is obvious, if Imamate is so important. If it determines who goes to heaven and hell. Allah (swt) would have explained it clearly and explicitly in his wonderful book. And this is the main reason why I remain as a mainstream muslim. I am told in the quran that it is the guide. That Allah (swt) has left nothing out of it in terms of guidance. That it is complete. That it is protected. The list goes on. So until I see a verse were the concept of IMAMATE IS CLEAR AND EXPLICIT I will continue my ways as a mainstream muslim. So my advice to the [Edited Out]es is put down the history books and open the book of Allah.
  3. Thank You brother. But believe it or not that made sense to me. So I thank you for clarifying that aspect.
  4. I am sorry it is very hard to have a discussion with you. I am sorry if I appear childish, but that is your preconcept of me and I am afraid nothing will change that. You shia will always use any means to justify your arguements. I don't understand, the madhi doesn't need us but he needs supporters. Yeah right. What the difference. Husayn (ra) didn't need anyone but the Mahdi does. Come on.
  5. Do not break yourselves into sects each one rejoicing what they had. - Quran
  6. If only Allah through his wonderful book agreed with you. Look, If you have no decent reply why waste mine and your time.
  7. Yes the mahdi. Interesting topic. Very interesting. Many [Edited Out]e scholar have spent years trying to justify his occulation. Good Luck to them. But my question is? The main reason for his occulation was for safety. Hiding from those tyrant muslim cailphs. Now in Iran there is a strong shia government but no Mahdi !!!!!!!!! WHY????
  8. To me it is amusing. That the shia would use any justification to make some sort of sense why the mahdi is still in occulation. But the best one I have heard and this is from very many shia scholars so sorry I can not give a written reference is, The mahdi will not come out until there is 300 or so faithful believers. SO IT IS FUNNY HOW WE NEEDED THE FIRST 11 IMAMS BUT THE 12TH NEEDS US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Contra I usually don't reply to pointless posts, but in this case I will make an exception. You obviously have no idea of what mainstream muslims believe. That is your problem not mine. To mainstream muslims the quran is the ultimate guide. Not any man. It is amusing how you shia seen everything from your point of view. Learn what mainstream muslims believe and then talk.
  10. From Ismail to Husayn We bid farewell to the old year by celebrating Prophet Ibrahim's commitment to God displayed through his willingness to sacrifice his patient son, Prophet Ismail; we welcome the new year by commemorating the migration of Prophet Muhammad to Madinah, which marked the beginning of a period of enlightenment for civilization. This is also the month where we remember the martyrdom of Prophet's beloved grandson, Imaam Husayn. WHO IS HUSAYN? Husayn is the son of Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet. The holy Prophet said of her, "she is among the leaders of the women of Paradise". The father of Husayn is Ali, who was a cousin and one of the most beloved and steadfast companions of the Prophet. Indeed, Ali is like the sun, Fatimah like the moon and Husayn a star in the galaxy of heroes. Together with his brother Hasan, Husayn is considered among "leaders of the youth of Paradise". We shall never forget how the Prophet descended from his pulpit to embrace and seat his grandson besides him before resuming his sermon, nor how he prolonged his prostration in order not to discomfort the other who had climbed on his back. The Prophet beseeched the Almighty; "O Allah, I love Hasan and Husayn, do love them and love those who love them". ASHURA The tenth of Muharam marks a significant day in the Muslim calendar; it is the day on which, among other events, Allah saved Prophet Musa from the tyrannical Pharaoh. To commemorate this event the Prophet recommended we fast on this day; a fast considered second only to the obligatory fast of Ramadan. Another a significant event occurred on that day in 61 AH, an event that serves as a milestone in the history of the faithful… the martyrdom if Imaam Husayn at Karbala. A martyrdom at the hands of those who claimed to act in the name of Islam yet unremorsefully and shamelessly were prepared to obliterate its true exponent; those who (like so many of us) are prepared to kill for Islam yet are unable to live by it. Yes, Husayn was martyred at the hands of those who would kiss the Black Stone because the holy Prophet kissed it, yet cut off the precious head of that dear grandson of the holy Prophet, a head which the Prophet so often stroked and kissed with affection. THE LESSON OF KARBALA Imam Husayn's martyrdom at Karbala provides evidence of the moral victory of right over wrong, of virtue over vice, of principle over compromise, of the oppressed over the oppressor, of the denied over the denier; the ultimate victory of blood over sword. Karbala teaches humankind through the inscription of blood on the scrolls of human history how Husayn explained to the world by his death, through martyrdom, the meaning of life; that living is truly of value that offers itself for a cause greater than its self, that to die with honor is better than living in subjugation to injustice. The lesson is not only that he was prepared to fight for what is right, but that he was willing to die for it; selflessness, not selfishness; humility not ego. The great spiritual master, Khaja Muinuddin Chisti said; "Husayn is king, truly the king is Husayn, the manifestation of Faith is Husayn and the protector of Faith is Husayn. Husayn gave his head in allegiance to God but not his hand in allegiance to Yazid.." THE LEGACY OF HUSAYN The memory of Husayn excites the spirit, the very name of Husayn evokes the tradition of resistance against tyranny and inequity. His colossal struggle and monumental martyrdom is so poignant that it continues to serve as a beacon of light to all the faithful who struggle for freedom and justice. In the words of Moulana Ali Gouhar, "The killing of Husayn is in fact the death knell of Yazid. Islam is revived after every such Karbala". For those consistently striving against injustice and oppression, EVERY DAY IS ASHURA AND EVERY PLACE IS KARBALA.
  11. Thank You very much. You shia say that it is a muxt to follow Ahlul Bayt. Yet Allah (swt) is saying that he is proud of those who follow the early companions. (regardless of who they were, and regradless if it is one or all of them.) The point is that Allah (swt) is proud of those who follow the companions. Exactly what Ahlul Sunnah do. So then is there a verse in which Allah (swt) is proud of those who follow ahlul bayt. ( Follow Ahlul Bayt only and disregard the companions). I DON'T THINK SO I don't know about you. But if Allah (swt) is proud of someone for doing something, I will do me best to do that thing. What can be better than keeping our lord proud with us. In conclusion, this verse is proof that following the companions (regardless of who they are) makes Allah (swt) proud, therefore is a must.
  12. Finally a [Edited Out]e with some sort of sense. Well done Abu Yousef. You are absoulately right. The shia will cling on to history and make it religion. The history of muslims is different from the sunnah of the prophet (saws). What muslims did after the death of the prophet has nothing to do with the guidance aspect of islam. Each individual will be judge on his or her actions. The shia I am afraid fail to understand that. But Abu Yousef, let me tell you one thing about abdul hasnain. This person is so engulfed with the history of muslim that he is prepared to look at the before looking at the quran. Like I used to say to him " for Allah than for History "
  13. I have deicide to change my signature. As can be seen it is the truth.
  14. 1. 12er Shia says we need to follow the 12 Imams otherwise we are not true believers and we are misguided. Question is why then in the verse 9:100 the God has directed us to follow the pioneers of Sahabeh (WHO EVER THEY ARE) and not the 12 Imams or Ahlalbayt? Note that only the shia first Imam (Ali-RA) can be included amongst those who should be followed based on this verse. But the interesting thing is that once I heard Hasnain Rajabali say that the prophet (saws) excluded Ali (ra) from these two groups because he is part of Ahlul Bayt. So according to Hasnain's phantom tafsir all members of Ahlul Bayt are excluded from this verse.
  15. .......................... and your point is.
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