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  1. Mortadakerim

    12 amirs hadith

    سلام عليكم There are lots of sunni ahadith that say that the prophet (saw) said that there will be 12 amirs and that they will all be from Quraish. Some people claimed that after investigation, it was found that the prophet actually said that they will be from bani hashim. If that is true, then what is the evidence for that.
  2. سلام عليكم It is a fact that you have a proctector (angel) and this angel protects you from sinning. But is the same angel doing this your whole life or does Allah SWT assign various angels at different times? And if it is one angel your whole life that is protecting you, can you meet this angel on the day of judgement. My second question is: i have heard Jibrael has 600 wings is this true or does he have extremely huge wings? سلام
  3. سلام عليكم https://youtu.be/56n0UzjH5w8
  4. Mortadakerim

    What is school for?

    They want to to show you everything of learning so you take interest in somethings, if you dont see something, it will never be an interest. But your a little bit true. For example, my school is now using a new way to learn french. Instead of learning a lot of words, we learn how to use verbs, read, listen, and we learn less words.
  5. Mortadakerim

    Geert Wilders

    Salam Bismillah Geert Wilders is a hatefull man. And I hate him, he doesn't deserve respect, and he doesn't get respect at all alhamdoulillah. Isn't it obvious? He knows so well that in Islam, it is haram to depict the prophet s.a.w., yet he doesn't seem to care, and he does it to spread hate. Why doesn't he hold competitions to depict other religious personalities from other religions? Freedom of speech is not the same as mocking others. You can have your opinion about something, but not while offending others with it.
  6. Mortadakerim

    Geert Wilders

    Geert Wilders is a hater. He does not see islam as a full religion. He does not like islam, but he does like not have a problem with any other religion. I don't know why he hates islam. The only reason that I could think of that makes him believe islam is bad is: he believes that terrorists represent islam. (this very extreme and does not have any base, no rightly guided, knowledgeble believer believes that you should kill people of other religions.)
  7. Mortadakerim

    S.C. Needs Theme Music ?

    Maybe rather a nasheed (that contains texts that make you closer to Allah s.w.t.) than music.
  8. Mortadakerim

    To pee seated or standing? (for men)

    Inshallah everyone will stop this bad habit.
  9. Mortadakerim


    Allah s.w.t. is the one who judges. He s.w.t. knows everything. And He s.w.t. knows who is kafir or not.
  10. Mortadakerim

    To pee seated or standing? (for men)

    Yes, it's true that you need to pee sitting. But what is the problem?
  11. Mortadakerim

    losing faith

    Allah s.w.t. is not quiet. Don't think like this. This doesn't make Allah love you more. Remember Allah, because he loves it when his servants call upon him. And yes Allah s.w.t. has awnsered my prayer, because I was sincere and if you're sincere and you don't see results: be more sincere. Allah s.w.t. loves you, so become closer to him.
  12. Mortadakerim

    1 year

    Thank you. May Allah ta'ala bless both of you that commented on my post.
  13. Mortadakerim

    1 year

    Thank you for your nice comment =)
  14. Mortadakerim

    1 year

    Salam, It's been 1 year since I joined (actually a little bit more lol) and I thank everyone for helping/awnsering me. W/s
  15. Mortadakerim

    Fave cuisine

    Turkish cuisine is one of my favorites, mainly because of shawarma (but you also have that in other cuisines) and pizza prepared in the Turkish way.