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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. we'll not have a perfect answer, but a good ideia or insight or picture we should have
  2. Imagine how traumatic and dangerous an adult circuncion in ancient times were. Jews at least do it in newborn ones. If you want i can type more laws against reason. years ago i used to read books of laws but it usually frustrated me. i recall more two at least. if you want i can research and find more, but i think it's not the point.
  3. i gave 2 exemples. at least it should be assumed, as i said, that we have not the perfect information about some issues and that with the increase of knowledge some rules should be changed.
  4. i just recall that there is a theory about a test before we come to this world. This theory is based in the quran verse that said that Allah asked us if we recognize Him as our Lord. Maybe this theory could help sove the question
  5. I notice irony in your first sentence and i think it's disrespectful. to become clearer i'll give two exemples : 1-circuncision - in ancient times ok; poor hygiene; but today ? Allah created foreskin, so why remove something that science proove that is the most sensitive part of male organ 2 - a read 2 big marjaas that said that when we are lost and don't know the qibla we should pray in the 4 direction i guess that maybe should be assumed that with the persecution and dificulty to preserve Ahlul-bayt knowlwdge we have an imperfect sharia and aql should help us. the porpose of sharia is pave our way, not something that if we do not do will burn. there is a lot of legalism in islam in general too as judaism in the times of Prophet Jesus ((عليه السلام).)
  6. it looks like the last paragraph touch something of the answer. i just don't know how pricesly. i must ponder about
  7. 1 -to fulfill our potentiality of a perfect human being whose models are the prophets and imams 2 - the capacity to act accordingly with our best judgements so, the children have not time to fulfill the potentiality and have not the capacity to act accondingly with he/she ponder is the best way. the question is: will they have a time in the hereafter ? if just fitra is enough we Allah gave us this time here to fulfill some potentiality ?
  8. Salam, brothers and sisters I guess that the destiny of children that dies before the age of accoutability ( i think the word is muqalif) is paradise; but at the same time is said that we were created to exercise our freewil. so some will receive paradise without exercise freewill. how harmonize both things ?
  9. ok, but if something doesn't make sense ? should we simply follow or trust ? the problem is that some rules are against reason
  10. ok, so the point is why follow things we don't know the reason.
  11. Salam aleykum, brothers and sisters How understand that in matters of usul din aql is essencial and even shiism has as characteristic the philosophical thought. but with sharia we don't have to use aql or we should say that we don't have to use qyias. maybe i can't understand the diference, but somehow they are related. i know there is the opinion that what we don't understand now will be revealed. but still there's a kind of incongruity to me. Could you help with commentaries ? Thank you
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